Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 24, 2014

This morning we wake up to a now slowly waxing Moon in Scorpio. The effects of yesterday's eclipse are still rippling through the atmosphere. They will continue to do so for quite some time.

Right now, the sign of Scorpio holds 4 very powerful bodies. The Sun (Ego—which has been recently clipped), the Moon (our emotional body and what we need), Venus (how we love, appreciate and what we want) and Saturn (structure, discipline, boundaries). In addition to that, two powerful asteroids are also in the sign, Ceres (Goddess of the Harvest) and Pallas Athene (Goddess of Wisdom). Plus, we have 5 bodies lodged in via combusta or the fiery way (15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio) Sun, Moon, Venus, Pallas and Mercury.

Basically, what all this means is that happenings in the world are intense. Via combusta heralds trials by fire. So, if you've ever caught yourself saying, “I would never do x, y or z” or “I will always do x, y or z” be prepared for that vow to be tested in real time. As a matter of fact, be prepared for all vows to be tested through calls to contractual renegotiation or the discovery of a breach of contract. Remember, Venus in Libra had the ability to make agreements between warring factions where, before, no ability to negotiate exists. That does not mean the overlay of peace persists forever especially if one or more sides of the parties within the agreement do not hold up their end of the bargain.

Contracts are a mutually agreed upon set of intentions. Meaning, they draft an agreement that everyone says they “intend” to follow. But, intentions without action to back or support that intention are about as binding as cheap wet toilet paper. It's at this point where trust is breached between parties causing conflict and showing that someone was only playing lip service to what was originally agreed upon. We took them at their word. Then, shortly thereafter, they broke their word making anything they say from here forward meaningless.

To make matters worse, Scorpio season is not really the best time of year to break agreements. When Scorpio is done, it is done. Planets in this sign are racked with endurance and forbearance. So when someone with a lot of Scorpio finally says, “I've had enough” they mean it. The relationship they tried to support becomes dead to them. As a matter of fact, it is people with packed 8th houses, planets in Scorpio and multiple planets in aspect to Pluto that YOU DO NOT want to wage war against. Not only are they going to be capable of hating you in the moment, they are going to hate you possibly forever and could even go so far as to inflict damage years later upon your entire bloodline. The non-Pluto person may have forgotten the transgression by that time. But, not the Scorpio. And, when you pit two people who BOTH have this stuff running through their chart against one another then the outcome is going to be long, bloody, gory and likely excruciating to watch.

Conversely, if you gain a Scorpio's trust, then they can become your most formidable ally. On the whole, proving ourselves trustworthy is paramount at this time IF you want to deepen relationships instead of destroy them. But, if you entered into the relationship under shady guise to begin with, it is during Scorpio season (or BY a Scorpio) that you will be found out. Then, when Sagittarius season comes in to replace Scorpio, instead of celebrating joyfully you will be praying to God that the Scorpio won't find you or, you know, attending your own wake.

Saturn is leaving Scorpio season soon. This means we should have learned about the positive or detrimental uses of our own power. We should have learned and implemented steps toward emotional intimacy (or to strengthen it) within our primary relationships. We should have erected boundaries around our triggers so that we didn't allow the lust for revenge to overtake us. We should have learned what lies beneath the subsurface of our own psyche in the form of shadow while also learning to better direct it. Or. Not. There will be consequence regardless of which side of the line you fall on...for better or worse.

Those consequences are likely to be extreme at either end. That's how Pluto/Scorpio operates. Sometimes it forgets that there is a middle ground—a less extreme position. It is going to love you forever and devotedly. Or, it is going to torture you unmercifully. Those are the two options as far as Scorpio is concerned, at least those who carry planets here that lack in mastery. Right now, the whole world has this energy and very few hold any degree of mastery except for the well refined, mature, self-mastered Scorpio native who can become the epitome of endurance and fortitude. These folks are the ones you want in your corner right now. So, if you have one in your life, feed them and honor them. They will pay you back in buckets of support. But, most of all, LEARN from them so you will know how to better handle this energy yourself.

Last night held the potential for watershed and swamping emotions with the Moon's trine to Neptune. It also held potential for escapist behavior which is sometimes temporarily called for in intense situations. The eclipses have brought those intense situations to our doorsteps. But, today, that aspect from Moon to Neptune is relinquished in favor of a sextile to Scorpio's ruler, Pluto. We emerge from the watershed or from our temporary escapes and stare the problem right in the face. This is where revenge is plotted or a person realizes their ability to survive/endure the situation. Both the Sun and Venus will echo these exact aspects in the coming days.

Later, the Moon makes a trine to Chiron in Pisces (6:29 PM). This provides access to pain that dwells very deeply within our soul. How we respond to that pain makes all the difference. Well handled and this aspect can provide for healing, understanding, forgiveness and letting go of past transgressions. Fumbled about and it can equate to resorting to more escapist behaviors or simply serve as a deeply painful reminder of why we need to kill the thing to start with—so it can't hurt us or anyone else anymore.

Meanwhile, Venus inches closer and closer to the Sun. She finally catches him overnight at 3:31 AM by conjunction. In a natal chart, when a person has a tight conjunction of planets, it is said that the two are fused. It is hard to tell where the influence of one planet ends and the other begins. With Sun and Venus together in Scorpio, we cannot tell where we stop and what we desire begins. The entities are fused. It's important to understand that you ARE NOT what you want and what you want only has as much control over you as you give it.

With both Sun and Venus in Scorpio, there is a tendency toward obsession, stalking and attempts to control the thing we desire. This is where people become desperate. For example, the woman who finds out her husband is leaving her and tries to trap him in the relationship by faking pregnancy or becoming pregnant. Or, the husband finds out the wife is leaving and he exerts physical prowess and violence to scare her into staying. What happens in these scenarios is truly an expression of personal disparity (aka: weakness) and NOT a display of wit or strength. With both Sun and Venus approaching a trine with Neptune, this obsession with what we want can turn into addiction. That's the worst end of the extremes.

At the more favorable end, we have discovered where these deeply seeded desires come from to begin with. We realize we truly own, possess and control nothing but our own selves. Then, Neptune assists us in relinquishing our taloned grasp on whatever “it” may be in your personal situation whether “it” is the other person in our relationship, a tangible thing (like money or other possessions) or intangible thing (like power or greed).

True strength and power is not shown by having the ability to overpower someone. It is MUCH harder to take yourself out of that power play and let go. Doesn't sound very satisfying. And, in the immediate, it isn't satisfactory at all. But, in the long run, being able to leash the exorbitant power of Scorpio and the self while directing both toward their higher expressions, fortifies and strengthens instead of depletes and destroys. It is the weak person who clings. It is the blackened heart and enlarged Ego that seeks vengeance. But, the one that can master their own self and gain true control over their most deepest desires instead of defaulting to allowing those desires to have control is the one who displays the true strength and power.

No, it is not fun nor easy. It sucks, to be frank. But the consequence to whichever path you choose is also quite severe equivalent to choosing a life under your own control versus a life locked up in prison. I'd recommend some deep DEEP soul searching before committing to either road. And, then, choose wisely. Especially since the asteroid Hecate is shining her crossroads lantern right on Saturn in Scorpio now telling us that once we choose whichever path we choose, there is no turning back. There is no undoing what we did or didn't do “in the moment” and what has now been seen will never be able to be unseen.