Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 25, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (7:55 AM). Today holds a certain depth, seriousness and intensity. This is partially due to the Moon conjunct Pluto first thing in the morning. But, it is also due to Mercury banging into Saturn. That conjunction overlays the day with serious deep thought. It perfects at 9:37 PM. Sun and Venus in Sagittarius may help us to not take ourselves too seriously. The need for that is indicated.

By 9:25 AM a square from the Moon to Uranus moves in to shake things up. The way things are shaken up can be triggering as the Moon is also meeting Chiron by sextile at around the same time (9:49 AM). We wake up with a solid plan and full of determination. Or, under a blanket of regret and remorse. But, the Universe throws a monkey wrench directly in our plans or we receive just the jolt we need to shock us out of our wallowing. It may sound weird, but I'm getting a sense of some severe weather on Tuesday...perhaps in the way of thunder storms? I don't know. It's just a hit I'm getting. I haven't seen the weather predictions for this day as of yet. But, these aspects could certainly play out like that.

Now, you should know if these aspects can play out in stormy external weather patterns, it can also manifest as severe internal storms. I also find it ironic that I am picturing that book from Stephen King, The Storm of the Century. Sounds pretty ominous, eh? Talk about someone who has made a fortune off a brilliantly twisted mind. I love Stephen King.

I happen to also love thunder storms. And, I feel like one coming in at the end of November would have a powerfully magical feel too it. But, in reality, storms cause damage to homes, people and property at times. So, be on alert if that is to occur.

That being said, what is the best way to weather a severe storm (rain, snow or otherwise)? We batten down the hatches, gather emergency supplies and huddle in a safe shelter until the storm passes. Managing an internal storm works the same way. We firm up our boundaries in protection and take refuge in a safe place to deal with our emotions. Either way, there is a strong push toward assessment of resources and perhaps even following a preset personal emergency protocol. The danger, either way, is becoming fixated on fear and immobilized in light of it fostered by Mercury conjunct Saturn. In other words, don't allow my delineation of these aspects to cause you to become paranoid. I can only give you the essence of the day. You are in charge of how it is interpreted...for better or regard to your life.

This could also play out as making tremendous progress in terms of getting things done and perhaps even the possibility of completing a tremendous, long awaited over-haul. There is a lot of pressure to perform. And, how we respond to that pressure is paramount with the Moon waxing toward a conjunction with Mars in Capricorn (3:07 AM) and re-lighting the waning inconjunct from Mars to Jupiter in Leo. The Moon creates an inconjunct to Jupiter at 1:31 AM. Wisdom. A healthy dose of self-assurance (not over-confidence) in our actions. Reaching out to act in accordance with the budding dictum of our higher selves. Be brave. Be in control of yourself and know you can handle whatever comes your way. Be motivated and bear in mind the consequences of your action or inaction here. Hold on to a long-term perspective even if you have to respond to the immediacy of the moment.

Native Capricorn Moon's are known for their ability to use their emotions productively. The need for that is highly indicated today. Physically working through our emotionality and using it to produce something is a great way to handle this energy. Many may even be burning the midnight oil in true workaholic fashion. So, if you are feeling low, coax yourself to get up and do something. Take charge of your emotional body and use the energy produced here to accomplish sustainable results. Such things steer this Moon toward satisfaction instead of depression while alleviating some of the weight brought forth by Mercury conjunct Saturn.

This is likely to be a tight and serious day...a veritable obstacle course. But, it is manageable and it doesn't last forever. Tomorrow is significantly lighter with a VOC Moon from 10:30 AM until 2:23 PM. Then, tomorrow evening, Venus meets Uranus by trine assisting us to cast off some of the heaviness we may feel today. But, for today itself, we are called toward integrity, fortitude endurance and drawing upon our acquired wisdom to get the job done however it presents itself. We've got this by being responsible in regard to our emotions and by taking control of our thoughts while minding the fact that our words carry a certain weight today. Not many will be chatty. But chances are, when something is said, it is spoken with seriousness and potentially colored by other factors that the general audience may not know about. Like, a boss ripping an employees ass not so much because the employee did something horrible. But, moreso, because the boss feels out of control in other areas of his or her life so she/he is over-exerting control in the areas where she/he has it. Don't be that boss. Ok? Today, employees may be inclined to bite back and that just sounds like a set up for an unnecessary power struggle to me. Don't take this personal heaviness out on others. Use it by becoming the boss of yourself. And, if you are working on being the boss of yourself, don't mistreat your most valuable employee in that instance either. Take responsibility for your life, but don't steam roll yourself over your mistakes. Don't look to place blame on anyone, including yourself. Instead, look for solutions.

Remember at the New Moon when I told you to stretch and reach for flexibility? If you did, it's going to pay off in spades today because the energy is certainly rigidly inflexible. If you didn't, no worries, it's never too late to start.

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