Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 20, 2015

Welcome, officially, to Aquarius Season. This morning the Sun entered the sign at 4:44 AM. The Moon followed his lead and entered Aquarius at 8:01 AM. The New Moon perfects at 8:15 AM at 0 degrees and 9 minutes of Aquarius.

This New Moon pulls upon not only the power of Aquarius, but also garners support from the Moon's current co-rulers Saturn in Sagittarius (12:17 PM) and Uranus in Aries (wide, perfects at 4:41 AM tomorrow) by sextile on either side. Venus in Aquarius is still within orb of an opposition with Jupiter in Leo. Mars is still within orb of a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. And, Pluto officially squares the Nodal Axis.

Within this New Moon are the tools you need to pioneer new paths (Uranus in Aries) and lay solid groundwork for the future (Saturn in Sagittarius) in light of the fact that our life's trajectory has been forever altered (Pluto square the nodal axis). We are able to open our hearts up to new possibilities (Venus opposite Jupiter) and are motivated to let go of the past even if we are still feeling the reverberations of remorse (Mars conjunct Neptune). This is our opportunity to begin again with a new vision while standing on the truth.

The day feels quite hopeful to me. But, I have a tendency to think beginnings are full of promise yet to be fulfilled. Some, however, find new beginnings scary. This can because they don't know the rules of the new game or because they were comfortable the way things were. In this newness, however, you can write your own rules and are encouraged to do so. Of course, new beginnings walk hand in hand with fresh endings, so there could also be some grief associated with this.

This New Moon is great for making new friends. Or, with Mercury stationing in preparation to turn retrograde tomorrow, it's even great for re-connecting with old friends. It's wonderful for joining groups or participating in humanitarian efforts. You can gain support in numbers where the participants have a common goal.

The sabian for this New Moon is “An old adobe mission in California.” The theme, according to Blain Bovee, is “ the power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers' life spans.” When I first read that, I thought of building a legacy. Today's sky supports initiating something like that. But, it also reminds me of the negative potential in human works enduring beyond the worker's life spans. Waste. Technological and chemical waste particularly.

Venus in opposition to Jupiter can foster concern about the future of our children. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius during most of Aquarius season could have us rethinking our use and disposal of technology. You would think with all this Aquarian energy in the sky I would be prompting you to reach for your technologies and gadgetry. But, the sky actually says maybe we should lay these down from time to time in an effort to reconnect with natural elements and the real world. Of course, this can happen by choice or by force. We can take it upon ourselves to unplug from time to time. Or, circumstances could present that force us to unplug...internet service is shut off or goes down, computers become infected with viruses or just go wonky, cell phones are lost or broken.

Let me give you a brief example. Last year I set an intention that said “I do more work in face to face situations than I do on the Internet.” This intention DID manifest. I currently get paid to regularly meet face to face with people. My time on the Internet has been drastically reduced. But, it didn't occur because I had the willpower to cut down on my online activity. It occurred because circumstances cropped up that ended in my home Internet service being cut off. At this point, I've chosen to keep it off because it forces me to be more organized and helps me streamline my Internet activity. I spend less than an hour a day on the Internet now. I have fewer distractions when I'm working at my computer because I cannot check my emails and messages every few minutes. I'm less scattered because I'm not over-stimulated by blinking lights and electronic bleeps or a constant barrage of message notifications. It was pretty upsetting when it first occurred though. Then, I remembered, “Hey goofy, you asked for this, remember? Well, here you go.”

That being said, this Moon is wonderful for making wishes. The sign of Aquarius does rule those. So if there is something that you want to do but don't know if you have the power to do it on your own or no idea how to begin, put your wish out there to the Universe. At the same time, be careful what you wish for because sometimes the Universe delivers EXACTLY what you want wrapped up in a rather peculiar package.

At the same time, if you experience electronic difficulties during this retrograde, take that as a cue from the Universe that you may need to unplug from that device for awhile in an effort to re-balance your life. Re-think how you use technology. How reliant on it are you? Re-think how we use chemicals and advanced science (medications, advanced health care machinery and travel instrumentation for example). Are there non-chemical means of treating your ailments that you have not lifestyle changes or holistic healing methods. Can you be more efficient? Are you over-stimulated and distracted? Do you remember how to operate in a world that doesn't contain this technology? What did you do before you were enticed by all these bleeps and bloops? Whether your connection to the world is maintained or stripped away unexpectedly, these are points for consideration during this time. We re-think what progress really is. We re-write personal rules around modern life. We come up with new ways to deal with electronic and chemical waste in an effort to ensure a cleaner world for our future generations. The promise and opportunity for all of this lies in our sky today.