Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 16, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo finishing up a busy night. She trined Pluto at 1:54 AM, met Uranus by inconjunct at 4:39 AM and opposed Chiron at 4:43 AM. That little cluster of Astrological bodies are going to gain prominence in December. Right now, they span from 11 to 13 degrees. But, soon they will all be hovering within tighter orb, Pluto sextile Chiron, Chiron semi-sextile Uranus and Uranus square Pluto. When Pluto squares Uranus on December 14, Chiron will be right in the mix.
See this Moon? I took a picture of it on 9/28/14. Just after the New Moon in Libra. I took a lot of pictures at that time trying to capture the essence of the way things were at the time in anticipation of their impending change. Do you remember those days of early Fall before the eclipses? Mercury was at 0 degrees Scorpio sitting on the future Scorpio New Moon eclipse point. Saturn was right next to this Moon (as it was in Scorpio) even if you can't see him. It was less than 2 months ago. But, it feels light years away to me. How about you?”

On November 23, Chiron stations direct at 13 degrees Pisces. He's been hovering around this degree for some time. And, he will still be at this degree through the sixth Uranus/Pluto square (December 14), at the solstice and all the way up until the Full Moon in Cancer on January 4th that occurs at 14 degrees Capricorn/Cancer...right next to Pluto at 13 degrees as Uranus hovers at 12 degrees Aries creating a massive Cardinal t-square with our NN/SN axis falling at 14 degrees Aries/Libra.

Chiron also helps create a massive mutable t-square with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 6 which occurs at 14 degrees (as the Sun aligns with the Great Attractor) as Mercury is conjunct the Sun. What I see here is a lot of attention being given to the 6th Uranus/Pluto square while Chiron works steadily in the background. Chiron is a player here, for sure. But, his subtleties will be largely overlooked as our focus is pulled toward our bigger players, Uranus and Pluto.

I also find it ironic that people with heavy Pisces in their natal charts are often underestimated. And, on the whole, we have underestimated Chiron and Neptune in Pisces ever since they stepped over into the sign.

Largely, how this little cluster operates is that Pluto strengthens our resilience a bit while assisting us to transform the deepest wounds in our ethereal bodies. Let's think about that for a second. What does, our “deepest ethereal bodies” even mean? Our soul? And, what of our souls? What is it in our physical Earthly form that offends the integrity of our heavenly disembodiment? Lots of things. Lots of things that we cannot even put into words or express because we don't fully understand it and are not really meant to understand it because that would debase the purpose of embodiment to begin with. Yet, there are certainly times when these higher angelic versions of ourselves view some of the things occurring in our physical world and they cry over the collective pain and suffering. Just as it is hard for our human selves to imagine a purely ethereal existence, our purely ethereal existence finds it hard to understand human life.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces can also foster abuses of power prompted by this primoridial wounding. Uranus' job is bust up and revolutionize some of those abuses of power while leading/pulling Chiron in semi-sextile to true freedom from these pains and forward in evolution bringing about a large shift in the consciousness of humanity as a whole. In light of our bigger players bumping heads through December, our focus...our pivot point...if you will, is Chiron and how willing we are to address these hurts appropriately and in an attempt to heal our collective spiritual body, changing the way the machine of humanity operates in light of it.

Any body in the sky that makes contact with ONE of these three bodies, is also making contact in some form to the other two. That holds prominence as so many bodies are set to meet Pluto by conjunction in December. Pioneering and initiating Mars has already done this. Next up, Sun, Venus and Mercury will all begin new Pluto cycles while touching Uranus by square and Chiron by sextile as they are, essentially, reborn.

“I've got no freaking clue how I got to where I'm standing now. And to be honest, I don't have the first flipping clue about where I'm going. But, I do know who I want to be on my path to wherever it is and that is enough.”

At the Full Moon in Cancer (Jan 4), the Sun, Venus and Mercury have finished their conjunction with Pluto and the sky in general speaks of redemption, newness, and holds promise for collective revolution right on the heals of a brand New Year. Powerful stuff, eh? Yeah it really is. And, it isn't over at the Full Moon at the first of the year, either. We have one more exact Uranus/Pluto square to go and it occurs in the midst of the eclipses of Spring. It's hard for me to wrap my head around all of that. So, I take things one day at a time and make choices based more on who it is I want to become rather than where it is I want to go. There is a difference in perspective in that.

Sorry to go off on a forward looking tangent. But, that's kind of my job. Let me bring us back to the roots of today. The Moon in Virgo meets Mars in Capricorn by trine at 10:19 AM. Heaven help us, an Earth trine is exactly what we need. And, this one brings our motivations and plans into harmony with our emotional body. This occurs only a few hours after Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn by sextile at 8:55AM. So there is certainly Plutonic energy to deal with today through our emotional, mental and physical body. The day holds a certain depth that is accompanied by a feeling of solidity and responsibility.

We can ascertain and pick apart the most minute details of our current situation and put them in the proper order of priority. Virgo and Scorpio energy work together like that. Scorpio digs it all out. Virgo arranges it until it makes sense and becomes of use. Then, with Mars in Capricorn meeting the Moon by trine, we can put emotional fortitude behind our working plans via our ability to peer straight into the bones of our current circumstances.

The caution with this is, while Scorpio and Virgo can amass and organize a great deal of information, the two can also prompt a person to absolutely pick themselves apart. It can even prompt a person to scale and filet someone else. Mars in Capricorn is a Saturn/Mars contact. And, Saturn and Mars together in the worse way are cruel, oppressive and cold.

But, this energy wrangled correctly, can bring forth a great deal of personal insight into our current situations as long as we are brave enough to look at it without allowing it to steer us toward unhealthy fixation or self-evisceration. From the positive vantage point, we can realistically assess things and start to make efforts to move forward in new and more responsible ways. However, if we allow the more negative potentials to take hold, we could send ourselves straight down the tubes of despair dooming ourselves to keep doing what we've always done all while expecting different results which in and of itself is the most clear description of insanity that exists. LOL...and all that occurs by 10 in the morning but persists throughout the entirety of the day.
In the meantime, at 2:04 PM, Venus leaps from the cold graves of Scorpio and into the brighter more expansive space of Sagittarius. This helps the potential heaviness of the day tremendously bringing just enough subdued fire to the equation to help us move toward generosity felt toward the world as a whole. Of course, as soon as Venus enters Sagittarius, she also begins waxing into square with Neptune. So, disallow that heart bursting situation to trickle over into disillusionment or a sense of aggrandized idealism. Hold on to the grounding offered by the Earth energy today and, instead, after peering straight into the potential harsh reality of the situation, decide that from here things are going to be better. Let your heart open, blossom and drink in the potential held in our future. Pour your heart out to the Universe through prayer and allow that feeling to lift you up in faith while vowing to take things meticulously one step at a time...second by second if you have to...all in an effort to build toward brighter days.

In reality, the half of the Earth that I live on is in a continual spiral into darkness. But, that isn't going to last forever. It never does. Spring always comes, eventually. The days do become longer and sunlight does return. And, until it does, we will hold vigils by candlelight and fireplaces in anticipation. Those candles are lit as Venus enters Sagittarius. Another is lit as the Sun passes into the sign and even more still with the New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury's passage into the sign as well. Dare to be hopeful. Dare to envision a way forward. Dare to become more wise and shine a little brighter in light of that fact.

See the ugly. Mark your path out of Hell and let the potential heart expansiveness of Venus to give you the hope and faith you need to float right on through following that path. Deal with one minute at a second at a time if you have to...but never relinquish your grasp on hope as it never truly leaves us. It is we who turn our back on it in fear of our past experiences repeating themselves. When in truth, they only repeat if we keep doing the same things over and over again subconsciously. But, we have been schooled in many of those areas where our inner demons steer us without our knowledge. Now, we can make better choices that will lead us to new undiscovered frontiers. We hold the keys, each of making better choices and bringing about positive change for ourselves that, in turn, trickles over into positive change for humanity as a whole. A small glimmer of light is flickering at the end of our very long tunnel. So what if it IS a train? In that event, we can jump on that sucker and ride it to wherever it is going with a sense of adventure! Nobody said we had to stand still and let it run over us. Keep moving toward the light and if you have to jump, then jump. Does no good to worry and fret over it, allow yourself to be filled with hope and enthusiasm instead of being fearful of becoming disappointed. That's the past talking to you. No one truly knows what all the future holds so turn your face to the brighter options instead of becoming fixated on the worst of the worst potentials. Truth is, you can handle yourself however it goes. I mean...look at what we have survived already.
Accept the reality of where you are. But, DO NOT accept that you have to stay there. DO NOT let anyone or anything strip you of your hope and optimism. That is YOURS to protect and kindle, no matter how small that flicker of light seems right now. It is the smallest of flames that defeats the darkest of nights. Invite others into your circle that kindle their own gentle flames and soon, we will have a warm and toasty fire that we can all huddle around together as we begin to share our stories about how we made it through the darkness.