Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 30, 2014

Know what is happening in the sky today? Nothing. That's what. Nada that I can see. The Moon in Sagittarius made her last aspect (trine to current ruler, Jupiter) at about 11:30 PM last night. She was busy all day yesterday. Today she is taking the day off.
Picture of the Moon taken 9/28/14 while she was hanging out in Sagittarius

If you started something yesterday and didn't have a chance to finish it, then today is a good day to wrap it up.

With a Void Moon all day, it isn't really advisable that you begin anything new. But, you can certainly experiment. I've made it a hobby to play with them.

We've not had a long Void Moon for a few days. But, I started a project under an active moon just to have something to continually work on during days like this. It seems to be going rather well.

Since there is nothing really noteworthy in the sky and I spent 15 minutes reviewing the news last night and have no intention to speak of current events, I'll tell you a little about it.

This is a cabinet that I inherited from my grandmother when she died in 2007. My grandmother collected salt and pepper shakers. My entire life, I grew up admiring them. Of course, I wasn't allowed to touch them. But, I could look at them and ask questions.

The shakers came from all over the world. Whenever my grandparents would travel, they would buy a set of shakers from every town they stopped in or visited. These became travel mementos each of them bearing their own set of memories.

Some of the shakers came as gifts from my grandmothers friends or relatives on their journeys. These friends would go on vacation or what have you. While they were there, knowing my grandmother had this collection, they would pick up a set of shakers and bring them home to her. As a Libra, I always thought that was nice. People were thinking of my grandmother fondly while they were traveling. And, their kindness was shown to her in a way that she appreciated. You know?

At any rate, I grew up looking into this cabinet and hearing stories of where the shakers came from and of where my grandparents had been.

I've also knew several years before my grandmother died that I would inherit this cabinet. She would tell me I'd have it one day and I would tell her I never wanted it. Not because I didn't actually want the cabinet or the shakers but because I never wanted the circumstances to arrive for me to have it. I didn't even collect the cabinet when my grandmother passed away. Something about having it still in her house after she was gone made me feel like a part of her was still there. Yet, when my grandfather died in 2012, the entire house had to be dismantled and everything was dispersed among family members. So, I brought the cabinet and all its contents home.

The cabinet sat in my living room and for a long time; I was averse to even touching it. I wanted to leave it exactly as she had left it. Each time I looked at it, though, I thought about my grandparents and the idea of inheritance. I wanted to keep this cabinet and pass it on to my grandchildren; but, I wanted to give it a little bit of “me” for them to look back on.

So, I decided to refinish it. As I said, I started this project under an active moon and, now, I only work to finish it on Void Moon days. I've packed the salt and pepper shakers up so my own grandchildren (2 young boys aged 5 and 2) wouldn't think they were toys and accidentally break them. I took off the glass doors and removed the shelves and stripped off the old stain which was that 1960's light maple or pine.

Then, I painted the interior of the cabinet flat black. It took me about a week to pick out the right stain (Because I'm Libra like that). Finally, I chose a nice reddish mahogany and I'm really satisfied with how it turned out.

On the inside of the cabinet, I've affixed pictures of all the family members (on both sides of my and my husbands family) that have passed on. Now, the cabinet holds not just where my grandparents had been but where we all came from. On the largest part of the cabinet, I affixed letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother while he was stationed in the Air Force (where he was when they met). They are dated from 1940-42 and speak of nothing but how much he loved her and missed her. At the very top of the one I placed in the middle he wrote “True Love” in big letters and underlined it three times. Who does that anymore? Well, saps like me do that. And, I put it in the cabinet just so my future generations could see THIS is how our family does it...we love each other and we let that be known. This is where we came from.

The paragraph in the above picture reads (under True Love) “I do believe the Lord above created you for me to love. He picked you out from all the rest because he knew I loved you best.” That's my grandmother on your left and my grandfather on your right.

I still have many pictures to add. The shelf that goes in the middle is the last piece to be refinished. The trick? The cabinet will never be finished completely. There will always be more family members to add. Take that Void Moon.

What I didn't expect during this refinishing project is how many memories of my grandfather the activity would bring back. He is the one who put the cabinet together originally. He is the one who put on the original stain and replaced the shelf when it was broken. As I sanded away the old finish, it released the smell of his workshop. The smell was so strong and familiar, I felt as if I was working on the cabinet in my grandfather's workshop and he was there with me.
My husband's family (and mine, too) intermingle on the top shelf

Tinkering with wood was my grandfather's hobby. He would spend hours in this workshop after he retired and every Christmas, it would be revealed to us just exactly what kind of projects he had been working on. One year, he made everyone standing bird houses that we each took home and decorated. One year, he made quilt racks which were used to hang the handmade quilts that my grandmother had made for us. My favorite, though, was the keepsake boxes he made out of old post office box doors. The combination dials still worked so it was like having a little safe.

I talked to my grandfather the entire time I was working on this cabinet. And, we have had some really nice visits. When I finally had it completely stripped down and put the first brushes of stain on it, I could feel his pleasure with my choice of color. It was just like we had worked on the entire project together. And, maybe we did.

The point? Well, obviously, even Void Moons can be useful. You've just got to get a little creative. Thankfully, we're working under a creative sky right now. How can you trick (work with instead of against) the Void Moon?

Our Moon enters Capricorn at midnight tonight.