Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 31, 2014

I've been peering a bit into 2015 this morning and it looks rather interesting! I've not put meaning to any of it yet. But, March and April are definitely WOW months. March, particularly. First, we are in a groove right now of 0 degree New Moons followed by a series of 14 degree Full Moons. That dynamic swings in Aquarius season as we experience 2 New Moons in the sign. After that little hiccup, a Full Moon in any given sign will precede the New Moon in that sign (reversed of what we have going on right now).

A few of my references call out 2 New Moons in Pisces instead of Aquarius. Either way, one of those ambiguous New Moon's (whether you call it at 29 Aquarius or 0 Pisces) occurs on February 18. The next New Moon (in Pisces) is an eclipse on March 20 at 29 degrees. That eclipse follows a series of very interesting aspects including the final Uranus/Pluto square on March 16th. And, there is NO New Moon in Capricorn this year. It doesn't occur until 2016 (January 10, 2016 at 19 degrees). At the very least, it is all very interesting and perhaps a bit overwhelming to attempt to take in with one gulp.

Today, however, is New Year's Eve! We are ushering 2014 out and welcoming in the tender New Year. As we wake this morning, the Moon in Taurus is in trine with Pluto in Capricorn (5:29 AM). We are determined with a sense of emotional depth and grounding on the last day of this year. That determination and fortitude is aimed at healing and overcoming as the Moon also meets Chiron by sextile at 6:35 AM. That sextile also softens us a bit bringing empathy and overall concern for the well being of all.

By 7:52 PM, the Moon squares off with Mars in Aquarius (21 degrees). Mars is motivated for change and social reform while the Moon wants to relax. But, the tension from this aspect could temper some of the possible impulsiveness from Mars. Taurus energy is grounded and doesn't move quickly whereas Mars rides lightening bolts from Aquarius. Though the mix can bring forth ambiguity, it could also keep us from acting too erratically. I'm not saying that is comfortable. It's kind of a downer sometimes, actually. But, it is probably safer in most instances.

By 9:05 PM, the Moon is in square to Jupiter in Leo who is ALSO at 21 degrees and retrograde. That's a fixed t-square folks. Mars is moving in to oppose Jupiter and the Moon is squaring them both. Tomorrow at 2:50 PM, Mars opposite Jupiter meets perfection just after the Moon opposes Saturn (0 degrees) from Gemini.
One of the things we need to be wary of during our celebrations tonight is excess. We will be prone to take in TOO MUCH and that comes back to visit (haunt) us tomorrow under the Moon/Saturn opposition.

Saturn in Sagittarius will temper “excess” to a degree. Gluttony gets smacked around from time to time under this transit.

Now, what this fixed t-square is good for on New Year's Eve is tempering the push to overdo with a bit of common sense brought forth from the Taurus Moon. It keeps Mars in Aquarius in opposition to Jupiter in Leo anchored. The missing leg of this t-square is in Scorpio. That means if you have planets between 19 and 23 Scorpio, then, that planet will be involved in a fixed cross with these planets. Eros at 22 degrees Aquarius is right in this mix and being approached by a conjunction from Mars...which sounds kind of sexy if you ask me.
Mars in Aquarius

If the negative potential for Jupiter in Leo is overconfidence and the negative potential from Mars in Aquarius is impulsiveness with the negative potential from Taurus Moon being stubbornness, then this fixed t-square could play out as someone being hell bent on doing something they are SURE they can pull off and there isn't a soul on the planet that can talk them out of it. However, if the positive expression of Mars in Aquarius is pioneering for social causes and the positive expression of Jupiter in Leo is generosity and benevolence then the grounded affect from the Moon in Taurus could foster some serious charitable donations at the end of the year. I mean, it is a tax write-off after all and Taurus is down with that (missing leg, Scorpio/taxes/debt/energy exchange). It's also a great mix for gathering together to pray in the New Year which is a tradition to some.

With Eros so close to this t-square, whatever we are driven to do may seem particularly alluring and hard to resist. But, keep that opposition from the Moon to Saturn waxing in tomorrow in mind while being tempted to keep you from doing something you may later regret. Or not. You only live once right? LOL...sure.

Here's the thing. I want to tell you to party like it is 1999. And, in most instances, you should...within reason. But, keep your eyes open and be cautious in regard to what is going on around you because even if you are expressing the higher forms of this energy, there is some serious explosive potential in this mix. Mars in opposition to Jupiter can also be someone pushing a personal agenda under the guise of social activism. It could be something connected to religious beliefs or on behalf of religious beliefs. Plus, Demetra George describes Eros (who, as mentioned, is right in this mix) as “representing the principle of passionate desire. Eros was a primal phallic god born of Chaos at the beginning of time. Embodying the masculine sexual force, he served as the generative masculine power which brought the world into creation.” Further, she says, “Eros functions as the higher octave of Mars.” So, his presence here brings pressure to Mars to transform and overcome himself by creating instead of destroying. But in that mix is phallic drive and allurance that first must be transcended in an effort to get to that higher octave and not everyone will go beyond that to get there. People definitely respond differently under pressure. Pressure is certainly present.
Eros and Psyche

In addition to that, George says Eros transits are good timing indicators of sexual activity. His partner, Psyche, is in early Pisces. The positive end of that is a transcendental love affair. The negative looks a lot like someone unknowingly consuming a date rape drug. So, be careful and aware of your surroundings especially if you are in a densely populated place. Travel with a trusted partner. Personally, I'd opt for private parties if I were geared toward going out to celebrate.

Instead of getting all twerked out of shape due to phallic overdrive and an overblown ego, RELAX! Celebrate safely and within reason while making good memories that could very well last a know, ones you can actually remember because you weren't too sloshed. Party like it's 1999 but Let's NOT Go Crazy...