Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 5, 2014

Pisces Moon's are weird. I think they are especially weird this time of year. The days are getting shorter. The dark nights of Halloween, All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead linger in the foggy distance.

Things are not as they appear at night. During a waxing Pisces Moon? Well, things can really appear skewed. This morning, our Moon entered Pisces at 5:25 AM EDT. The majority of the morning, the Moon will be caught up in a haze through a trine with Mercury Rx (9:06 AM) and conjunction with Neptune (1:57 PM). All that can equate to a morning that feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Imagine, if you will, falling into a world where all your past words came back to haunt you. The weird thing, you know that you have spoken the exact words now being spoken to you from someone else. But, the person speaking has never heard you speak them. Now, as you listen to your words from years ago come from someone else's mouth, you feel as if you are watching an old movie reel. You remember what you were like back then. From here, you consciously scan your life from that point forward and come back to the conversation to continue listening to what you have to say.

Talk about some kind of weird de ja vous. And, talk about disorienting. Yeah? But, entirely possible during this Mercury retrograde.
Let me see if I can describe why this would happen and illustrate of few ways it can be recognized. Jupiter rules higher learning and wisdom. Professor Jupiter is currently teaching a class on “self” at the University of You (Jupiter in Leo). In the Professor's lesson plan are many tasks and challenges which can give you insight into what makes “You” tick. This Mercury retrograde serves as such “task,” in which, you are first given a peek at the dark underbelly of your psyche (Mercury in Scorpio). After you get that peek, then Mercury is going to take you back in time to visit some ghosts of your relationships past so that you can see how that dark underbelly affects who you partner with in all walks of life (romance, business, etc), sometimes, without you even being conscious of it.

In order to do that, scenarios will emerge in which a mirror is held up for you to look at. Welcome to the magic of Libra season where everything you see is really only a reflection of yourself. We walk through a hall of mirrors in our relationships and most of the time we don't even know it.

Some people saw something similar to what can occur with this Mercury retrograde during Mars long' passage through Libra earlier this year. In Mars' case, some people experienced the “shoe being on the other foot” in various situations. For example, if one person had always been the financial provider for the family while the other partner had always stayed home to take care of business there, then during Mars in Libra those roles may have been switched either temporarily or permanently. I watched these role reversals happen quite a bit during Mars in Libra. It. Was. Weird.

But, the point of it, I believe, was to give us a chance to see how “the other half” lived while ALSO giving us a chance to observe the situation (and sometimes our own behavior) from a different point of view. Professor Jupiter has a tendency to come up with some far out lesson plans like that.

Now, we are looking at Mercury which does change things a little bit. But, the hall of mirrors in Libra still exists. For this planet, though, we are going to experience our words and thoughts being reflected back to us so that we may learn and observe while attending University of You (Jupiter in Leo). What we do or do not do with the information we receive, is up to us. The point, as I mentioned before (if you happen to witness something like this) is to learn how our shadow (and Saturn is still in Scorpio) affects who and how we partner (NN in Libra).

Libra is our lovers and others which includes business partners, coworkers, enemies and our relationship with every other being and thing on Earth including ourselves. Knowing how our psyche and our brain may trip us up on the path to partnership can assist us in not only being a better partner ourselves, but also help us more consciously choose a better partner. Consciously choosing a partner is kinda key in forming a relationship with any kind of potential at all.

Situations to learn from can be as simple as speaking to someone else who is in a very similar situation you were in at sometime in your past. They may use the same words you did when you were in the situation. You will likely feel disoriented and a bit “Whoa..what's happening here” if you recognize this occurring. But, if it does happen, pay very close attention to every detail while learning and observing all you can.

This can also transpire by having your words thrown back at you in an obvious and deliberate way. For example, say you are in a court room on the witness stand and hear, “Mr. So and So, on December whatever you sent an email to the plaintiff stating...” Holy shit! Did you really put that in writing?

Or, someone may throw your words back at you by saying, “You said you would never blah, blah, blah! BUT YOU DID! Why would you say that if you didn't mean it?!” Yeah. Why did you do that?

Ahhh fun times. You know? But, YAY, learning opportunities! Right? Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Believe it or not, if you glean information from these weirdo encounters, it can be quite freeing. I mean, no one wants to be unconsciously held prisoner by their personal demons, right? But, it can also be quite painful to crawl through some of the past scenarios that this retrograde may dredge up.

Speaking of possible dredging up of illusive pain, overnight, the Moon links up a Yod between Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Libra. Jupiter is waxing out of inconjunct to Chiron. However, the Sun (and eventually, Venus) is just now waxing in. The Moon comes by and acts as a link to bring the Yod together while Jupiter is still within orb. That means how you handle your emotions through any emergence of Chiron is going to be kinda important. You can roar and go off all self-righteously pointing fingers of blame at everyone around you. But, I promise that really isn't going to alleviate your pain. It would be like drinking acid to cure your broken leg. Makes no sense.

You can get drunk or high and try to escape the pain. It's still going to be there when you come down. Or, you can surrender to the fact that there is pain and accept it while attempting to operate within the confines of “handicap” in such a way that helps you instead of making the situation around you even worse by wounding others. Each path holds its own consequence. And, at the University of You, you get to choose.

Aspects of the day:

Mars trine Uranus at midnight

Moon enters Pisces at 5:25 AM

Moon trine Mercury 9:06 AM

Moon conjunct Neptune 1:57 PM

Moon sextile Pluto 11:20 PM

Yod with Moon/Sun/Jupiter forms overnight

Jupiter is waxing out of inconjunct to Chiron while Sun/Venus wax in. This Yod with Sun/Venus/Chiron/Jupiter will be in effect during the eclipse. In the meantime, there is a kite formed with the Moon/Mars/Uranus and Jupiter with Moon/Uranus opposite Sun/Venus at the eclipse. Moon/Uranus is the pivot point that creates a slingshot, of sorts. Can be volatile and painful OR it can be ridiculously freeing and ultimately rewarding. It all depends on how accurately you are aiming and at what.

Moon inconjunct Venus 538 PM

Moon inconjunct Sun 224 AM on 10/6

Moon conjunct Chiron 422 AM 10/6

Moon inconjunct Jupiter 847 AM 10/6