Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 18, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Scorpio just leaving a sextile with Venus in Capricorn (3:59 AM) and a square to Mars in Aquarius (5:30 AM). From here, she is headed for a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 9:40 AM. We may be a bit slow out of the gate today. But, once we get ourselves together and decide on an action plan, tremendous progress can be made.
Miley's Wrecking Ball song would fit nicely in this day, but I ain't goin there

The square to Mars early this morning may birth some ambiguity. But, it also smacks of the energy of the 7 of Swords. Think the best offense is a good defense? Think again. The best offense and defense is to outsmart or disarm your opponent prior to battle and to protect yourself from the same. Timing, wisdom, awareness of your environment and the ability to anticipate your opponent's next move while disallowing them to engage you in direct combat (or purposely delaying it) are energies produced in relation to this card and the square of the Moon to Mars. The Plutonic feel of the day could provide us access to the motivations found in our own psyche but also access to the deeper psyche of those who may act as antagonists. All of this is great energy for gathering intel across the board. So, update your spyware and protect your own trade secrets as well.

The feel of a double Pluto Moon is deep and wonderfully fortifying. Though some may experience some very deep emotions such as mourning and remorse as well. However, we are racked with endurance and are being gifted with power equivalent to that of a bulldozer. Excavations. Clearing out. Rebuilding. These are all highlighted whether we are working in the physical or emotional world.

It is a good day to check in on your resources and replenish as necessary. Today we pass through another eye of the storm in which external events may quiet down a bit allowing us to address our personal lives. It is a good day for collaboration and sharing of resources while working with social groups, networks or friends.

By 10:56 AM the Moon is in trine to Chiron in Pisces. This softens our bulldozing Moon a bit reminding us to take care of our environment in our excavation efforts and to be compassionate toward our fellow man as we move forward. Or, it could be a slight emotional reminder of why it is we need to rebuild in the first place.

The nights are growing increasingly dark again as the Moon wanes and we move toward the solstice which will bring forth a slow return of the Sun and a New Moon in Capricorn. From here, the light grows and the sky continues to shift. The energy becomes more serious and businesslike as the sign of Capricorn is impregnated with 5 planetary bodies by Sunday (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto). Pressure will peak and wane as each of these faster moving bodies pass over Pluto and square Uranus in the weeks to come. Venus kicks this procession off on the 20th meeting Pluto by conjunction at midday immediately after squaring off with Uranus who is holding in his station preparing to turn direct on the 21st.

It's a solid day that should be used to clear the debris from previous storms and work to catch up on duties that may have been slighted during more tumultuous days. Then, we burrow deeply in preparation for the next storm that is just on the horizon. The eye should last through tomorrow. So, set a diligent pace and clearly visualize your path ahead. Don't forget to maintain your equipment, mainly the most important machine of all, you.