Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 4, 2014

I'm looking at today with curiosity and trepidation. The Moon triggers the Yod in my chart between Chiron, Mercury and Venus, like it does every month while in Aries. Except, this time, the Sun and Venus are involved. I'm kind of interested to see how that plays out. My Mars sits in opposition to my Chiron in Aries and has been undergoing a square from Pluto for a very long time making 5 passes. Well, I've not survived the 5th pass yet. That comes as Mars conjuncts Pluto (both squaring my Mars) on November 10 at 11 degrees and 35 minutes. Given that my Mars acts like a slingshot shooting right through the middle of my Yod with Chiron often resulting in me acting erratically and shooting myself in the foot, I think I'll wear my big leash today.

Thankfully, I've learned a lot about Mars/Pluto in the last few years. Even more than I already knew having the two conjunct in my natal chart. Mainly what I've learned is that I have a pretty hot, seething and malicious temper. I've also learned that I can control it if I want as I also have Mars trine Saturn. Too bad control is the last thing I want when I'm angry.

At any rate, I've worked very hard during the Cardinal t-squares from Pluto and Uranus that affected my Mars in an effort to get him under control and discover just exactly how he operates. I was also quite disappointed to discover that knowledge of how this placement operates didn't make my more malefic tendencies go away. Those trigger points still exist. The only thing that has changed is my knowledge of them and how I choose to respond to them. But, my initial blood thirsty and vengeance filled inklings in response to being angered are still there. Though, I'm not really sure why or where they truly came from.

I mean, you would think I would have experienced violence and uncontrolled anger in my early conditioning or something. But, my childhood home was peaceful. There was no fighting. There was no maliciousness. Nope. Can't blame that. Apparently, this is all me.

If you have planets between 11 and 16 degrees Virgo, this Yod is coming for you too. If you have planets between 8-14 degrees Cardinal, then you get a big whopping Cardinal t-square formed by the Moon, Pluto and Uranus today bringing focus to those planets and their rate of maturation (and your mastery of them) over the past few years. Of course, planets at these degrees are pretty used to Cardinal t-squares by now. Which also means they should all be operating at the top of their game, right? All of us with planets here have learned to free ourselves (Uranus) from the subconscious operations of our shadow (Pluto)...right? Gulp. Um, yeah. Sure we have.

This morning we wake up to a blood thirsty Moon in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (9:08 AM). The negative side of this energy is blood thirsty and vengeful, that is. The positive side of it looks a lot like a Phoenix shooting out of cannon. It can be revitalizing and restoring giving us opportunity to make tremendous progress especially in the realm of personal overhaul. And, any efforts taken in that regard are likely to be rewarded as the Moon meets Sun in Scorpio (10:16 AM) and Venus in Scorpio (3:07 PM) by inconjunct.

The thing of it is, discovering those dark parts of ourselves can be disgusting, scary and even painful. So the opportunities to learn about them can be quite uncomfortable. The situation is really a lot more difficult than just choosing the good or bad expression of Moon square Pluto and more about our ability and willingness to examine these parts because, admittedly, it's not an easy task. “Easy task” is SO not in Saturn in Scorpio's repertoire.

In between the inconjuncts, the Moon meets Uranus by conjunction at 12:30 PM. This can serve as an emotional catalyst. Something pokes us and prompts us to respond. And, we may be called to respond quickly or at least with a sense of urgency. In acting quickly (being given little time to think about it) we may be tempted to resort to the way we operated before we had the knowledge of how these things worked on autopilot. It is less likely that the first thing we will be prompted to do is to step back and take a breath before engaging. But, that's exactly what you should do. Stop. Breathe. THINK about this. Do you want to do the things you've always done or do you want to be a more free and independent person who makes decisions in their best long term interests? Or, do you want to do what feels best and satisfies your blood thirst “in the moment” regardless of the consequences? Moon/Pluto can provide the forbearance to do things differently or really make those shadow parts of ourselves come out and dance if left unchecked. And, Moon/Uranus can provide those “in the moment” opportunities to find out exactly how well we've gotten these parts of ourselves under our command.

So, yeah. It's a potentially dangerous and highly tense day. One in which you will want to be in control of all your faculties and at the top of your game which may not be easy given the potential that last night held for restless sleep.

Bear in mind that the Moon has made this aspect (square Pluto and conjunct Uranus) every month for a few years. So, that part of it is nothing new. What is new is that these aspects haven't always occurred as Mars was waxing toward a conjunction with Pluto. We cannot say, however, that we haven't had a chance to experience this tension without Mars involved, though. He certainly was highly involved while he was wandering around Libra. Yet, with the conjunction, Mars begins a brand new cycle with Pluto. It is our chance to shed the old skin associated with the more malefic ways we operated in the past...or not. But, don't expect to easily be able to wrangle yourself toward new actions. Nope. That will be the hard part because temptation to do otherwise will be strongly present and the situations that arise prompting response will likely be uncomfortable and potentially triggering.

When you get up this morning, allow yourself a little extra time to ground and center before heading out into your day. Eat something that provides for a sustainable energy source. Steer clear of a sugary breakfast and high amounts of caffeine that threaten to cause you to crash by midday or to be jittery. Tiredness and scattered energy will make these aspects harder to direct effectively. Don't make it harder on yourself. Keep your boundaries up and tightly in force so that you will be less likely to be triggered by someone else's actions while keeping in mind the long term ramifications of your own actions within the situation. “In the moment” often gives us ample opportunity to forget that.

Know the difference between a true emergent situation and one that requires you to stop and think things through before acting. The energy to react quickly in a true emergency will be there. Grounding helps you realize the difference between something that needs a swift immediate response and something that just makes us feel like a swift immediate response is needed.

Be alert. Be assertive. Be on the top of your game. The air is prickly and electrified. The Moon is building in her fullness bringing a pinpoint to the potential re-activeness of our emotional bodies and bringing intensity to how we feel. Don't allow a surge of activity or triggering circumstances to cause you to shoot yourself in the foot. And, realize that even if you have a good handle on yourself, others may not and today will give them ample opportunity to prove that. So, be very aware of your environment while you are holding on to your big leash on yourself.

At the very least, reserve some time today to be active so you can burn off any excess Mars energy. This works double duty as it brings grounding to ambition and settles our emotional body at the same time. If you feel anger bubbling up and threatening to overtake you, grab that beast by the neck and take him for a walk. Let him wail on a heavy bag or break dishes in the backyard if he wants. Just don't let him steamroll anyone or worse. Remember, you are the boss of him. Not the other way around. Not anymore.