Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 15, 2014

This morning we wake up to a pressurized waning Moon in Libra. The sixth square from Uranus to Pluto perfected overnight at 1:48 AM. The Moon's first aspect is an inconjunct to Neptune at 9:11 AM. The first thing I saw when I contemplated that aspect was a wild dog sniffing the air for danger. We very well could pick up on the scent of something wafting in. The air is certainly riddled with crackling anticipation. Some may even be experiencing near PTSD like symptoms.

By 11:37 AM, the Moon is in square to Venus in Capricorn. This isn't a horribly harsh aspect. But, it does involve the Moon's current ruler. Sometimes the conflict between Capricorn and Libra involves the fact that Libra wants to work as a team. She doesn't always want a set leader but prefers a co-rulership. There are times, though, that call for individual leadership whether we want to take on those roles or not. With this aspect, we may need our “team” but we also need to step forward and lead that team or pay heed to our personal boundaries and ensure that the team's efforts fall in line with our personal doctrine of values. This is not the day to go along to get along. And, that could be uncomfortable for our current Moon.

Lady Luna does strike a nice stride at 3:57 PM through a sextile with Mars in Aquarius. Libra Moon can fall right in line with peaceful protests held for the purpose of bringing people together and creating positive social change. Yes. She can certainly get behind that!

Pressure continues to increase, though, as the evening moves forward and the Moon waxes in closer to Uranus by opposition (12:08 AM) and Pluto (12:12 AM) by square creating a powerful Cardinal t-square. People with personal planets at mid-degrees of Cancer (10-15) will experience this as a full blown Cardinal Cross. This pressure is likely to hang with us through the night and into tomorrow as the Moon remains active in Libra until midnight on the 17th.

Here's the thing. Libra likes for things to be amicable. True enough. She likes to put up a positive front and has a tendency to put on her “nice” face when experiencing personal turmoil. But, in the face of perceived injustice and inequity, that pretty little mask falls to the floor. If it is not fair, Libra is pissed. Or at the very least, uncomfortable.

Let's say we are amongst friends and only starting to discuss the happenings of the world amongst our social circle. In light of that, we discover that some of our friends have deeply seeded racist thoughts that we were not aware of before. As we discover this, do we call our friend out on it? Or do we keep our mouths shut? This is a real struggle for Libra. She doesn't like strife and conflict. But, at the same time, she doesn't like this neanderthal bullshit either.

Still using this scenario as an example, we could have someone with lingering racist attitudes who discovers them while amongst friends who are speaking about all the injustice in the world that has been fostered by such attitudes. The peer pressure from the group to drop these outdated mentalities could prompt someone toward positive change. Still uncomfortable...but a worthy discomfort that can prompt a person to change for the better.

Peer pressure is a “thing” on either side of this. How well do you handle that?

This energy also holds the potential for exploding relationships. Meaning partnerships in which one person is steered toward positive change while the other person adamantly remains stagnant could break apart at this time. But, at the SAME time, new progressive and wildly powerful alliances can be birthed at this time too. We may see new leaders emerge who are working for peace and global amicability. We may also see leaders emerge who look to perpetuate the conflict in efforts toward their own personal gain. We may also see new efforts toward repairing public relations from a lot of different entities. Some of it will be mere damage control. Some of it, though, will be in a true effort to help foster positive change. We may be wise to some of the stuff that goes on just for appearances sake. But, time will certainly show who lives up to their lip service and who doesn't in that realm. It will be up to the public to hold such entities to their promises through the established “court of public opinion.”

Here's the thing about the “court of public opinion.” It's going to hold a particular weight as Saturn moves into Sagittarius. It's like public peer pressure aimed toward our government, political, legal and news entities and it will hold these entities accountable for a lot of things. Perceived injustices perpetrated by these entities (and others who hold public influence) will be tried and judged in the streets by the public at large. What we are seeing now is only a prelude of what is yet to come.

We are the people, man. And we are finding out exactly what that means and what kind of power we have as that entity. As the public sways, public officials and entities in leadership positions also have to sway. We are not just “slaves to the system.” As individuals, we are all important cogs in the wheels of that system. If the wheels stop turning, the machine has to adjust or face immobility. Do you see? It's a process. Not a comfortable process by any means. But, a process all the same.