Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 9, 2015

Early this morning, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 9:11 AM. Her first aspect is not until just after midnight on the 10th, a trine with Neptune in Pisces. So, the entire day is filled with mush and water.

Mars in Aries is also waxing into trine with Jupiter in Leo. This aspect perfects at 2:05 AM on the 10th. We may be traveling in mush and water, but we've been equipped with a speedboat engine to do so. There is an abundance of physical energy to be accessed under this sky.

None of this is particularly harsh. However, we do have water and fire mixing which can be difficult to wrangle. Water puts out fire. Fire under a container of water will eventually make it boil and evaporate. If you find that you are angry and tense under the increasing fire energy, the water trine can help soften that a little. If you are overly watery, incorporating some fire can help burn off excess emotion (exercise, moving around, sex). Listening to music while you work helps progress build and time fly. You can easily set your pace to the tempo of whatever music you choose.
what we need to be releasing right now is the bitter bile of hate and contempt the temptation, however, will be to hold onto it for dear life...don't...let go of it for dear life

This energy is great for meditation, hot yoga, soaking in a hot tub or lazing in a sauna. If the ground is ready in your world, you could even plant some bulbs or root vegetables. I hate that the ground is still frozen and overly saturated here because this energy is for rich planting things that will bear fruit underground. I'm eager to get started.

There are only a few caution flags that I see here. One is becoming overly soft and over promising yourself. Mars/Jupiter is prone to both over-estimating the actual amount of work one person can accomplish in a set amount of time and over working in general. There is also the possibility of becoming overly emotional and really over-reacting to it, too. Over-confidence in one's abilities in general can also become a problem.

Today is a day, however, to really start getting accustomed to hitting the release valve on Mars energy if you haven't already. Continue stretching but adding in some cardio is also a good idea. At the very least, it's a good day to incorporate walking outside back into your routine. This energy is also great for dancing. YES, that counts as cardio.

The aspects between Mars, Uranus and Pluto are tightening. Don't let that sneak up on you. Today's energy is a bit more smooth allowing us to ease into this. So, use it to get ready as the harsher stuff moves in. Steer clear of artificial stimulants and caffeine. These will increase nervousness and anxiety due to this waxing tension. Don't make it worse on yourself than it has to be. Plus, Jupiter in Leo favors heart health. So, eating should be lean but fuel packed. I'm seeing seafood (with it's heart healthy oils) along with root veggies being a good idea for the menu tonight. Limber up. Get your heart pumping. Fuel your machine with supportive nutrients and don't forget to rest when you need to. You don't want to completely wear yourself out but rather mete out your energy in a steadily controlled burn. Pace yourself.

This is also a good day to purge resentments, deliver forgiveness, pray for your enemies and get yourself into a peaceful and non-violent mindset. Center. You don't want to carry this stuff into the upcoming sky, either.