Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 13, 2014

Today is Thursday, the day of Jupiter (and Thor). And, it lives up to its name because Jupiter energy is prevalent. We wake up the Moon in Leo leaving a square with Mercury in Scorpio (2:59 AM). The morning is fairly innocuous but the energy of Mars square Uranus is still in effect.

At 1:04 PM, the Finger of God begins to appear in the sky with an inconjunct forming between the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. How we've changed (or not) during Pluto's transit and how we have played a part in revolutionizing our current world, shows us who we really are. From here, the Moon also forms inconjuncts to Mars in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces between 4:03 PM and 5:28 PM. Are you working diligently to help humanity heal? Or are you working continually to take advantage of those in less powerful positions than you?

As the Yod reaches prominence, the Moon in Leo also makes a trine to Uranus in Aries giving temporary force back to the square between Mars and Uranus. The world is working toward revolution and reform. What is your role in that? Because, we all have one.

None of this energy is particularly heavy. It's more electrified than anything. Have you ever watched one of those bouncy castles inflate? Yeah, on a personal level it can be a lot like that. And, what it calls for us to do is to recognize those things in our emotional body that come forth like automatic responses that were embedded in us possibly as children. You may notice little an initial reaction of prejudice toward a certain race, an immediate response of negativity in response to a woman asserting herself, sneering or ridiculing someone for their lifestyle choice or some other type of pre-conditioned response that we just automatically turn to without really thinking things through. There's no room for these mentalities in our world anymore. But, getting rid of them is not like flipping a switch.

Some of these mentalities were inherited from our parents and our grandparents. Even if you do not recognize yourself as a misogynist, racist or sexist sometimes the skeletons of our ancestry remains in our subconscious and sneaks out. This Yod is our opportunity to recognize some of those lingering pieces of garbage in our psyche that trip us up and make no sense in our modern world. In caveman days, we acted like cavemen. In the 1920's, we acted like people living in the 1920's. This is 2014. It's time to act like the advanced intelligent civilization we are and eradicate ourselves of the chains (and mentalities) from our collective past.

That being said, is everyone going to do this? No. But, my ambition is to gather readers who want to work with the energies at hand to be better individuals that contribute to a better world. I do feel that the majority of my audience is trying to live consciously. So, who cares what your neighbor does. Our job is to model, transform, renew and strengthen ourselves. Most people (especially those who do not study or follow Astrology) will have no idea the Moon is even in Leo let alone creating Yods in the sky. This isn't a forceful type of energy that the populace would normally notice. But, the Finger of God will still be pointing at the Moon as if a checkpoint is being made in the Heavens whether people are paying attention or not. That checkpoint is to assess the progress we've made thus far. It occurs on an individual emotional level, so your progress report is only shared between you and God (Jupiter, Thor, Zeus, Goddess, The Divine...feel free to enter your own description of divinity here. Doesn't matter what you call it. It's all the same energy but people do spend a lot of time wrestling over which name should be used. Yeah. Talk about missing the forest for the trees.)

At any rate, this Yod measures your progress toward personal, social and global revolution and reform. So any malformed mentalities or outdated tendencies of our ancestry should be deliberately discarded...shed, like a layer of snakeskin.

As the Yod dissipates, the Sun perfects in square to Jupiter in Leo. This energy has been waxing in for awhile. The perfection occurs at 10:06 PM but can be found overlaying this day. The more malefic expression of Jupiter square the Sun is outrageous self-aggrandizement. A person can allow their ego to become over-inflated and this aspect can create a the mentality of either a superhero or super villain. In truth, we don't really want to aim for either of those extremes. The energy of Sun square Jupiter metered out appropriately, makes us feel better about ourselves. It can bring joy, optimism and a sense of fulfillment. The trick is not to take that joy, optimism and sense of fulfillment and let it boil over causing us to behave like pompous assholes. Aim for generosity instead of greedily snatching up resources in fear that you live in a world that will never supply your needs. Aim for humility and be humbled by the blessings of the Heavens instead of self-righteously proclaiming that you deserve more or better. Allow this aspect to bring warmth to a potentially frigid and stoic Pluto ruled Sun. Generously share your story and what you have learned about yourself in the past few months in an effort to connect with others not to set yourself apart as better than everyone else. Come into a sense of your own power and be awed by it but also be humbled as you recognize the divinity within you too. That is what the highest expression of this energy calls for.

At the same time, realize you may meet some self-righteous preachers, some overbearing teachers and, simply, be shown exactly who in our world is not willing to shed these outdated mentalities. They will show themselves today. Realize that is their decision and continue modeling the truth instead of allowing yourself to turn self-righteous in your attempts to persuade them. And, lighten up a little. Be proud of the progress you've made. Working with your shadow and excavating all this junk in your psyche is hard freaking work! We all deserve self-acknowledgment and reward for that.

The energy of Sun square Jupiter persists through tomorrow as harsher aspects wax in between our remaining planets in Scorpio (Venus and Saturn) and the Moon in Leo. Plus, the tension of the Last Quarter Moon is present. Today serves as a set up for that. The more effectively you wrangle the subtleties of the day, the better prepared you will be for the harshness that may settle upon us tomorrow.

Welcome to checkpoint EGO. Will you model the philandering, womanizing, selfish, smart ass qualities of Jupiter? Or will you be wearing his coat of benevolence? Today is most certainly all about YOU.