Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 6, 2014

This morning, a sense of endurance permeates at day break. The Moon meets Mars in Capricorn by trine at 6:40 AM and Pluto at 12:19. We are ready to get down to some serious business and we are emotionally invested.

By 3:20, the Moon meets Chiron by Pisces reminding us of those little shards of glass. But, our Taurus Moon has the forbearance to move forward in spite of it. Her heels are dug in.

At 5:23 the Full Moon in Taurus waxes in to perfection. The time for release and culmination is upon us. What we are looking at here is taking some of the more watery parts of ourselves and bringing them to ground. This can be finally grasping what we want. Or finally releasing our strong obsessive desires to obtain it. Either way, this Moon provides for opportunity to get our feet back solidly on the ground.

Many were knocked off their feet during the eclipses. Then, there was the whirlwind of busy-ness that followed in which we had to pull ourselves together to keep up or be left behind. Moon in Pisces provided for a brief respite. But, we were back fighting our way through by the time the Moon reached Aries. Now, with a focus on Earth, we are ready to ground out these emotions.

On a simple Earthly level, a Full Moon in Taurus is great for releasing debt through actually paying it off with money we have obtained through our efforts. Or, this can be energetic debt that is released from negative attachments or feelings of indebtedness where no true debt is owed. If debt is owed to us, we may finally collect. Or there could even be some debt forgiveness in the mix here. Do they really owe you what you think they do? Or are there some extenuating circumstances that call for a re-negotiation of terms?

One of the big things here is to realize what it is we are truly owed and what it is we are obsessed with controlling. What is it that we truly own? Nothing. Aside from our physical body and our choices (not to mention their consequences). The assessment here calls for realizing what it is you are putting your energy into and what you are giving value to that does not feed you back. Then, steadily working to rid yourself of these drains. If you allow yourself to obsess over something, it is controlling you not the other way around. It is also draining your resources be they energetic or monetary. Letting the thing go, puts you in control and works to bring you more emotional stability in the long run.

Let your inner Taurus stomp its foot and say, “Enough.” Enough with being controlled by our per-conditioning. Enough with wasting time and effort on attempting to obtain the unattainable. Enough pouring of our money down the drain on things like credit card and loan interest. Enough of pouring our resources into things that do not support us back in return. Enough.

Banishing rituals are perfect for this Moon. So are cord cutting exercises and even casting out of demons or spirits either literally or from our emotional bodies. Ridding yourself of negative emotional attachments and psychic junk are both greatly highlighted. Get rid of the burs under your saddle. Chances are they will be really irritating today, anyway.

By 11:31, the Moon opposes Venus in Scorpio. What we want and what we need are in polar opposition. And, whatever it is we want, we are likely to want it really badly. Acknowledge that desire. But, let the obsession with the thing go. If it was meant to be, it will be. Suffering over it is optional. Instead, focus on what you truly have, what is solid and what is true. Look to provide for your needs. I know you want that new car. But, if going into debt over it makes it to where you are so strapped that you can't afford to put gas in it or buy groceries, well...maybe it's time to let that desire go for awhile. Shove the monkey off your back and shoo the elephant out of the room.

After today, the sky continues to shift. Mercury moves back into Scorpio crossing over the eclipse point on November the 8th. Here, minds become less analytical and focus is drawn to the language that goes on beneath the surface. On the 15th, Neptune in Pisces stations direct bringing a surge of his energy with him and Venus is purged from Scorpio and enters Sagittarius the very next day. In the midst of this, Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 10th beginning a new cycle on that front. Things are due to shake loose and change even more. By the time the New Moon in Sagittarius gets here, we will likely be looking at brand new set of circumstances that contain changes we cannot foresee from here. Cast off any dead weight in preparation for that journey as we will need to travel lightly there will be little desire to continue carrying and caring for that damn monkey. There will be no space left in the room for the elephant. Escort these burdens to the door and cast out your personal demons with them. We've lugged it all around long enough.