Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 18, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon entering Capricorn at 7:05 AM. Her first major aspect is not until 3:27 PM, a sextile with Mars in Pisces. I like Capricorn energy mixed with Pisces energy almost as much as I like Taurus energy mixed with Pisces. Many people see Earth and Water mixing and think of mud. I see it and think of an island oasis emerging in an ocean, traction, and grounding. I see soft clay that can be molded into just about anything. I see form being brought to usually intangible emotions. I see gentleness without being washed out. I see compassion without being enabling.

I grew up believing that I could do anything that I wanted. Some folks look at my Neptune conjunct my MC and think, “yeah, talk about delusion.” I look at Neptune conjunct my MC and think, “yeah, you are underestimating me again. And, you are missing my Earth placements that give me the traction to get wherever I want to go.” I have Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo. That Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles my Pisces Moon. I can dream up whatever I want (Pisces Moon) all while knowing if I work hard enough (Jupiter in Capricorn) at it I can achieve it. Sure, sometimes lining up the details and making sense of things in the midst of a continual Moon/Neptune square can be confusing. But, my Venus in Virgo LOVES to take care of this part of whatever task I wish to undertake. Plus, she works brilliantly in sextile to Mercury in Scorpio who will not allow details to slip by unchecked. Aside from all that, that Neptune that people look at call out as “delusional”, it is in my 10th house. Saturn's influence gives the same type of form to it as my natal Jupiter does my Moon.

Of course, all of this could have manifested differently. I could have become afraid (Saturn) to dream (Neptune). I could have become too focused on details (Mercury and Venus) and gotten swamped by them (Moon/Neptune). I could have defined success the same way the outside world has a tendency to. Instead, though, I maintained the belief that I can do anything I want (and basically have). Then, while I'm working on something, I can become completely engulfed (Neptune) in the work (Saturn) itself while my Mars/Pluto just keeps firing away until I'm done.

I'm mentioning all of this because we have quite the mixture of Saturn and Neptune in our current sky. It can equate to confused ambition with Mars in Pisces. But, don't be so quick to underestimate this placement (even though it often is). Anything lodged in Pisces has a certain type of mystical and magical quality to it and Mars in Pisces is no different. Mars in Pisces in sextile to a form producing Saturn ruled Moon could produce the ability to become totally engrossed in one's work and before you know it, an end product almost magically appears. You may not recognize this as ambition in force because it doesn't look or feel like the sweat producing ambition we are accustomed to. You may not feel like you are working because you are so swept up in the activity to begin with. You may not have even thought you could give form to your dreams, but I'm telling you under this sky (but NOT JUST this sky) you most certainly can. It all comes down to perspective which is certainly a big chapter in Saturn in Sagittarius' lesson planner.
Saturn in Sagittarius=Archery Lessons

Let me set a stage of explanation here. In traditional Astrology, Jupiter rules both Pisces and Sagittarius. When Neptune was discovered, he was given modern rulership over Pisces. When this separation occurred, there was debate over whether Jupiter or Neptune ruled dreams. Many Astrologer's gave dream rulership over to Sagittarius and Jupiter. I can sort of get in line with that. There have been documented transit occurrences that support it. While I do believe that Jupiter rules the dream itself, I believe that a person's ability to dream and recall those dreams to begin with comes from Neptune. I mean, if you don't have any type of imagination (Neptune) how does your brain formulate dreams to begin with? Therefore, my belief is that Neptune and Jupiter work together to produce dreams.

Right now, Saturn is currently in this mix no matter how you look at it. He's in Sagittarius and he is also waxing into square with Neptune. So, no matter how you flip that in regard to dream rulership, Saturn can bring form to it. Unchecked, though (and in harsh aspect as we have it now), it can also equate to being afraid to dream or meeting with resistance and negativity when you dare to. It's the same energy. Just directed differently.
Saturn in Sagittarius also = lessons in perspective

At about 5 PM tonight, the Moon meets Neptune in Pisces by sextile. Mars is getting ever closer to his conjunction with the Lord of the Seas. Decide now what it is you dream of doing. Then, get to work building a house for it, making a place for it, creating a function for it within the structure of your daily life. Don't count on outside recognition for your efforts. Instead recognize it internally through the self-satisfaction of just figuring out a way to do what you love. Re-define success. Re-think what achievement means. Then realize no one but you can lay the paving stones on your path toward your own dreams. The Universe is certainly offering you the opportunity to get started on that today.
psst, that chance is waiting for you...right now