Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, April 26, 2015

I like the looks of today. It has the potential to deliver quite the “pick me up” after what turned out to be a rather harsh week. This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Leo waxing into conjunction with Jupiter (11:05 AM). This aspect expands, expounds upon and enlarges whatever it is we are feeling. Happy becomes really happy. However, sad can run the risk of leaning toward devastation. More often than not, though, Moon to Jupiter is a “feel good” placement in which our hearts are warmed and geared toward benevolence.
After this buoyancy waxes over our emotional body, Venus meets Uranus by sextile. There is nothing soggy about this placement. We are uplifted even more. This aspect can certainly act like a sweet wafting breeze. However, Venus in aspect to Uranus does not like to be tied down. If your ability to do what you want is restricted, you may be ready to break free. Most folks will be looking to roam freely today whether its just taking a drive out into the countryside to admire the blooming trees of spring or embarking on a larger adventure. Movement and fresh air are boons for this day.

This call to freedom brought by Venus/Uranus is supported by a waxing trine from Moon to Uranus (8:09 PM). We shake off heavy emotions and cast off some of the burdens we have been carrying around, at least for a while. Hearts are wild, open and freedom seeking. Then, shortly after the trine from Moon to Uranus perfects, she also meets Venus by pleasant sextile at 8:23 PM. Friends. Gatherings of loved ones. Supportive groups. All of these are highlighted today as things that can help us to nurture ourselves out of any doldrums in which we may have been previously lingering.
On top of catalyzing a potential to feel better, this sky offers wonderful inspiration in the realm of creativity. If you are working on art projects or would like to spend the day starting one, today is a great day for that. We are encouraged to play like a child and allow that inner child to create if she wants. If it's rainy in your area and that restricts you from going outside, today is a great day to pull out some old board games from the closet and roll the dice a few times. It's also a great day for taking a class about something FUN you would like to learn. It's a great evening for church socials or community gatherings. Bring “your people” or “your pride” together. There's all kinds of room in this day for lighter, social, creative and enjoyable jaunts. About the only thing it isn't good for is staying strapped under that plow. Work is something few will be inclined to embark upon today. This point is driven home as the Moon squares Mars in Taurus late tonight (11:35 PM).
Our daily routine could have broken in an effort to find a bit of enjoyment. That can make Mars in Taurus a little uncomfortable as any change from the normal deeply worn groove this placement is accustomed to can cause such. Hearts may be flexible and free; but, duty, motivation and responsibility are fixed and set. Soothe your ambitions a bit by realizing you deserved a break today...a little free time...a little play time. We aren't completely relinquishing the plow. We will return to our responsibilities soon enough. But, for today, we play.