Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, February 23, 2015

So, it's Monday. It's also a Monday in which we wake up to the Moon in Taurus. That makes me smile because I LOVE Moon in Taurus! However. We also have Sun square Saturn to deal with. Boo.

What's happening here is we are pitting a Pisces Sun against a Sagittarian Saturn. Don't even try to blur the edges of the truth a little bit. Not even with a white lie. Don't even try to be invisible. You will be seen. Your presence will be recorded. You will not slip by unnoticed. So, keep all your dealings above board. Ok? You may want to retreat and hide but Saturn has a different agenda. There's work to be done.

In better news, though. Even though Saturn is coming harshly, he is also shoring up much of what Neptune has fogged up over the past few years. If you need to define yourself, this is the time. If you need to rebuild after a washout, this is your opportunity. If you need to rectify delusion against reality, here's your chance. If you have mutable planets between 0 and 5 degrees, you may finally find land and gain solidity in regard to that planet's energy. Some folks who have been swimming in Neptune's ocean of uncertainty may actually welcome the firm truths being delivered at this time. Others may run face first into the reality of situation harshly and unexpectedly. Things get really real for better or worse. So, your perspective of the situation is going to be at an imperative.

The Sun bumps into Saturn at 8:57 AM which is the exact same time the Moon squares off with Mercury in Aquarius. Well, you know Mercury in Aquarius is bringing news of change and our steadfast Taurus Moon isn't going to like that too much. She has grooves worn into her comfortable routine and has no desire to jump out of them. Unfortunately, though, Mercury in Aquarius has different ideas. Plus, these four bodies in square come after the Moon sextiles Neptune at 7:40 AM. It was hard enough to climb out of our comfy beds. Then, as soon as we do, we are met with blocks and unsettling information. HAPPY MONDAY! Certainly true to typical form.

The rest of the day, the Moon spends in waxing trine with Pluto. I see a lot of mutterings under the breath about how it's CRAP that we have to do this but we WILL do it because we don't have much choice. Thankfully, we do have the emotional fortitude to endure it. Doesn't mean we will like it. But, we can endure it.

All this could also foster a huge sense of resistance and increase in stubbornness as some may respond to the conflict and upcoming changes by digging in their heels. Look. You can hold your ground under this sky. Just be sure you are standing on the right set of principles and not wasting your energy holding up something that, in the long run, is not the best thing to be holding onto to begin with. That is going to require you to look inward. I can't decide for you. Our Moon needs things to be steadfast and predictable. But, HELLO, there isn't a lot that is steady right now because of other factors in the sky. So, there may be times when you really need to bend even if that's not what you want to do. Discern which is best for you. As your evening winds down, treat yourself. You deserve it just for being able to put up with it. Cake. We need some cake up in here! There better be some chocolate at the end of this tunnel. I think you catch my drift.