Morning Star: Astrology for October 8, 2014

There are two types of hunters..

One who hunts for sport in an effort to exude prowess and to over take its prey through force. The other hunts for survival while maintaining respect and appreciation for the prey that will subsequently be sacrificed in an effort to sustain life. There is a huge difference within each of these mentalities.

The Sporting hunter is looking for his missing connection to self (his true inner power) by exploring only instinct and seeking to conquer. The Survivalist Hunter is mindful of his own needs and sits well within his own power which gives him the ability to honor the cycles of life as they weave together in interconnection. He does not seek to conquer. He seeks to co-exist and is an excellent steward of the Earth which he recognizes as a gracious provider of his every need.
This morning begins under the Full Hunter's Moon perfecting at 6:51 AM. It was named the Full Hunter's Moon because it is the time of the year when tribal hunters would enter the woods to hunt for meat which would sustain their village through the harsh winter. At this time of year, the trees are less full and the shining moon would illuminate much more ground in the forest as compared to the full moon's of summer. Targets of the hunt would also be at their most robust during this time of year as they too have been preparing for the sparse resources in winter by feasting on the end of summer's bounty.

Ritual would typically take place prior to the hunting party ever leaving the village. Some of these rituals were performed to ask the Gods to protect the warriors on their journey while still imbibing them with a fruitful harvest. The rituals may have appealed directly to certain animal totems Deer, Bear, etc to honor them for the sustenance they would provide to the village. Subsequently, after the hunt ends, the hunters would honor the animal taken on the spot of the kill. Then, they would return to the village where every bit of the animal was honored, celebrated and used in an effort to maintain the dignity of the animal spirit's sacrifice. This celebration was a humble undertaking of thankfulness not a celebration of the ability to overcome a weaker and lesser armed opponent.

As hard as it is to imagine in this technologically advanced culture, there are still individuals in this world who do hunt meat for survival. However, the instance of that is truly rare. What is more permeating is the man who enters the woods in search of restoring his emasculation. In that search, all honor for the living thing that is going to be slaughtered is lost. The sporting hunter will wail about needing guns for survival. They'll scream as their extension of prowess is stripped away claiming, “We'll not be able to feed our families without our guns!” When, in reality, guns are a convenience of modern hunting that the tribal warriors didn't have. The problem comes when hunters don't recognize guns as a utility and instead, to be frank, use it like a detached penis. They have no manhood. They have been emasculated. So, they hold their detached manhood in their hands. The gun becomes their masculinity instead of their utility.

The effective tribal hunter knows their prowess exists without metal extension. This knowledge would do away with the lot of problems we have in regard to gun violence. But it's much easier to attempt to cover up the real problem with legislation and restriction. Just like we cover up the true problems of depression (that links to the same type of Mars problems as described in the sporting hunter) with medication and quick fixes that only mask symptoms instead of attempting to address their true underlying cause. In America, we continually seek the path of least resistance which many times equates to smoothing over rough edges leaving the real problems unaddressed.

These tendencies are certainly a misdirection of the US's natal Jupiter in Cancer. We've become the BIG MOMMA codependency nation instead of drawing upon the wealth of wisdom available to us in our emotional bodies and within the true roots of our culture. I mean, we don't even adequately teach the true roots of our culture to our children. Instead, we make up fairy tales connected to our history that puts a doily over the fact that we railroaded our way to where we are today...quite literally. Because we deny this, we never give ourselves a chance to improve upon the way we acted in our earliest beginnings as a nation. We remain doomed to continually repeat it unconsciously over and over and over again.

After our Full Hunter's Moon perfects this morning, Mars in Sagittarius meets Jupiter in Leo via trine. This is a chance to employ (Mars) your truth (Sagittarius) while engaging the wisdom (Jupiter) found within your true self (Leo). Find your truth and walk it. Don't just talk it. Step out with it and subsequently help to raise up the community (Uranus) of humanity (Aries).

Know that walking your truth is going to come under the blanket of some very strong yearnings and possible temptations brought forth by Venus' square to Pluto. Venus/Pluto's temptations can drag you down to the lower vibrations of all this energy. Steer this energy instead toward revitalizing what you want as if you were stripping down and restoring an old family heirloom.

Let the Devil go make his deals somewhere else. You have the power he promises already inside you. Don't let him persuade you to take the easy way out or to convince you that you are powerless to tackle the challenges ahead of you without him. Because, while he does deliver on his promises, they do often come with horrible the sacrifice your very soul. Look inward and rely upon your own power since that is the only truth any of us really have any access to. And, realize that the Devil that is whispering in your ear right now is really the shadow side of your own self tempting you to follow instinct and allusions of power instead of acting upon your own highest potential.

Aspects for today:
Moon square Pluto 00:12 AM
Moon conjunct Uranus 5:51 AM
Full Moon in Aries 6:51 AM 15 05 degrees Cardinal (eclipse)
“Hunter's Moon”
Moon trine Mars 10:05 AM
Moon trine Jupiter 10:20 AM
Moon is Void until entering Taurus 7:44 AM on Oct. 9
Venus square Pluto Rx 1:30 PM 11 03 Cardinal
Mars trine Jupiter 4:44 PM 17 14 Cardinal