Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, March 15, 2015

Welcome to the Ides of March. (insert daunting background music here). This morning we wake up to the Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto (5:21 AM) and square Uranus (5:15 AM). These aspects are pressurized. Pluto and Uranus are only separated by 4 seconds. They officially perfect in their final square tomorrow night. The seams on the fabric of the collective are being ripped apart and re-sewn together. This is not new. It's been on going for quite some time. The tension between Uranus and Pluto is peeking for the seventh time while setting a terse undertone that has some serious hang time. Our world is changing and evolving and Uranus square Pluto is pushing the buttons to make that happen.

By 9:33 AM the Moon is in sextile to Chiron and will subsequently square Mars in Aries at 9:57 AM. The sextile to Chiron is a gentle softening reminder that everybody hurts. However, we all respond to that hurt differently. The pain, itself, is a commonality, though. The square to Mars can breed ambiguity about what to do with this day. It can prompt disagreements and friction while being a bit prickly. However, if you take this energy by the horns and wrangle it appropriately, you can really get behind whatever it is you need to do. Mars energy is fuel. Whether it manifests as anger, an increased sex drive or frustration, it still is a hallmark of energy that can be converted into motivation. Use it for productivity. Being productive soothes the Capricorn Moon and keeps Mars in Aries busy while also channeling the potential tension here toward good means. In the end, it doesn't matter which project you choose or which adventure you set out on as long as you move. Sitting still will make this tension more difficult to endure. A sense of accomplishment, however, can surely make it worthwhile.

The Moon spends the rest of the day waxing into sextile with our Sun in Pisces. Turn on some music to toil too. Whatever is fitting your mood at the time is wonderful. I'm telling you, I'm finding great release through music at this time with Sun in Pisces. It really does bring some ease to the “savage beast.”

There is a bit of a dour attitude to deal with through this, though. Mercury is still waxing toward a square with Saturn (perfects at 5:41 AM). There could be some stern sermons at church today. What this square is doing is working to shore up the truth and bring form to information that we may be over idealizing. It can also cause our attitudes to be likened to that of Eeyore---Oh bother. Woe is me. Your best bet here is to control your thinking instead of allowing it to automatically steer toward negativity. Use it to bring some of your dreams to living form. The energy of today can help with that. A Capricorn Moon in sextile to Sun in Pisces can be wonderful at manifesting creative projects by pulling ideas from the imagination and building them in real life. Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius can do the same thing.

Publishing creative writing projects (laying down music tracks, even) is also highlighted under the square from Mercury to Saturn. However, if you are not writing the truth based in substantial fact, make sure you are labeling your work as fiction. Honesty is, frankly, a big freaking deal right now. Those that bend the truth toward their own benefit or knowingly lie in an effort to persuade or trick others can and will get smacked under this sky. I find this fact a relief. I'm ready for quite a few Sagittarian fields to be held accountable for the what they agencies, politicians, religious figures, sports franchises...yeah, I'm alright with them being smacked upside the head for telling untruths. We will likely see some of that. Bear those implications in mind and put yourself in the position to be able to stand solidly upon your words. Be very responsible about what you say because it will carry weight.

Also, there is a probability of encountering stories that you cannot share with others. This not only happens under Mercury/Saturn but under Saturn in Sagittarius in general. I've been butting my head against this ever since Saturn entered Scorpio and my 9th house. It certainly echoes for the collective under the Saturn/Jupiter contact found with Saturn in Sagittarius. Respect the privacy of others. If the story doesn't belong to you, let them tell it or get their permission to share. Check your facts and make sure your evidence holds water before you publish anything whether it be on a personal blog or in face to face communications. know? Be accountable for the information you spread. Check sources and check for rhetoric. Be part of the solution, here, not part of the problem of misinformation. If you are writing, make sure to get up and move around now and then to ease any pressure remaining from the Moon's square to Mars. Err on the side of being precise and concise (LOL, no, I'll never accomplish that).

Overall, the sextile from the Moon to our Sun in Pisces is really sweet. However, underneath that lies the waxing tension of Uranus in square to Pluto, Moon square Mars and Mercury square Saturn. The push is to get up off the couch and be productive. That doesn't mean you cannot take a midday nap if want. It just means that at the end of the day if you have something you can look upon with pride of accomplishment, you'll likely feel better. May not be everyone's first choice on a Sunday but there ya go.