Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 28, 2014

I was browsing around the Internet and ran across a discussion on Saturn in Sagittarius on Facebook a few days ago. I'm prompted to talk about it today because this morning, we wake up to a Moon in Aries just leaving a trine with the newly placed planet. First, let me say that Moon to Saturn by trine is A-OK in my book. This water Moon appreciates the grounding offered by this aspect. Second, this aspect occurring from Aries to Sagittarius, reminds me of a child testing and discovering boundaries in a new environment. To me, this is a partial job of Saturn in Sagittarius.

As Saturn dredged through Scorpio, knowledge was revealed that changed our understanding. In that change, boundaries and rules were altered. Now, we are re-born with Saturn in Sagittarius and part of our job is to learn and explore these new boundaries, possibly even creating some new ones for ourselves.

The last pass of Saturn in Scorpio, I was helping my parents renovate a home they had just purchased. This was an old home that didn't even have indoor plumbing. So, there was a lot of gutting and tearing out that had to be done. Quite a worthy activity for Saturn in Scorpio, I think.

When Saturn moved into Sagittarius, my parents and I moved into our newly updated home and that caused me to have to change schools. The timing of the move meant I would be a High School Freshman relocated to a town right down the river from where I grew up. Just so happens, the new school and my old school were neighboring rivals. Not only was being a student in high school a new thing for me. The whole school, kids, teachers everything was foreign. I was a stranger in a strange land. Not only that, but in my life experience, this new land had been colored as housing the “enemy.” The only thing I knew about it was what I had learned from the friction produced between the rivaling entities. The first thing I had to learn is where the boundaries were, what the rules were and the customs of the new natives I was encountering. I had to drop what I had been told and figure out how things really were on my own. Well, the first thing I had to learn, really, was where the bus stop was...but, I think you catch my drift.

At any rate, Saturn in Sagittarius is like that. Aries is new starts, new cycles, initiative and raw ambition. So, in trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, it's like we are thrust into this new situation and tasked with discovery. It's not a harsh energy. But, experiencing a new environment can be exciting or anxiety ridden depending on your perspective. Plus, discovering new rules and boundaries doesn't mean that you will adhere to them. It just means you become aware of where they are. That point is driven home later in the day as the Moon finds Uranus by conjunction at 11:20 PM. But, we've got a day full of lunar aspects to get through before we ever experience that aspect.

By 1:33 PM, the Aries Moon is in square to the Sun in Capricorn creating our First Quarter Moon. From here, emotions will build straight through to the Full Moon in Cancer (which is a biggie, folks!) on January 5th. The tension brought today brings conflict between initiating, pioneering energy and the status quo, or “How things have always been done.”

On a lunar level, we need to initiate and move forward in new directions. But, on a solar level, our ego's may fear change especially if it is perceived as a threat to our ego's status or personal sense of power. If you can get behind the change, though, Sun in Capricorn can really take charge and monopolize upon the opportunities presented. In that, we build new rules for a new business model while discovering the existing boundaries at the same time.

In between the First Quarter and the Moon's conjunction with Uranus, there are several interesting minor aspects that perfect. Both the Sun and the Moon meet Jupiter in Leo by sesquisquare at around the same time (Moon at 1:37 PM and Sun at 2:25 PM). One of the ways I managed to navigate “all the new” with my changing schools experience dealt with drawing upon the knowledge I had already acquired both about myself and kids my age. I also had a base of knowledge in regard to how local schools operate and, of course, I knew the local customs and norms. I wasn't in a totally new country even if it felt that way. This “acquired wisdom” and “experience” is available to us today through these minor aspects. It plays a huge part in how the harsher aspects by the Moon are felt later tonight.

If we are curious and flexible, then we can meet the new with acquired wisdom as one of our tools. However, if the Jupiter energy prompts a feeling of grandiosity or we become full of ourselves, then our decisions when under pressure are affected by that too. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, “It's better to volunteer for a dose of humility than to have it force fed to you.” So, aiming for the more beneficial expression of Sun and Moon to Jupiter is an imperative for this day to play out to its highest potential.

As the Moon meets Uranus by conjunction and Pluto by square (00:20 AM), we've discovered some new rules and we've discovered some areas that still need overhaul. We may decide that some of the new rules are worth breaking. Pluto in Capricorn could certainly hold us accountable should we decide to act on that.

Some people, not that I know any, like to break rules or push boundaries just for the fun of it. That type of mischievousness is not supported under this sky. However, working with those that are in charge in an effort to make mindful changes that need to be made for the benefit of all IS supported. If you ARE the person in charge, then connecting with the group that you are presiding over and discussing options with them instead of just making decisions on your own and enforcing rules, is the way to go. So, if selfishness, ego inflation, a desire to play pranks or be a court jester wax in with our luminaries' minor aspects to Jupiter, then we could very well feel some harsh backlash later tonight. However, if we look at the situation honestly and delineate what has worked in the past versus what didn't while coming together in groups WITH this collective acquired knowledge in an effort to foster deliberate change that benefits everyone, then progress can certainly be made.

Overall, this day has the potential to bear a signature of intensity. Thankfully, though, we start off well grounded under the trine from Saturn. HOLD ON TO THAT! It will serve you well as the day moves forward.

Tomorrow is another adventurous day filled with a variety of lunar aspects followed by a nearly 12 hour VOC Moon. Set your pace accordingly.