Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 3 2015

This morning we wake up to a Moon in Leo that is so full it looks like it is about to bust open. As a matter of fact, there could be some folks that are feeling so full of themselves at this time that they are just about ready to pop. Watch those hot air balloons as they float by as if they were on parade. We are having a parade afterall. Somebody has to play that part. What's a parade without big floating, I mean balloons?

Tonight under this big shining Moon we are encouraged to come out and join the party dressed as ourselves. This involves a bit of self-discovery accompanied with self-acceptance and embracing of all that is YOU along with license for unique self-expression. In that, we are encouraged to stand proudly as ourselves while leaving room for others to do the same.

The Sun in Aquarius is still within orb of a sextile to Uranus in Aries. This is a marking of independence in light of collaborations with the collective. We stay who we are even when mixed in the crowd. On top of that, the Moon is waxing into trine with Uranus (3:19 PM) bringing independence to how we feel. Our emotions are not connected to what is going on with our neighbors. We operate independently in light of whatever emotional weather we are witnessing from others. Our emotional intelligence is high under this Moon.

Then, at 6:09 PM, our Full Moon busts wide open right on the apex of a Yod with Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron/Mars in Pisces. POP! We see where we have been oppressed. We find our unique place in the ever changing cosmos. We step out from underneath whatever chains we discover and ROAR in our new found freedom of self with confidence. We are unashamed of our nakedness. But, in light of the beauty that we find in ourselves, we are prompted to adorn our body with things that highlight and bring attention to what we deem as our best features. We shine a spotlight on those parts of ourselves that we are proud of without worrying that it is different from what we see in the crowd. We don't expect anyone else to be just like us either. We leave room for and encourage individuality in others too. But, even in our uniqueness, we know that our special little niche in the world has a larger purpose in the collective. We have to be who we are in order for the machine to produce something dynamic.

By midnight, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter. Hopefully you have spent the day celebrating you. If you did, at the end of that, do you realize what a miracle you are? Are you humbled by that? You should be. Because even though you walk around in the frame that is “you” there is some stuff that went on in that making of you that you didn't have much to do with. Merely existing on this planet is a miracle that we overlook everyday. Find gratitude and grace in whatever spot you find yourself in within that dynamic. Embrace and discover who you are and do that on purpose while retaining a sense of humbleness and gratitude for being made so great to begin with.

Give thanks. Look to where you are blessed. Share your blessings generously instead of hoarding them selfishly all to yourself and celebrate the uniqueness you find both in yourself and in others. Re-find the wonderment that is wrapped up in the discoveries of a child. But, refrain from backsliding into childish behaviors. Instead aim for benevolence and wisdom while fostering a sense of gratitude for the path that brought you here regardless of the bumps in the road along the way. All this went into the making of what is you. No regrets. You still get to choose how you operate. You still should be celebrating what you have become and what you are striving to be. You should still have license to feel comfortable in your own skin while being grateful for the skin you're in to begin with.

So preen yourself up and step out into this parade. Are you one of the big floating balloons? A clown? The quiet alley cat in the corner waiting for someone to drop their corn dog? Whatever role it is you are drawn to, step into it and strut your stuff.