Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, February 17 2015

Overnight our fading Moon in Aquarius met Mercury (00:01 AM) by conjunction and Saturn by sextile (2:18 AM). Bedtime may have been riddled with serious thoughts or pontifications about plans to move forward. We wake up under the umbrella of that energy this morning. The path is becoming more clear. However, we've still not yet regained our footing. Mars is lingering at the end of Pisces. We know what we need to accomplish but initiating right now may not be the best time. We aren't really sure how to go about it just yet. Plus, even though information is coming in, it is still not yet complete. Mercury remains in his retrograde shadow. We've still a bit to revisit and rectify.

Later this evening, the Moon meets her current ruler, Uranus in Aries, by sextile (5:30 PM). This is a wriggly aspect. One in which people will not want to be tied down or hindered in their personal freedoms. It also reinforces a bit of emotional detachment with steerage toward logic and away from more watery situations. We will likely be prone to seek out the support of friends or really start assessing how we feel about recent changes in our current world. But, these feelings are not viewed while being swamped by them. We inspect our emotions as if they were tangible objects.

Later today, the aspect of interest is an inconjunct formed between Jupiter and Chiron (8:23 PM). After a morning of logic, serious thinking about plans moving forward and attempts to reconcile our emotions from an intellectual perspective, we are reminded of deeper feelings. This inconjunct has occurred before while Jupiter was direct. It will happen again when Jupiter turns direct once more. The last time, unexpected washouts occurred pretty much on a global level. Remember the Ebola outbreak and all the news coverage? Yeah. That all happened under Jupiter inconjunct to Chiron. Here it comes again.

It may not be that Ebola, itself, becomes a headline again. It could be that we are continually learning (and hopefully improving) about certain healthcare practices that became apparent at that time. News reflecting the waxing energy of this inconjunct includes things like the news of Measles outbreaks and changes being undertaken on a Federal level at Veterans Affairs. We will likely revisit the effectiveness and debates over vaccinations. I would be very surprised if we didn't hear something from our world or government healthcare agencies today whether they are discussing what they learned from the Ebola outbreak or discussing more recent topics such as flu vaccines or vaccinations in general. We may hear about the need for booster vaccinations for adults, for example. I'm speculating but all I've mentioned are possibilities here. Healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance are likely to be topics of discussions particularly in the US.

On a more personal level, there could very well be an influx of water and emotion. We aren't likely to see it coming as we are currently detached from our emotions under Moon sextile Uranus. But, yes, we will likely be quickly reminded of what it is like to really “feel” instead of just thinking about feeling. At 9 PM, a little over a half an hour after Jupiter and Chiron create this inconjunct, the Moon finds Jupiter by opposition. Whatever is going on, folks have strong opinions about it and those strong opinions are connected to large emotions. Logic could potentially fly out the window in light of circumstance.

Tomorrow is our New Moon in Aquarius. As this lunar cycle completes, there is plenty to think about and vow to do differently. We should, at this time, still be heeding the call to let go. As the Moon opposes Jupiter, there could be a spotlight shining on exactly what it is that we need to release our grasp on. As the New Moon perfects tomorrow, Hecate finds Pluto by conjunction. That little aspect will be overlooked on a large scale. However, it is certainly not something that should be under estimated. Structures within the collective are forever altered and changed. In that, we cannot go back and undo what has occurred. Hecate is the cross roads. Final decisions are made. She's ridiculously dispassionate about how we choose. She stands as illumination at the cross roads while reminding us that there is no turning back from here. We are encouraged to choose our paths forward wisely.

On both a global and personal level we are given a lot of information that we have been waiting on today. Some of the information that is being delivered could be stuff we were not expecting. Either way, there is much to process. Then, from here, on a Solar level we are being called to incubate. I'm seeing eggs here. Literally and within collective symbolism. This isn't hibernation; it is incubation. During hibernation we are are just sleeping. During incubation we are protected as our bodies actually develop in preparation to enter a new realm of existence. During incubation, there is heat delivered from an outside source (the hen sitting on the egg or artificial light warming the incubator itself). There is certainly a difference.

Mars will jump ship from Pisces to Aries on the 19th. However, before he does we have a powerhouse stellium in Pisces that includes the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars that lasts from a few moments after the New Moon on the 18th and extends until Pisces finally gives birth to Venus and the Moon on the 20th. Half of that stellium in Pisces is also in square to Saturn (Sun, Moon and Neptune). This is serious business all around. The congestion begins to thicken a bit. Break up of this congestion will come simultaneously with the hatchlings of Spring. So keep that in mind if you still feel like things are stuck. Incubate. Wait it out. Grow. Become stronger and nurture yourself as you develop. The shell will begin to crack soon.