Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 20, 2014

There is a myriad of energy swirling in the air today. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius leaving a square with Neptune in Pisces. Hopefully that produced a night of deep sleep and rest for most. We also wake up under the umbrella of Mercury sextile Neptune. This energy will hang throughout the day having perfected at 4:31 AM. Both of these Neptune aspects in our early morning hours may make for a slow wake up. It's Saturday. Sounds like a good day to sleep in a little to me!

The feeling of grog may hang with us until late morning. But, the fog does burn off.

By Noon, Venus is certainly awake as she bumps into Uranus by square (12:09 PM). Later, she will meet Pluto by conjunction at 4:07 PM. Venus in Capricorn is pretty steadfast. She is responsible with her resources and enjoys leading others. She appreciates boundaries, effective leadership, a strong work ethic, maturity and tradition. In square to Uranus, some of the things that Venus appreciates may be perceived as unusual, unconventional, futuristic or progressive. Plus, it gives Venus an impulsive and itchy trigger finger.

What I mean by that is, while in square to Uranus in Aries, Venus in Capricorn may become resistant to some of the things that she used to enjoy. She will be resistant to being incumbered or held back. She may suddenly break ties in relationships that make her feel that way. She may desire freedom and change. Or, at the very least, she may be enticed to spend some of her budgeted money on a new techy gadget. New computer? New software? Whatever it is, she wants it pretty badly as she is also closing in on a potentially obsessed conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This is more than just impulse. This is craving accompanied with impulse. Venus may decide that what she wants is worth (Venus) going into debt (Pluto) over. Sexy new car perhaps?

But, of course, you know if we are talking about Venus we are not only talking about an impact upon our money but also an impact upon our relationships. For example, Venus may suddenly break from relationships that are dead, cumbersome, abusive or otherwise co-dependent. Today may provide just the push for that and it could play out in surprising ways. OR, these same aspects could revitalize a relationship that has been formerly lifeless. Either way, the desires fostered from these aspects are strong. Once Venus has decided what it is she wants, there won't be much chance of changing her mind. She's an independent leader with pioneer energy who has the strength of Pluto backing her. She is strong, forward thinking and she has a plan. Important decisions around money and relationships are likely to be made. It's also important to note that while Venus is squaring off with Uranus and snuggling up to Pluto, all these bodies are also within orb of our current Nodal axis. Only 4 degrees separate this from being a perfect Cardinal Cross.

Our nodal axis moves backward. Meaning it is at 16 degrees Libra/Aries today. From here, it will move to 15, 14, etc. Pluto and Uranus are each at 12 degrees. When Uranus turns direct, each of these planets will be moving in to form that Cardinal Cross with the nodes. Venus' movements in the next few days will link the perfection of that cross up early bringing more effect to our relationships and tickling the threads of our future. FYI, Pluto in Capricorn and the nodal axis both hang at 13 degrees Capricorn from January 9 all the way to January 25th. Uranus is at 12 degrees during those days. Is that tight enough for you? If not, Uranus hits 13 degrees on January 23rd and joins this little party with only a few minutes separation. Talk about wide sweeping change. It actually makes wonderful sense considering we will be in Aquarius season by that time. Our New Moon in Aquarius occurs on January 20th. Mercury and Venus will both be in Aquarius at that time. Mars will have just jumped ship for Pisces. Venus' movements today will likely kickstart things that will foster new beginnings and new paths forward at that time.

The thing of it is, Mercury is still in sextile to Neptune. Thinking may be skewed, confused, idealistic or we may be missing some key elements of truth. In light of that, before you let Venus take off on a spontaneous breaking ties spree, make sure that's really what she wants. Ground. Move smartly while being mindful of your future. BUT, if you want OUT, the door swings wide open for you today.

The ability to move smartly and wisely IS with us as the Sagittarius Moon finds Mars in Aquarius by sextile at 2:24 PM. This occurs at 12 degrees and shelters Venus's conjunction with Pluto on either side. Wow. Talk about a push to move forward with change. It is certainly present. Especially since Uranus is preparing to turn direct on the 21st. As a planet quivers in station, immediately before or at the end of a retrograde period, it's energy is heightened, stronger and more prevalent. Stock market and financial happenings may be an interesting thing to check in with come Monday morning. We may even see a few rogue bank robberies or internet security breaches as a result of this on a global level too.

And, you know what? We aren't even done with all the aspects of the day. At 4:22 PM, the Moon squares off with Chiron in Pisces. There's that damn consciousness again. It's going to hold us emotionally accountable for any damage we may cause with this impulsive Uranian influx. So don't do anything you are likely to kick your own ass over later. But know that by tonight, those lightning bolts will come back prompting us to physically move quickly at 10:47 PM with a sextile from Mars in Aquarius to his current ruler (the two are also in mutual reception) Uranus in Aries.

Uranus is hovering near the SN in Aries. He is in semi-sextile to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron in Pisces is in semi-sextile to Mars in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is in semi-sextile to Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus and Pluto are in semi-sextile to the Moon. And, in between that train, Mercury in Capricorn is in sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Uranus is pulling that entire train forward and the true task at hand is pulling out what we've learned about ourselves and using that to catalyze new methods of operations that will ultimately affect the future of our relationships, the ways in which we partner and potentially forge new collaborations between forward thinking individuals. Uranus is not only the rebel. He is also gatherings of people with common interests who build networks and share resources through friendly and cooperative bonds also known as communities.

Change and evolution are happening. New groups are forming and new alliances will be made while old ones are discarded. New approaches to ALL the things are being fostered. And, in light of all this change, we will be called to re-define boundaries, make new rules, set forth new plans for the future and new leaders within these newly fostered communities/networks will emerge. Kinda perfect given the fact that we also have a New Moon in Capricorn coming, eh? You reckon the Universe set it up like that on purpose?

Personally, I like the sound of this. But, I would. I am, afterall, a Shock Therapist. I think there is wonderful potential here if you can wrangle yourself away from obsession, powerlust and rash impulsiveness. That is harder than it sounds. But, if you can rise above Then, tremendous power is at your disposal to use in an effort to embark upon a more liberated and independent future that leaves plenty of room for POSITIVE change. However, if you are still clawing to the status quo and wishing that things would just go back to the way they were, then, you are likely out of luck. Upgrades are being downloaded into our psyches right now. Change is not only imminent, it's here, man. If you checked in with your personal reality under Moon/Saturn yesterday, then, you know this. It's all change all the time and your ability to deal with that will determine exactly how effectively you can greet this day and many of the days to come.