Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 4, 2014

Well, if you didn't prematurely shoot your arrow yesterday, I bet your arms are getting tired from holding the string. There is certainly a good chance that you could release and let it fly today. Tensions are building and trigger fingers are itchy.

This morning we wake up to busy Moon in Aquarius just leaving a sextile with Mars in Sagittarius (3:15 AM) and waxing into a sextile with Uranus (4:19 AM) until eventually greeting Jupiter by opposition at 7:23 AM. That's a Kite, my friends with the Aquarius Moon at the very tippy top.

Everything I said in yesterday's write up still stand. Gather information and remain opinion-less until all the results are in.

It is also a good day to re-evaluate contingency plans. Don't set anything in stone just yet. But, in the event that your first arrow flies early and you need to re-load and re-aim (I mean, you have more than ONE arrow in your quiver don't you?), now is a good time to look at those back up plans (Plans B,C, D and so on). You always have options. Make sure you know what they are in the event something unexpected happens (like an eclipse). Sometimes, however, you just have to get creative to see your options. Thankfully, creative energy is overflowing in the sky right now with this Fire Trine. You'll feel it as the Moon waxes into this kite. You've got to move to catch up to it though (nod to the procrastinating nature of the lower vibration of Libra).

Brains, however, are malfunctioning a bit at this time. Mercury officially turns retrograde at 12:56 PM. The sabian for this station is: A barn raising.

So, it's as if all the folks involved in the potential “barn raising” have arrived but none of them have brought any tools or lumber. The barn raising is postponed. But, we will certainly come back to it (after Mercury turns direct and comes back to these degrees). Now is the time to, like I said, review contingency plans in the event they do need to be implemented. And, now is the time to, reassess everything about that “barn” while you have the extra time.

Evaluate where you want to build it; how you want it built; the cost of all the labor and materials and review every single little detail that you THINK is solidly in place. Chances are details are missing and you will change your mind about the specifics a million times before the builders return.

All that being said, Kite's often also bring an air of protection. And, we could use a bit of protection as there is still heaviness and temptation in the air with the Sun still within orb of squaring Pluto. Plus, the Moon is waxing toward a square with Saturn (2:33 PM). Sun with Pluto can offer a bit of intoxication through power, lust and prowess that can tempt even the best controlled loins. Moon and Saturn is a harsh reminder of your commitments and responsibilities and can deliver just the shot of sobriety you need to knock you off of temptation's wild horse.

No. That doesn't sound fun at all. The mouth watering dark cravings of Sun/Pluto are no small matter. They are called temptations for good reason! Temptation smells good, looks good, tastes good and makes promises that all your dreams will come true. But, there is ALWAYS a catch to following the lower vibration of Sun/Pluto.

The higher vibration of Sun/Pluto is not self serving and does not delight in achieving world domination and does not plan to run over others with the power it has gained. The higher vibration regenerates broken parts and bears in mind the collateral damage that is possible from exerting its great power. It looks to rise up bringing others with it instead of a heading into a bottomless endless spiral which threatens or attempts to drag everyone else into the pit, too.

If you think you are over and above the shadow's potential, know that you are at the greatest risk of falling into it.

Mars in Sagittarius also squares Chiron today. Be wary of wounded animals and stray arrows. Be sure you are responsible for the unleashing of neither one.

After her sobering square with Saturn at 2:33 PM, the Moon is Void until entering the primordial waters of Pisces at 5:25 AM tomorrow.

Important planetary movements for October 4:

Moon sextile Mars 3:15 AM EDT

Sun square Pluto 4:02 AM

Moon sextile Uranus 4:19 AM

Moon opposite Jupiter (creates a kite with Moon and Fire Trine) 7:23 AM

Mars square Chiron 10:16 AM

Mercury stations retrograde 12:56 PM

Moon square Saturn 2:33 PM

Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 5:25 AM tomorrow

Mars trine Uranus at midnight