Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 8 2014

At the beginning of this year, I had a set of specific goals. Through intention setting, focus and hard work, I achieved most of these goals. Some of them didn't come to fruition exactly as I had expected. There were some, in which I achieved what I set out to, but I had over-estimated the length of time that the results would last. I was expecting, “Forever and ever, amen” and got, “There it is! Do you see it? Good. Because, now its gone.” Either way, the intentions I set for the beginning of the year have lived their lifespan. Now, it's time for new dreams, new goals and new ambitions.

Some of my old goals will need to be stepped up a level. It's as if I've reached a certain plateau and the challenge to keep climbing is calling. I find myself looking at my current life situation with satisfaction and a bit of disappointment at the same time. Then, recently, I've caught myself saying, “Wouldn't it be great if...”

At the end of some of those “Wouldn't it be great if...” lies an end result with the potential to be a dream come true. Do I even dare to allow myself to entertain those wild thoughts? I had a glimmer of a dream of the possibilities in my future and found myself laughing, “Josi, you are such a dreamer.” But, then, I criticized that laughter and reminded myself, “Well, you certainly can't see that wild dream coming true if you don't believe in its possibility to begin with.” So, my first steps within beginning this new set of intentions and working toward new dreams will involve bringing myself to a place where I can welcome the possibility of the wonderful happening.

Of course, this involves re-training my brain to redirect doubt, self-criticism and, sometimes, even a fear of success toward more positive ends. It's tough. Because, for 42 years my Scorpio brain has always analyzed the worst possible extremes of the scenario first. I will have to come to a place where I acknowledge those worst extremes but consciously direct myself to focus on the more positive extremes while understanding I will likely fall somewhere in the middle. And, I will have to accept that sometimes there are unforeseeable bends ahead on just about any road I choose that may, at first, seem counter-productive but actually end up fitting right into my plan in some odd way.

This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Gemini in square to Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect where dreams are fostered and the emotional body is stirred. Neptune is art, poetry, imaginings, sleep, our deepest primordial emotional body and, sometimes, delusions and disappointment. This aspect waxing in at 5:22 AM could prompt us to stay in bed and linger in those dreams a bit longer on this Saturday morning. Few will shoot out of bed like a rocket. Many will rise slow and sleep longer than they typically do. And, some will wake up under the influence of a hangover (chemically or emotionally induced) or be slow to rise out of slumber due to a lingering illness--all of which are reigned over by the Lord of the Seas.

By 6:09 PM, the ruler of our current Moon, Mercury, shifts from air to water when he enters Scorpio. Mercury will pass over the Scorpio New Moon eclipse point bringing echoes of those happenings and likely carrying new information about those happenings to our consciousness. Doubt and paranoia can creep in with this Mercury. But, at his highest expression, he is used to suss out the root causes of that doubt and paranoia. Here, the brain has the potential to get stuck on the potential of “worst case scenario.” So, if you catch yourself in the throes of this, don't forget to allow room for the potential of the “OH my goodness, wouldn't it be awesome if...” best possible scenario. If the worst of the worst is possible so is the best of the best. But, that best of the best loses power the less you allow yourself to believe in the potential possibility of it while the worst of the worst gains power as you obsess in fear over it coming to fruition. Self-fulling prophecies do hold weight so be careful in which self-prophecies you give the most weight to.

Instead of becoming stuck on the worst of the worst, use Mercury in Scorpio to research ways to help the best of the best along. Take control of your brain and make it go where you want it to go instead of allowing its negativity to strip you of hope. Explore those reasons as to why you may doubt yourself. Explore those reasons as to why you may think the Universe is out to get you. Explore those reasons as to why you have a fear of success or fear of failure. Explore “why” in general as that is Mercury in Scorpio's favorite question.

It's an unusual Gemini Moon day. Typically when I think of a Gemini (Moon or anything else) the first thing that comes to mind is social and chatty. But, this Moon is quiet and contemplative. Few will be openly talking about things and more will likely be swept up in their own pontifications while being hesitant to speak of them. The mind and the emotional body are stirring in tandem. Intuition and empathic inklings will permeate the day making exhaustion from over-stimulation a possibility.

Whether you spend the morning sulking, pining, sleeping, dreaming or simply capturing some quiet alone time, by later tonight we are ready to shake some of those shackles and dust loose as the Moon meets Uranus in Aries by sextile at 8:43 PM. This can bring a jolt to the waters that spurs the “AHA” inspiration we need. Or, it could prompt us to climb out of the swamping waters of Neptune and Scorpio and decide to lighten up a bit. Either way, the sogginess of the morning dries up and the higher mind kicks into gear. This is where the Gemini Moon starts behaving like the Gemini Moon we know. She begins to air out and reach out. But, still, there will be details that people hold tightly to their chest as they come out of their caves and rise from the waters. It's as if a switch is flipped sending our emotional body from the deepest of the deeps to swimming upward for air. Gemini can navigate that fickleness naturally.

It's not that those dark waters evaporate. It's just that we put them on the back burner to percolate for awhile as we take a break from them. They'll be back and more persistent in the not so distant future (like when the Moon enters Cancer). But, for tonight, we wriggle free of them for drier and more active things.

Let yourself dream this morning...happy potentially wonderful dreams. Allow yourself to embrace the possibilities of them coming true. Direct your brain toward exploration of where those dreams are coming from and examine/research the details of what all needs to be done to achieve them. Then, step out of the waters for awhile and dry out. Visit with a friend. See a movie. Lighten up and move around. If you OD'd on coffee this morning because you were slow to wake, eat something grounding for dinner so that Moon/Uranus doesn't have you shaking in anxiety from overuse of those chemicals and work to burn off any over-stimulation. We want this aspect to bring inspiration not a nervous breakdown. The energy of the day is Neptune'd, Mercury'd and Uranus'd up. All of that calls for grounding measures to bring forth the higher potentials of these energies. Dare to dream and imagine what can come after you accept the reality that is and deal with any grief associated with that if “what is” falls short of what you thought it would be. If you can't even make yourself believe in that potential, it's chances of happening are certainly reduced.

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