Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 2, 2014

Hearts are on fire this morning and we are tempted to chase after what it is we want with wild abandon. Yep, that's what I see here. This morning, we wake up to the Moon still in Aries and making a trine to Venus in Sagittarius early (6:15 AM). By 11:17 AM, the Moon is also in trine to Jupiter reinforcing the waxing trine from Venus to her current ruler. What we want is big, potentially worldly and, at the same time, we may be bleeding with generosity and benevolence. Some will become selfish and self-aggrandized. Don't fall in that trap because a consciousness about our humble place in the Universe is at an imperative right now. But, those who act unconsciously, are going to steer themselves that way not knowing that it will end up smacking them on the head in the long run.

What's key in this is not to allow yourself to trample others in your pursuit of what you want. Instead, serve as a beacon that lights the way for others to effectively and responsibly pursue their desires too. That initiative may be tricky as the Moon is also waxing in square to Mars in Capricorn.

Aries Moons are out of the gate and running (usually) at the firing of the starting pistol. But, right now, her ruler is saying WHOA! Act RESPONSIBLY and EMPLOY what you have learned about your initiating efforts during this last Mars/Pluto cycle. There can be a sense of ambiguity as we start to do things the way we've always done and are quickly reminded that things have changed now. We know better. We've learned that certain ways of doing things are detrimental to those around us and those that depend upon us. The square between Moon and Mars perfects at 9:43 PM at which time the Moon goes Void giving us some time to deeply consider how we will move forward when the lights on the Moon come back on when she enters Taurus at midnight.

Yesterday and today's Moon hold importance for our Aries folks in general. This is a Personal New Moon for Aries Suns (when the Moon passes over your natal Sun by conjunction). This happens every month. But, it's important this month because 1) you are also about to experience your closing solar squares (tr. Sun square natal Sun; begins to occur when the Sun enters Capricorn) in which lessons in regard to “ego” are being incorporated and some pieces of our “old selves” are released in favor of growth and 2) you've just spent nearly an entire Solar year with Mars in his detriment and retrograde and it's time to begin employing what you've learned from that because Mars has recently been re-birthed through his most recent conjunction to Pluto. Take the lead here, Aries. Show us the results of what you have learned so far and take the torch in blazing new trails which is what you do best anyway!

In the meantime, for everyone, there is a gut check that waxes in through an inconjunct from the Moon to Saturn at 8:11 PM. Remember all those things you learned about how your shadow serves as a subconscious dictum in regard to how you operate? Well, those lessons are being tested right now. Are you going to allow those demons to dictate how you look at things and initiate now? Or, are you going to really be in charge of what you do? Mars is still within orb of a sextile to his current ruler, Saturn and the feeling of mutual reception there is still in effect. You cannot unknow what you've learned about yourself and your personal demons. Now is the time to be the boss of yourself and to lead through effective action that bears in mind the consequences of those actions upon those we are tasked with leading.

In the long run it's not what your heart is burning and yearning over that is important today...although that will be what grabs most people's attention. What's important is what you DO about it and how you move forward in your efforts to get it. Why you want what you want is important too. So, you may have to revert to a little introspection in regard to that, too. The opportunity for careful consideration comes after the Moon is Void and the call to action is over. So, we are really called to act on our toes and can assess how we performed later tonight for better or worse.

Events boil down to our ability to be personally accountable in light of them. In other words, pay no mind to what your neighbor is doing and waste no time in telling them that they are doing it wrong. Demonstrate through your personal actions instead. It's going to be really tempting to preach and politic though. Here's the catch to that...NOBODY IS GOING TO LISTEN. Ok? People are already pretty much set and primed to do whatever it is they are going to do and that's where you need to take the lead. Through active example...not firing off of the mouth. The Universe is listening to the outright pontifications and laughing as it says, “Yeah, yeah, we know you know it all.” But, then, it becomes more serious faced as it says, “Let's see you prove it.”

On that same note, know you may encounter this preaching and politicking today. If there is something there for you to learn, then note what is said. But, if the preacher/politician is just blowing a lot of hot air (which will likely be the case) give them no press. For entertainment purposes, you can listen to what they say and then secretly watch what they do to see if the two are compatible. Chances are, though, there will not be much time for that nonsense. You'll be too busy trying to do things “right” and employing what you've learned by solidly leading by it should be.