Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 15, 2015

This morning we wake up to Mars in Pisces just finishing a square with Saturn in Sagittarius (perfected at 1:11 AM overnight). Ambition is wracked with a need for diligence and responsibility. Moving forward may feel like wading through mud. Plus it could feel like there is so much work that needs to be done that getting started feels overwhelming.
Compassion is not a competition

Part of the way that I saw this square play out was in the discussions about the U.S. Involvement (or non-involvement, rather) in the peace marches in Paris. Some folks were questioning why we didn't send higher level US officials to France to participate and support the demonstration. Our engagement in foreign affairs (Sagittarius) was questioned. Our leader's level of compassion and empathy (Mars in Pisces) toward these engagements were questioned. Our motives were questioned (Mars in Pisces). In the end the word from the French was that they really didn't think much about it (US involvement or non-involvement) which I found to be quite humorous because, from watching the news, you would think that what the US does is of the utmost importance all over the world.

On a smaller, more personal level, our own motivations may come under question with this aspect. Plus, we may be called up for judgment in regard to some questionable actions. But, stepping forward with compassion and empathy is met with solid ground and ethereal support. Only thing about that is that compassion and empathy are not Mars' typical weaponry. Therefore, the switch to compassionate action could be difficult for some to make. Going with the flow SOUNDS easy. But letting go of that kind of control is really really tough for some folks. Therefore, this part of Mars' transit could bring difficulty in those areas. Be wary that your inaction may give way to judgment of your true motivations. But, as long as YOU know your true motivations and are OK with that...then, who really cares how others judge you. Inaction is not always an indication of poor ambition. Sometimes it is just good form.

Mercury is also preparing to station retrograde in Aquarius. Therefore our mechanical tools could be threatening to go haywire. I've a feeling that some of this retrograde in Aquarius could bring problems with modern conveniences. We are already seeing the effects on the News through stories of Internet breaches, car accidents in the midst of extreme icy (Aquarius) weather and many other headlines. There is a song that talks about how life was better before everything was “Automatic.” It talks about mailing letters instead of sending emails, making phone calls from a landline, and other ways we used to go about things before the advent of current modern conveniences. I have a feeling that during this retrograde some will re-discover elements of life before these conveniences. Unfortunately, some of this could come from power outages or result from those conveniences temporarily breaking down. We know for a fact that cold and icy weather can affect the way our vehicles operate. Aquarius season certainly brings cold and ice. So, that's one thing. But, also, I give rulership of cell phone towers, electrical grids and the Internet over to Aquarius. I believe it is possible we may see trouble in these areas, as well during this retrograde.

Also think of your higher and more advanced technologies and sciences...medical equipment (MRI, EKG equipment, CT scans), satellites, machines used in space and air travel not to mention absolutely anything that is connected to online activity. These things could experience hiccup during this retrograde as well. Now, that doesn't mean that we are going to experience a worldwide blackout. Ok? But, it would certainly (right now) be a good time to check in on these things with some routine maintenance and to come up with a back up plan in case these technologies would fail. There could be pockets around the world that do experience what life was like before everything was automatic at least temporarily during this retrograde. Either way, there may be discussions about how these various technologies have affected our modern lives. For example, there are certain scientific experiments and testings that have produced wonderful progress. But the way these experiments are conducted or the way these technologies are used may come into question and butt heads with humanitarian efforts that say some of the results of these technologies are rooted in despicable behavior. For example, in the early 1900's the US developed treatments for certain venereal diseases. We tested these treatments in foreign countries AFTER we infected the inhabitants of those countries WITH the disease. Pretty gross. I feel as if more of this type of thing will come up for question/debate under this retrograde. Animal testing. Selling of human organs or unjust harvesting of stemcells, GMO's etc. These conversations need to occur and this retrograde definitely sets the stage for that. At the very least, if you feel you need to take a break and unplug from “online” for awhile, this retrograde serves that intention well.

At 9:30 AM, the Moon in Scorpio squares off with Jupiter in Leo. This isn't a harsh aspect as long as you can keep emotions in check. Jupiter could blow emotions out of proportion or bring wisdom and foresight to them. Without proper engineering and steering, things can seem much larger than they actually are. However, if you are able to adjust your perspective toward the long term, then these deeper level emotions take on the proper proportion and things become easier to navigate. Patience and wisdom are key here. At the same time, this aspect could serve as a buoy that brings a person out of the primordial depths of Scorpio and back into the light. It could cause a positive rebound effect in that regard.

At 6:53 PM the Moon meets the Sun in Capricorn by sextile. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 3:02 AM. After mid-day tomorrow, lunar energy begins to find an upswing. But, we've got to get through the sludge of the morning first. The Moon will conjunct Saturn and square Mars and Neptune. Resistance and slog. Meeting with harsh realities and navigating difficult truths is at issue first before we really start to see the path forward (as well as a gut check toward questionable motivations). Acceptance of current realities is paramount in our future efforts to move forward. But, once we wrangle that mess, things (on the emotional front, at least) become a bit lighter for the weekend. Today, we are given the inkling that, “Yes, we can make it and endure this.” Over the weekend, those inklings are reinforced through perspective, optimism and hope. We've just got to cash and deal with our reality checks first.

Use today to gain perspective and then take advantage of the restful Void Moon this evening in preparation for busier days ahead. And, don't plan to operate like you are shooting out of a cannon tomorrow, either. Take tomorrow morning slow and easy while being mindful of “flow” and the resistant drag of water. Pack your water wings and be prepared to float.