Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 22, 2014

The last day of Libra season heralds a dramatic ending. This morning, we wake up to the Libra Moon square Pluto in Capricorn (5:10 AM). I went for a walk on Sunday. The leaves in my area are peaking. Weather-wise, Sunday was probably the best day for viewing them. They were gorgeous. But, also what I noticed was the death of the underbrush.

In the summer, various weeds grow up along the road and temporarily mask roadside trash. I noticed some people even allow the wild brush to grow up around their yards providing a temporary shield of privacy. All that is drying up and fading now revealing exactly what ugly has been hidden underneath.

This is a lot how I see Libra Moon square Pluto. The death of beauty. The re-emergence of what we have temporarily veiled.

After two days of smooth potential, ugly, again, rears its head. This may cause our Libra energy to mourn a bit. It is the beauty of fall that she enjoys the most. Of course, the winter holds its own beauty but our pallets will not be primed for that until Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow.

By, late morning, Moon is opposite Uranus in Aries (10:26 AM). If you were groggy before, it is likely you will be wide awake by now. Sparks fly between these two energies. Uranus in Aries is unconcerned with appearances and delights in the shedding of the old. Uranus doesn't understand Libra's grief. However, if Libra engages her own superpowers of looking at things from the perspective of the “other” she may see how liberating it can be to reveal the bare bones of a situation.

The Moon meets Mercury in Libra by conjunction at 5:27 PM. Uranus has already made her a Nervous Nelly. Now, her mind reels as she flips all the current details over. She may even talk things out with a friend. She could begin making big plans for the future or she could blow the details wildly out of proportion. Whether the details of the matter steer her toward worry or optimistic plans, her perspective is shifted toward the future as she meets Jupiter by sextile at 8:50 PM. Afterall, she does delight in the remaining fall d├ęcor. She also delights in the fact that people will continue to decorate their homes with lights and baubles throughout the end of the year. Plus, snow will eventually blanket all the ugly the dying environment has revealed.

It feels like a bittersweet day to me. One that holds, at least, the beginning inklings of acceptance while also feeling the imminent shift in the air. How will you handle the new? Or can you see that yet? Some may hold on to mourning what is lost for sometime. Will you light a candle in the darkness of Scorpio? Or, will you allow the black to blanket you in masochism?

Scorpio season heralds a time of increased lightness for me. I know. Crazy, right? But, Libra season is an adventure through my 8th house. By the time Scorpio season is here, I've emerged from my own watery grave ready to celebrate.

Halloween. It's the greatest party of the year in my opinion. And, the Day of the Dead is symbolic of my own re-animation from the grave. For many Plutonic people like me, this is a cherished time of year. Finally, the rest of the Earth understands what we see all the time. We have a chance to celebrate the rich blackness of the Earth. The light from the Sun becomes bent in such a way that it doesn't offend our vampirish eyes. Darkness returns and Pluto people find a bit of peace as if we have returned home after a long journey.

But, for those who are unaccustomed to the energy, this time of year is scary. There are demons everywhere. Weird unexplainable things happen as the veil between the worlds becomes threadbare allowing Spirit to unexpectedly reach out to us from time to time. And, I promise you, that veil is wondrously thin right now.

There are others, still yet, who will fall prey to the seduction of the season. Strong temptations abound during this time of year. The darker more sinister energies are given power that can be alluring to those who may have lost touch with their own. Greed sneaks in as people deeply desire to hold all the gold in fear that there is not enough to go around. Deals with the Devil are commenced. Lust gurgles in the loins.

The real trick here is realizing that you don't need to be afraid. All the power you desire resides within you. And, Scorpio season is more about getting to the roots of that personal power and figuring out how to use it. We metaphorically die to the world in an effort to be reborn stronger. How you handle the season has everything to do with how comfortable you are in your own darkness. If you are afraid, you'll reach out to anything and anyone to help you feel powerful again. If you are unafraid, you embrace the little death and realize that the transition eventually rebirths. You don't need to be saved.

Tomorrow, the Sun, Moon and Venus take the plunge into the dark murky waters of Scorpio together. On the very first day of the Season, we experience a solar eclipse. What vows will you take before your trip through darkness? Think it over; your chance to declare them comes at the New Moon...the absolute darkest night of the whole month.