Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 6, 2015

This morning looks fairly interesting. Today we wake up with the Moon in Virgo in trine to Pluto in Capricorn (5:58 AM). At about the same time, she is also sitting at the tip of a Yod between the Sun in Aquarius (4:06 AM) and Uranus in Aries (12:30 PM). To make things even MORE interesting, while the Moon is passing through this Yod, it is also opposing Chiron in Pisces. Aim for healing not additional wounding. This is another emotional check point in which we are racked with fortitude, very prone to act independently and perhaps even a little reckless. Triggers are at risk of being tripped so guard yours. “Recklessness” makes our Virgo Moon wring its hands in nervous anxiety.
Folks with planets between 13 and 17 degrees Virgo have had the influence of this Yod upon that personal planet for a few days. As the Sun moves forward, the Yod will flicker off. However, the inconjunct from Uranus will keep coming for awhile.

If you are one of the folks who have planets in mid-Virgo (or Scorpio) receiving an inconjunct from Uranus, then you might have noticed it can sometimes be like someone snuck up behind you and zapped you with a taser. I'm one of those folks and while my last statement was a little dramatic with the intention of being a bit humorous, it is unsettling at times and genius at others. What marks the difference in how it feels depends on how I look at the situation and whether or not I'm emotionally engaged or not. What I mean is I respond more effectively to (I can't believe I'm about to say this) the pokings of Uranus when my emotional body is settled and my perspective malleable. You will likely hear a lot from me about perspective (and aim) while Saturn is in Sagittarius because that is part of what we are learning about with this transit. It's partially like an archery class in that regard.

I mention it (perspective) today because after this Yod begins to flicker off in the sky, the Sun meets Jupiter by opposition (1:21 PM). This aspect has been waxing for a few days. It was within orb at our last full moon. One way I've noticed this play out is kind of entertaining. You see, when the Sun is in Aquarius it is also in my 12th house. My perspective can be a little skewed when it comes to dealing with someone who has an Aquarian Sun because I have trouble seeing them accurately. But, the opposition from Jupiter to the Sun in Aquarius is prompting some Aquarians to really “show” themselves to me. It's funny because when this happens it is quick like they have a part of their personality hidden beneath a trench coat and they just whip it open to flash someone with it for a moment. I'm finding it rather entertaining. Because Astrology likes to be quite literal in its dealings with me, I was literally flashed by an Aquarian at the Full Moon. Twice. She was showing me her new high-tech underwear and was rather proud of it. Man, you just cannot make this stuff up. Anyway, that is happening in my world.

By 5 PM the Moon is in opposition to Mars in Pisces. From here, she is Void until entering Libra at 1:45 PM tomorrow.

It's a busy morning folks. And, there is potential for it to be rather eventful. In the midst of all that, we are being tested by the Universe with this Yod that is delivering quite the gut check to our emotional body. On top of that, Sun in opposition to Jupiter can prompt a person to become full of themselves and display quite a show of ego. Then, there is ambiguity to deal with as the Moon opposes Mars. What to do? What to do?

First, reach for the positive expressions of Jupiter instead of opting for his less savory characteristics. Reach for optimism, wisdom, perspective, generosity, gratitude and benevolence. Steer clear of self-aggrandizement, pompousness and selfishness. Then, reach for the powerful grounding and fortitude accessible from the trine to Pluto in Capricorn. We got this. We can deal. Finally, don't let the sideways promptings and pokings of Uranus to catalyze you into doing something impulsive. Take your time and deal with the situation at hand after you've looked at all the facts and can make an informed decision. That may be hard because Uranian energy often prompts us to react quickly. It may feel like we HAVE to react RIGHT NOW. Triage the situation like an effective Virgo Moon and figure out whether this is an emergency or not. Deal with the things in most need of attention first and prioritize the rest. The main thing is not to get excited. Breathe. On purpose and with purpose.

I'm thinking of an ER nurse here who sees emergent situations everyday. Trust me. You see some really shocking and surprising stuff in a triage window. If the nurse were to get excited and act impulsively every time an emergency happened in her job then she would drive herself straight into a nervous breakdown. Plus, patients would suffer. The ER Nurse has to control the feed of adrenaline that rushes into a her body during an emergent situation. This is hard given the fact that she is typically dealing with folks who are freaking the heck out (and usually with good reason). She has to rise above the promptings of her own body and steer it toward ingenious action converting that nervousness into precision decisions and appropriate responses in an effort to help. Channel some of that today. It really is your best bet. Triage. Prioritize and get the job done. The main thing is not to get excited.

Let me say that again.

The. Main. Thing. Is. Not. To. Get. Excited. Ok? Ok :)