Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 29, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces swimming away from a conjunction with her ruler, Neptune (1:17 AM) while waxing into square with the Sun in Pisces creating our First Quarter Moon. Flexibility is, again, important during this Moon phase. At the New Moon, we began stretching. By now, we should be nicely warmed up and a bit more mobile. However, we are not done yet. By the time the Full Moon in Gemini waxes in next week, we will need to be on our toes and ready for movement on both a physical and mental level. Mercury newly in Sagittarius will help to stretch our mentality and certainly assist with expanding our perspective.

By 1:37 PM, our fishy Moon is strengthened by a sextile to Pluto. We bubble down with bravery into deeper waters and explore our subsurface emotions. This occurs just prior to a conjunction of the Moon to Chiron. That aspect can serve as the stick pin that pokes the Moon causing emotional leaking or tears. Pisces Moon's are accustomed to tears provoked for various reasons. The best advice here is to allow the emotions to wash in and over you while allowing them to wash out again. Observe them. Feel them. Then, let them go. It helps to imagine the tides sweeping away all the debris that Moon/Pluto drew to the surface leaving us purified and filled with cleaner water. Restored. Refreshed.

No matter how you flip it, people could be sensitive and well attuned to the energy of the folks around them. It's not a particularly ambitious day. But, there is a primordial tension affecting the collective. Our soul is yearning for something more. More can encompass a desire for greater meaning and purpose in one's life. It can be a yearning for an end to conflict and a need for peace and solitude. And the sensitivity could have us becoming tear filled in light of things like Hallmark commercials or even becoming misty in light of the nature's beauty as we look out our front windows and see the magical white frosting that nature has laid upon our otherwise dead and sullen ground.

Pisces and Sagittarian energy in conflict can, in fact, be quite magical. Sagittarius can provide additional buoyancy to a Pisces Moon. Traditionally, these two signs are both ruled by Jupiter. So, in wrangling the tension of this first quarter, reach for the positive expressions of the Red Giant while avoiding his less savory qualities. Do not be afraid or try to resist the increased compassion, empathy and potential emotionality brought forth by Neptune's influence. Indulge in the gentleness found in life while directing some of that gentleness toward yourself.

By 9:28 PM, the Moon is in square to Venus. We may want to explore, spread our wings, embrace the world with generosity or dance. But, we may be ill, in need of rest or find the expanding landscape so beautiful that it touches our hearts in a way that stops us awe. There is chance for redemption here...a rising from the waters with warmth and exaltation in our hearts.

I was swamped recently by overwhelming emotions. This isn't so unusual for me. I have a Pisces Moon that is preparing for it's fifth conjunction from Neptune. So far, I have been unable to put these emotions into words or talk about the situations which brought them about. They were deeply personal and filled with an adequate mixture of pain, remorse, joy and hopefulness all at the same time. I did not fight back my tears or try to direct myself toward “pulling it together.” What I did do, though, was turn on some music and allowed my body to tune into the vibrations involved which assisted me to process some of those wordless emotions. I danced as I cooked a surprise meal for my neighbor. This is how I self-nurture. I don't resist the tides. But, instead of allowing them to drag me under, I allow them to wash over me and drift back out to sea. Then, I reach for generosity. Doing something nice for someone makes me instantly feel better. It helps me to realize that I'm not alone. Pisces Moons swim in collective emotion. But, at the same time, they can feel deeply lonely and hollow.

Dreams tonight can be wonderfully elaborate and may even hold information pertaining to our long-term or immediate futures. The more pure your waters, the more able you will be to translate any dream (or intuitive) activity into something that provides accurate delineation of what our subconscious is trying to tell us. Our ability to self-nurture can be particularly important today as nurturing (Moon) from the outside world can be quite elusive (Pisces) or even non-existent. The square to Venus pokes us to emerge from our waters and reach out to the world with benevolence translating those tears into love and openness as we embrace one another. Release those emotions with conscious direction through meditation and prayer.

As I was dancing and cooking during my emotional washout, I also began singing. I don't normally sing. But, even I was surprised by how weak my voice had become. It broke and was shaky. But, by the time I was finished with my whirling, my breath had become more regulated and I was able breathe in more deeply in an effort to push the sound out of my body. Pulling myself through was hard but making the choice not to wallow was harder. But, by not resisting the flow, I had more energy to strengthen myself. By focusing on my breath I became more connected to my physical body and by reaching out, I realized that I wasn't really alone even though, at the time, I felt orphaned and abandoned.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Don't be afraid of it. Don't try to suppress it and don't try to escape it. Explore those emotions and don't worry so much if you cannot put how you feel into words. Express them, instead, however you feel, music, dance. Rest more if you need to. Spend some time decompressing alone if you need to. But, don't allow yourself to wallow too long. Instead of holding onto water, allow it to flow from you while you replace it with clear purified waters. Activity will increase as the Moon moves into Aries. We won't want to be carrying this baggage by let it go now.

We find more solid footing tomorrow and are able to bring emotion and motivation together in an effort to move forward. But, today, we've got to deal with the leviathans of our beings. True strength lies in allowing ourselves to be permeable and vulnerable even though our culture tries to tell us that strength comes in denial, physical exertions of force or by walling ourselves up. It is our ability to remain open and compassionate toward ourselves and others that makes us truly strong. So, if you are crying or just emotionally struck by the beauty found in the simplicities of life, know that you are exhibiting might not weakness. Allow yourself to be softened and diligently nurture yourself through it. Follow wherever the waters take you all while knowing the tides will eventually wash you ashore renewed, refreshed and restored.