Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, May 1, 2015

This morning we wake up and turn a page on our calendars. It's the first day of a brand new month. Let's do a brief check in on what this month holds for our planetary bodies. First, Ceres remains in Aquarius all month making food and nurturing an issue that the collective wants to pull together in effort to resolve. These topics become social issues that need to be collaborated over and addressed. Sappho and Eros move from the sturdy sign of Taurus into the lighter more fickle and cerebral sign of Gemini. By mid-month, both transitions are complete. Psyche moves from Fiery Aries to Earthy Taurus just as the first week of May comes to a close. Vesta, Pallas and Chiron all remain in the same sign we find them in at the first of the month, Pisces, Sagittarius and Pisces respectively.

Mercury has already shifted into Gemini. He finds Saturn by opposition on May 3rd just prior to our Full Moon in Scorpio on the same day. He bumps heads with Neptune by square on May 9th. From here, his speedy pace begins to slow as he prepares to turn retrograde on May 18th at 13 degrees Gemini. He is about to engage in a dance with the Sun that begins with a conjunction on May 30 (8 degrees Gemini) and finishes with a second conjunction well after he turns direct on June 11th at 4 Gemini. That means that Mercury enters his shadow just as he meets Saturn by opposition on May 3rd. The mental body will need to remain open and flexible for the duration of this Mercury cycle because there will be plenty of information that will need to be revisited and reviewed. Plus, there will be quite a few points of view that run the risk of being set upon their heads during these days. Again, don't be afraid to look at things differently and change your perspective if you need to.

Meanwhile, Venus shifts gears this month as she leaves the sign of the twins on May 7th and dives into the sign of Cancer. From here, she will trine Neptune on May 16th, oppose Pluto on May 21st and square Uranus on May 25th.
Mars also trudges out of the sign of Taurus this month. We go from chipping away diligently at the stone to trying to do everything at once as Mars jumps over into Gemini on May 11th. Of course, this also means that Mars will butt heads with Saturn and Neptune. This occurs on May 15 (opposition to Saturn) and May 25th (square to Neptune).

The Sun spends the meat of the month in Taurus before he shifts gears too and takes his initial steps into Gemini on May 21. Much like last month prepared us for our entrance into Taurus Season, this month prepares us for our transition into the season of the twins and prepares us to be better able to endure the duality of that season.
Major lunar movements occur as we experience our Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd which will allow us to release detrimental habitual patterns, debt and our attachment to feeling as if we must have control over every little factor in our lives. Then, our New Moon in Taurus occurs at the tail end of Taurus season on May 18th prior to Mercury officially turning retrograde. It's a pretty dynamic month that at times could feel like a complete brain overhaul which does play directly into both Gemini season and our Full Moon in Sagittarius at the first of June. I see this month as transitory for the most part and fairly reflective. Chess pieces change places. Hearts and motivations change. Information becomes concrete only to start fraying at the edges again and nothing mechanical really seems to work like it is supposed to. It could also be a bit frustrating on a mental/logical level since Mercury is retrograde or at least in his shadow for the duration. There will be times when absolutely nothing makes logical sense and others when the picture seems crystal clear for brief moment only to start becoming confused again shortly thereafter. Tender Spring blossoms will flourish and fade while the more hardy plants of summer begin to take root and blossom. Overall, this month we are learning that nothing is static forever. In things set in stone face the potential of breaking apart. Situations change on a dime under circumstances we cannot always predict or control. With that, we are being tasked to learn patience, faith and foster an ability to hold ourselves on point in the midst of fluctuating circumstance. It can AND WILL be frustrating at times, but we will have tools and resources to help us along our way.

As for today, the Moon is in Libra on our first day of May. At mid-day she meets up with Jupiter in Leo in a buoyant sextile. HOLD ON TO ANY FEEL GOODS YOU ENCOUNTER DURING THESE HOURS. You will likely want to reflect on them as the day moves forward. At 5:09 darkness enters our emotional body as the Moon squares off with Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Then, lightning starts striking harshly as the Moon opposes Uranus at 9:54 PM. The emotional body starts the day light and optimistic but it is veiled in a veritable thunderstorm by tonight. It may be hard to hold your smile during those hours. Early tomorrow morning, though, the Moon does meet with a bit of ease through a trine to Venus at (10:04 AM). Then, we spend the rest of the day (Saturday) under a Void Moon allowing us to find center again after today's emotional storms. There will be final call to release and purge once the Moon enters Scorpio on May 2 at 9:48 PM. That call becomes more poignant as the Full Moon in Scorpio perfects on May 3rd

Today I encourage you to focus on the areas of life where you feel blessed. Be thankful for any help you received during your toiling in previous days and treat yourself and others with kindness. As the day becomes heavier, be easy with yourself and don't try to maintain an amicable front if you are really feeling completely dogged out. Watch for resentments to bubble up along with a plot twist or two. Remember we are learning patience, self-direction and the ability to shift our perspectives while bearing in mind the truth and reality of our current circumstances. We are also gaining wisdom. None of the paths to these set destinations are particularly easy. However, the reward at the end of them is great so be sure to stay engaged consciously for the duration of the ride. Also, take some time to look around you at the scenery today. By the end of the month, things are set to look significantly different. So be sure to foster some bit of appreciation for where you are right now. Remember that “different” is not necessarily worse or better...just different. For many, a shift in circumstances could actually be very welcomed.