Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, March 23, 2015

Ahh, Universe. What kind of Monday do you have on tap for us this week? This morning we wake up the Moon still solidly rooted in Taurus. Hopefully everyone took some time to relax and indulge yesterday. If you did, you may find that you are well situated to handle this incoming week. The key here is not to become too selfish with indulgences. The Moon did square off with Jupiter in Leo overnight (4:16 AM) and that can foster a sense of needing to grab up all the toys for yourself. But, the best bet, here, is to share any blessings you find with others instead of hoarding them all up.

Early this morning (8:17 AM) the Moon is in a fortifying trine with Pluto in Capricorn. There is a feeling of “we can do this” wrapped up in this day regardless of what “this” represents for you. Plus, minds are still operating more sharply as Mercury moves away from Neptune and lingers around in sextile to Pluto. The emotional body checks in with all the accumulated information at 10:25 AM through a sextile from the Moon to Mercury. Get a good solid check in on it today because those mental pontifications are going to become a bit fickle under the incoming Gemini Moon.

Overall, today still carries some of the smoothness we felt yesterday. Finally! A Monday that doesn't overtly threaten to rip the ground out from underneath us! Still yet, even though we may be standing on solid ground, we can feel that something is underfoot and it's just a matter of time before it presents itself. Today, though, there is a feeling that says whatever it is, “we can do this.” Linger in that certainty as long as you can and don't forget what this sense of stability feels like if the ground does become shaky under your feet this week.

Folks are likely to stand their ground today. And, if you come head to head with a Bull, let them stand where they want in their grassy field for now. There is plenty of opportunity for directly addressing and fostering a change in your outlook in the days to come.

The Moon finds Chiron in Pisces by sextile at 1:05 PM for a little emotional gut check. There are still some tender wounds that need your attention. Be gentle and self-nurturing in addressing them. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 9:23 AM tomorrow.

The First Quarter Moon at the end of this week packs a serious punch. Emotions will rise and the Moon will continue to build toward intensity. That being said, do the work you need to do today but don't forget to continue gifting yourself with comfort and stability along the way. Get your feet firmly underneath you and start coaching yourself now in regard to how you may handle the unexpected. Because, the unexpected is still due to wax in.

The good news is the Lunar Eclipse is the last piece of the Spring madness that we have in store. So, we are at the end of a apple cart upsetting cycle. We've almost made it through but there are a few more hurdles to cross over in the very near future. So catch your breath. Take care of business and get yourself well centered to meet the incoming challenges head on. We can do this.