Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 7, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Scorpio Moon leaving a trine with Chiron in Pisces (4:16 AM) and waxing into an opposition with Venus in Taurus (4:42 PM). Want (Venus) and Need (Moon) are at polar opposition which can create an inner tug of war. The Scorpio Moon needs answers, depth, intensity, inward exploration and emotional excavation. Venus in Taurus wants comfort, satiation, material bliss and to be well fed. Sex (Scorpio) following a rich extravagant meal (Venus in Taurus) would satisfy both masters, for example. Work to balance out the polarity, here.

After the opposition with Venus, the Moon is void until entering Sagittarius at 1:09 AM. Meanwhile, Mercury squares off with Pluto under the Void Moon (8:05 PM). This aspect calls for an excoriation of the mind and the way we take in and disseminate information. Your deeper thoughts, the ones that you hold closely to your chest are likely to rise to the surface today under this Moon. We may speak compulsively as if imbibed with temporary Tourette's. Our brains could become obsessed and locked into an information loop. If either of these things occur, that should be a cue to you to look more deeply into what is going on in your mental body. These mental and verbal thorns will need to be exhumed just as the emotional thorns were excoriated under the Scorpio Moon. In some cases, you may find that was has poisoned you on an emotional level has also poisoned you on a mental level. Continue the detox.

Paranoia and obsessive thoughts are a downfall of Mercury in harsh aspect to Pluto. There is also a danger of slinging hurtful words that cannot be taken back. And, there is potential for a full verbal exorcism in which we finally give birth to all the nasty swirling around in our brains through our mouths. Words, under this sky, not only fall like a hammer but cut like a hot knife.

At it's best, though, Mercury in any aspect to Pluto is penetrating and can pierce through a situation with xray power viewing the bones of what information is exchanged. Instead of getting swept up in paranoia, the better idea is to explore why you are so afraid of what you are paranoid about happening. Instead of jumping on a continual obsessive information loop, try to figure out what it is in that information that is so important. What is it trying to tell you? Why is this information continually calling to you?

Anxiety and irrational fear can be produced under this aspect (8:05 PM). Thankfully, it does perfect under a Void Moon so we are less likely to be fully emotionally engaged and can make a more logical assessment about what it is we are hearing and thinking.

As the lights come back on the Moon upon entering Sagittarius (1:09 AM), Mercury is waxing away (but still within orb) from Pluto and waxing into a conjunction with Uranus (8:20 AM). Brilliant flashes of insight wax in and we may be itching to move in light of AHA inspiration. However, the Moon is now moving toward a grounding and potentially depressing conjunction with Saturn, who warns us to keep it real and practical. Then, a square with Neptune follows potentially confusing the situation a bit. If you have brilliant ideas in the morning, write them down and let them simmer. Then wait out the harsher aspects of the Moon as these ideas congeal and take form.

Unfortunately, I do see the potential for strokes, seizures, panic attacks, nervousness, anxiety and migraines under this Mercury action. Potential. This does not mean that the entire world has a stroke. But, the potential is there depending on other factors in a person's chart. There is certainly an opportunity for metaphorical brain explosions therefore the literal also exists. If you are prone to panic attacks, nervousness, anxiety and/or migraines, take any appropriate measures that you would normally take to head this stuff off at the pass.

These Mercury transits are also excellent for meeting with an expert or a medical specialist for assistance or advice. It is also great energy for having intimate conversations with friends and presenting powerful and potentially deeply moving information in groups or organizations. Harrowing and inspiring stories of survival will likely penetrate the news. This sky is also ripe for researching and getting to the bottom of anything that you may want to figure out or understand. Just don't be afraid of what you may find, don't jump the gun with conclusions until you've dug out all the details and be wary of the potential for obsession and paranoia on your mental explorations.

Overall, today is much like coitus for the cranium. Whether this is mental penetration from the outside world or self-inflicted mental masturbation, it can certainly scramble your brain. However, there is true power found in these aspects too if you can manage to leash up your big lizard brain and steer it in the direction you truly need it to go without allowing it to be derailed by irrational fear and negativity. In simple terms, search for answers, explore the mental subterranean territory but don't brain fuck yourself to death.