Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, March 13, 2015

This morning we wake up to an active Moon in Sagittarius leaving a square with Chiron in Pisces. From here, she will square our Sun in Pisces creating our Last Quarter Moon at 1:49 PM. During the Last Quarter, we are collectively called to release and let go. That shouldn't be too hard for either energies involved. As a matter of fact, I feel that Sagittarius vs Pisces is more of an amicable battle than anything. There are a few matters these two signs don't see eye to eye on; but, overall, as far as tension between signs of the same modality goes, these two are about the easiest to wrangle. Sagittarius can be a bit too loud for Pisces tastes. Pisces' naps could interfere with Sagittarius' plans for adventure. There are times, I'm sure, when Sagittarius views Pisces as comparable to a wet blanket. There could be a clash between traditional religion and personal spirituality between these two as well. Traditionally both are ruled by Jupiter (it's modern Astrology that gives rulership to Neptune over Pisces). But, the flavor of Jupiter within these two signs has a distinct difference. Both are mutable, though. There is room for amicable discussion of differences here especially since the Moon is also waxing into trine with Venus in Aries. Sounds like a good night for going out dancing to me.

The trine with Venus occurs at 7:12 PM and may prompt relaxation and personal indulgences. Well. That just sounds horrible. The trine does occur in fire, so it could be that the aspect prompts us to spend money for a vacation or trip we plan to take in the future. I can see the Sagittarius Moon trine Venus in Aries during a time when the Sun in Pisces is involved prompting someone to plan an escape to a nice warm tropical place. Actually, do either of these signs really plan? Maybe a few will just take off on an impromptu trip. Mars is waning from Uranus. Impulsiveness is still a thing. Wilder and worse things have happened. I say go for it. I can also see some public marriage proposals coming from this sky. It's also a good day for making future financial plans or maybe the government “lets go” of your tax refund check. That would be nice and could prompt some vacation making plans too.

After the trine with Venus, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 2:41 AM. This day, in isolation, isn't horrible. However, we still have the waning energy of Mars happening along with the incoming uncertainty packed into our eclipse next week. Shifting is still occurring under our feet as Saturn prepares to turn retrograde on the 14th and the screws are tightening under the 7th and final waxing Uranus/Pluto square. Unfortunately, after today, there is a chance for things to turn really dour for awhile. On Sunday, the Moon hits Uranus and Pluto harshly from Capricorn. Mercury holds in square to Saturn as he shifts to retrograde on Saturday (liars are going to be called out under that sky, for sure). The two will square off, officially early Monday morning while Uranus and Pluto perfect in square the same night. On a Monday. Oh for Pete's sake.

More shifting is due to occur throughout next week as well. Venus enters Taurus on St. Patrick's Day. The New Moon eclipse occurs on the 20th and subsequently we are birthed from the primordial waters of Pisces straight into Aries which kicks off a whole new kind of energy...eggs will be busting wide open all over the place at that time and there will be plenty of pressure to move, go and do. That being said, today is a point of ease within all of that. A bunch is still occurring under the surface but today is a good chance to keep releasing baggage and perhaps, even, escape from the pressure a bit. Take advantage of that if you can.