Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! You know, I'm such a geek. When I write the Morning Star entries, I save each one in a folder labeled according to what month it is. I always get excited to start a new folder for a new month. Today, I started a new folder for a new month in a bigger folder for an entire new year! My Venus in Virgo is doing flip flops right now.
this is a note my Venus in Virgo left for my Pisces Moon on my work desk

Not only because of this but because it's new calendar time! It's the time of year when I go through all the “important” papers of the year gone past and put them in a file folder. I usually operate with several different calendars throughout the year. One for my work here, one for my personal diary entries and transits and one for the household where I keep track of bills and what have you. I read through each of them before putting them away for the year and beginning new ones. I have to operate this way though. I have a forgetful Pisces Moon and if I didn't keep meticulous track of myself, I'd be completely lost. Thankfully, though, my Venus in Virgo drools over getting organized. It's a great compensatory planetary placement for my otherwise day dreamy emotional body. That Venus is certainly drooling now as I'm throwing stuff away, re-purposing and recycling, smelling the new school supplies. Yes...if that smell were a perfume I'd wear it. If it were a candle, I'd buy it. GEEK!

As it turns out, though, what my Venus is joyfully diving into is also very conducive to what our incoming Full Moon in Cancer could be calling us to do. At least, on a minor level. See, my Venus is at 14 degrees sextile to the Full Moon and in trine to the Sun in Capricorn. Part of this Full Moon's job is very much connected to a purge in the home place or even a reclamation of home spaces. So, indeed, this is a great time to be pro-active about sweeping the doorways to speak. I was organizing our food storage containers when my husband walked in and I declared to him, “This is what FUN looks like!” And, I meant it.

Oh, at any rate. On the first day of this brand New Year, we wake up to the Moon in Taurus. At 7:20 AM, she meets Venus in Capricorn by trine before reaching Void status. It's not a very ambitious morning and it would be a good idea to take things a little slow.

By 12:10 PM the Moon is in Gemini and waxing toward an opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius which perfects at 1:54 PM. Talk about a buzz kill. This aspect certainly sounds like one. My focus on Saturn's early passage in Sagittarius is on our folks with early heavy mutable energy in their charts. This is mainly because these folks have just passed through a VERY long transit from Neptune where things were inevitably fogged up or confused in some way. And, comes Saturn threatening to shore a lot of that up right out of the gate. He moves only to 4 degrees Sagittarius before turning retrograde and moving back into Scorpio for a short time. Given that Neptune has been in Pisces for a couple of years and is only at 5 degrees now, then folks with early mutable planets may receive quite a wake up call within these next few months. Also due for a wake up call are our early Neptune in Sag generation. I'm lucky enough to fall into both of these categories with Neptune at 3 Sagittarius and my Moon at 5 Pisces. I plan to use some of the energy coming to me from this transit to remodel a boat. Sounds reasonable and safe enough.

The opposition from the Moon to Saturn today, though, reminds me of a bunch of school kids chatting in class who keep butting heads with a teacher who just wants them to shut up and listen to their lessons. In that, there is a bit of censorship and a call to not only talk but also to listen. There is also a call for fact checking before you go off running your mouth about the latest thing that bopped onto your newsfeed, too. “I read it on the Internet” is no longer a way to cite a valid resource. Nope.

By 2:50 PM, Mars in Aquarius is in opposition to Jupiter in Leo. Perhaps the children in the classroom refused to settle down and pay attention so the teacher sent them to the principal's office. Or maybe we are inspired to do something grand...big...over the top. Either way, this transit is filled with energy and enthusiasm. We may figure out a unique way to go about doing something (Mars in Aquarius) and be enormously proud of ourselves (Jupiter in Leo) in light of that. Or, maybe we are overly confident (Jupiter in Leo) and did something screwy and impulsive (Mars in Aquarius) that pisses a bunch of people off (Mars in Aquarius). Maybe it's discovered that it was a really smart kid (Jupiter in Leo) behind the recent internet hacks (Mars in Aquarius). Headlines could read “Brilliant 6 year old takes down Sony, Playstation Network and North Korean Internet on Mom's Ipad.” never know.

By 10:08 PM, the Moon in Gemini is in square to Neptune bringing a glazed look to our nighttime hours. Falling asleep watching the news comes to mind.

What a fickle day. It starts slow and then as soon as we get our wheels moving we run into Saturn. We get up, dust ourselves off and are determined to take action. Then, we forget what it was we were so motivated to do in the first place because...”OH LOOK! There are squirrels on TV!” Sounds about right. Gemini Moons are flexible like that switching from mood to mood in a matter of mere minutes sometimes. So, if you don't like how midday feels, hang in there! A different mood weather front is coming soon to change things up by tonight.