Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 18, 2015

This morning we wake up to Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (4:49 AM) and the Moon also entering Pisces at 6:58 AM. That's quite a watery mix. Plus, today and tomorrow mark the last days in this lunar cycle that we have to finish wiping the slate clean before the New Moon on Friday. The next two days would be perfect for releasing (particularly through an emotional purge), forgiveness, acceptance and meditation. Either way, emotionality is likely to be high leading up to the eclipse due to all the current energy in Pisces and focus on the element of water itself. Folks are sensitive and empathic sensitivities are kicking.

By 9:07 AM our Moon in Pisces is in a smooth sextile with Venus in Taurus. Moon and Venus in contact from Pisces to Taurus is sweet. It's can be heart meltingly sweet. This is certainly not an ambitious aspect. About the only motivation here is to relax and treat yourself a little. Perhaps we indulge in something sweet and rich as a late morning breakfast.

After a watery and unambitious start to our day, the Moon finds Saturn by square at 2:47 PM. This aspect does have a potentially harsh edge to it. But, the Moon in contact to a sense of grounding through Saturn is actually not a bad thing while we have so much energy in Pisces. It can feel depressive and heavy. Or it can feel like someone has finally thrown you a life preserver after you've been treading water in an emotional sea for several hours alone. They key with this aspect is acceptance and reinforcing your boundaries both of which are very much needed today. Know, however, that it can feel pretty heavy. Also know it does pass.

Between 7:45 and 9:28 PM, the Moon is conjunct both Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. More water. More emotionality and possibly a few tear filled conversations. It's also a great mixture to get lost in music, continue releasing, channel your emotions into an art form or to express yourself fluently. Again it's also very empathic so you may feel how the folks around you feel.

Today, does have the potential for emotional washout. To assist with the murky waters of Pisces, reach for grounding and clear waters. I use grounding stones such as hematite for watery Neptuney days like this. It's also a good idea to keep what you are putting in your body simple, low in chemicals and additives and increase your pure water intake. Taking little time outs to be by yourself and ground also helps tremendously. This is also good energy to use directed toward a spiritual cleanse of either your home or body. Time spent quietly and in meditation is particularly rewarding today. If you have to be in the public, give yourself and others some space. Folks are likely to be processing some heavy duty emotional stuff due to various reasons and at the very least everyone runs the risk of being particularly sensitive. Today is not the day to attempt to force anything. Try to tap into the flow of it and float with that instead while being meticulously easy with yourself and others while expecting parts of the day to be emotional whether that emotion is coming from you or the folks around you. Many will be distracted due this so also be alert when driving. Time as an elusive entity is also a factor dragging at times and disappearing at others. Verbal communication can become confused with Mercury in aspect to Neptune so pay more attention to the non-verbal exchanges and how you feel when in engaging in a situation than you do to the words used.

Tomorrow some of the watery-ness does dissipate with a grounding and enduring sextile from the Moon to Pluto in the early morning hours. This still calls for us to release and sweep away the remaining debris of the last lunar cycle in preparation for the next. Music is really something we can benefit from today. The more we can let go at this time, the lighter we will be able to travel on the next trip.