Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, March 14, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Mercury (6:01 AM) and Saturn (the Moon's current ruler) preparing to turn retrograde at 9:11 AM. Saturn spends half the year in retrograde and half of it direct. Saturn retrograde will call you to adhere to your own set of standards. Here is what I mean by that. If there were no laws in the world, period, how would you behave? With no one to tell you right from wrong, would you still know the difference between the two?

That is not to say that enforcement of established laws doesn't occur under Saturn retrograde. What it means is there isn't so much of a feeling of “Big Brother” looking over your shoulder. The “teacher” has turned his back on the classroom momentarily. The children are called to muster up their own sense of discipline (or not) during this time. The teacher WILL turn back around or re-enter the classroom eventually. How will he catch you behaving? Are you launching spit balls at Susie across the room? Or are you holding yourself accountable and taking the time to read ahead in your school books? How is your level of self-regulation and self-discipline? Or do you have to have someone standing over you in order to hold the line? I think we've seen how some “students” can behave when they are not being regulated by an outside authority in Oklahoma. In response, we also saw how some students pulled together in an effort to draw attention to how wrong this type of behavior is. This IS the personification of the expression of Saturn at a station point. Both examples call upon a personal doctrine of accountability as there is no outside authority figure regulating either of these two bodies in their decisions. Both sides will eventually be held accountable for any actions they take by an outside authority figure. But, right now, they are calling their own shots based on a set of personal standards. I don't think it's a coincidence that the group making most of the noise on either side of this is none other than early Pluto in Sagittarius and late Pluto in Scorpio. Oh yeah the whole nation's mentality is involved but the heartbeat of it lies with this group of young people right now.

Saturn will retrograde all the way back to Scorpio before he is done. We will review all that has been built since the time Saturn first passed these degrees. Then, when he is direct and passes these degrees a third time, we will shore things up, fill cracks in the foundation and adjust once more.

At 4:35 PM, our Capricorn Moon is softened by a sextile to Neptune. Those lines of judgment and discipline are blurred again. There's potential for tears, forgiveness, acceptance, denial, naps and maybe a glass of wine or shot of bourbon with dinner. Capricorn energy in sextile to Pisces energy can create a leader who is also compassionate and riddled with empathy. Capricorn brings structure and boundaries to Pisces while Pisces brings a bit of softness to Capricorn. It's a nice mix, really.

This aspect can also bring an influx of intuitive feelings. With that, the emotional body may pick up on the incoming tension of the Moon preparing to meet with Uranus and Pluto. This occurs early tomorrow morning. Picking up on said tension could create nervousness and anxiety that interferes with our sleep—which is by no means pleasant. There is plenty of jittery energy pushing behind the scenes that the emotional body can pick up on. In that steer your emotional body away from fretting and toward releasing any sense of control you may think you have. Because, there is stuff that will occur under this tension that you will not have any control over. Don't waste your energy trying. Instead steer your energy toward handling yourself through it. You can control that. Keeping your waters clean will help (take in plenty of good clean water and decrease the intake of chemicals and stimulants).

Our brief point of ease winds down today. We are thrown right back into the lake of fire tomorrow. The passage of the Moon will temporarily re-ignite the waning conjunction of Mars to Uranus and square to Pluto. Ground. Center. Regroup. Meditate and take some time alone. There may be a call to course correction and self-redirection in some of this. Get yourself under your own control and adhere to a strong sense of personal discipline. In that personal discipline, know that rest is just as important as physical work. Grab some, now, if you can. There won't be much room for it in our tomorrow. I don't want to be cliché, but, being wary of the Ides of March is a really good idea this year.