December 2014 Astrology Preview

December 2014 Preview

Dec 1

Moon in Aries

Mars sextile Saturn

Dec 2

Moon in Aries is Void following a trine with Jupiter at 11:17 AM until entering Taurus at midnight

Dec 3

Moon in Taurus

Dec 4

Moon in Taurus

Venus trine Jupiter

Sun trine Uranus

Mars enters Aquarius

Dec 5

Moon in Taurus is Void after an opposition with Saturn at 1:46 AM until entering Gemini at 5:29 AM

Sun square Chiron

Mercury trine Uranus

Dec 6

Moon in Gemini

Mercury square Chiron

Full Moon in Gemini @ 7:28 PM occuring at 14 degrees 18 minutes mutable

Dec 7

Moon in Gemini is Void after an opposition to Venus at 4:53 AM until entering Cancer at 12:35 PM

Dec 8

Moon in Cancer

Mercury conjunct Sun

Jupiter stations retrograde in Leo

Dec 9

Moon in Cancer is Void following a trine with Saturn at 7:16 PM until entering Leo at 10:15 PM

Dec 10

Moon in Leo

Venus in Capricorn

Dec 11

Moon in Leo

Dec 12

Moon in Leo is Void following a square to Saturn at 7:49 AM until entering Virgo at 10:20 AM

Mercury trine Jupiter

Dec 13

Moon in Virgo

Dec 14

Last Quarter Moon @ 7:52 AM occuring at 22 degrees 26 minutes mutable

Sun trine Jupiter

Venus sextile Neptune

Moon in Virgo is Void following a sextile with Saturn at 9:11 PM until entering Libra at 11:05 PM

Dec 15

Moon in Libra

Uranus square Pluto (#6)

Dec 16

Moon in Libra

Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 17

Moon in Libra is void after a sextile to Sun in Sagittarius @ a little past midnight until entering Scorpio at 9:52 AM

Dec 18

Moon in Scorpio

Dec 19

Moon in Scorpio is Void after a conjunction with Saturn at 4:12 PM until entering Sagittarius at 4:56 PM

Dec 20

Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury sextile Neptune

Venus square Uranus

Venus conjunct Pluto

Mars sextile Uranus

Dec 21

Moon in Sagittarius is Void after a trine to Jupiter at 7:35 AM until entering Capricorn at 8:26 PM

Venus sextile Chiron

Uranus stations direct in Aries

Sun in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn at 8:36 PM occurring at 0 degrees and 6 minutes Cardinal

Dec 22

Moon in Capricorn is Void after a conjunction with Venus at 10:18 PM until entering Aquarius at 9:53 PM on the 23rd

Dec 23

Void Moon in Capricorn until 9:53 PM today

Saturn enters Sagittarius

Dec 24

Moon in Aquarius

Mercury square Uranus

Dec 25

Moon in Aquarius is void following an opposition to Jupiter at 10:12 AM until entering Pisces at 11:08 PM

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury sextile Chiron

Dec 26

Moon in Pisces

Sun sextile Neptune

Dec 27

Moon in Pisces is Void following a sextile with Venus at 10:45 AM until entering Aries at 1:36 AM on Dec. 28

Dec 28

Moon in Aries

First Quarter Moon occurs at 1:33 PM at 6 degrees and 56 minutes Cardinal

Dec 29

Moon in Aries if Void following a square to Venus at 7:47 PM until entering Taurus at 5:57 AM on Dec. 30.

Dec 30

Moon in Taurus

Dec 31

Moon in Taurus