Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 24, 2014

The dawn of a new day brings the power of a New Moon in Libra having perfected at 2:15 AM EDT. It falls at 1 degree Libra.
Sun and Moon sitting in tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G

We are officially in a new season having surpassed the equinox, which is a balancing of day and night. As a Libra, the thought of the hours of the day being in perfect balance brings me pleasure. How would it be logical for the beginning of the sign of balance to fall upon any other day?

What is Libra, anyway? It is the only zodiac sign without a live archetype. Aries has the Ram. Taurus has the bull. Gemini has the Twins. Libra? A set of scales (hopefully) hanging in perfect balance.


Balance, however, is not the only principle ruled over by Libra. It also holds the key to mirror images like those equated with Narcissus. It shows us the principles of Justice and Fairness laid out upon its scales much like Maat (the goddess of Truth, Order and Justice) weighed a person's heart against an ostrich feather. Within this mirror image of Narcissus and Maat's principle of balance, we also find the introduction of someone else in partnership, the elusive other.

Is your heart as light as a feather? Or, do you find yourself weighing out the things you have done against the things you have not and finding heaviness? It's a good question to ask.

Preceding this New Moon, I was asked about the principle of false prophets. This weighs heavily upon my mind. As a matter of fact, it is one of the reasons that I turned internally for spiritual guidance instead of continually searching for answers from a specific guru or pastor. I had tried, in the past, to align with certain religions. However, I never really found a doctrine with which I could fully agree.

The weight of the preachings that I could not adhere too, pushed my scales too far out of balance.

The idea of false prophets recently arose to me, again, by someone asking, “What religion am I?”

At first, I stumbled over the question thinking it was a pop quiz. I thought, “Did this person tell me what religion they were and I have forgotten?” That's a pretty important piece of information, for me, to have overlooked. But, no.

The person was specifically asking me to shed light on their own spirituality because they were unsure about how to define it. Little did the person know that defining one's spirituality did not have a name (or at least, doesn't have to). And, the trek toward a person's personal spiritual beliefs may be an ever evolving lifetime pursuit.

I told the person, “The first rule of any type of search for spirituality (and yes, spirituality and religion do differ...though, they really shouldn't) is that you do not allow anyone to dictate your beliefs to you.”

The person tells me they would like to learn and read more about Spirituality and Religion. But, they were afraid of the Bible's mention of false prophets and did not want to be misled.
If you are wondering what false prophets look's some

Interestingly, my answer to that was the same as the first rule of the search of spirituality, “in that instance, turn inward. If something doesn't feel right, then, to you, the prophet is false.”

“But, what about all these New Age spiritual leaders? Sometimes when I listen to what they say, it really resonates with me.”

I tell the person if something resonates with them, they should follow the idea, not necessarily the person. Then, I told them if they were truly on the lookout for false prophets (and yes, they do exist in walks of life), the one sure fire way to spot one is that, eventually, they will preach division among people. True spirituality does not preach this no matter what kind of pulpit or book of teachings that it holds. False spirituality and religion (or the false interpretation of religion, rather) will advise you to be violent or exclusive instead of at peace and inclusive. False prophets are found in extremism. They are ego and material led in one way or another gathering followers as if they were running a pyramid scheme in light of some type of worldly or spiritual reward.
More extremist false prophets

True spirituality needs no enticement of reward but is content within itself while maintaining a grounded balance between exploring the realms of the ethereal while still functioning upon the Earthly plane. Then, I assured the person that they would know and feel the “right” path for themselves as they continued to explore and balance both what they learned from the outside world against what they discovered in their internal journey.
Spiritual journeys are led by the heart not by the ego.

This heart led journey fits nicely with Venus ruled Libra, especially since the Sun (Ego) is in fall in the sign. Embarking upon a spiritual journey during this New Moon is also supported in the sky through an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces. As a matter of fact, not only is Venus at home in Libra, but according to the book “36 Faces” by Austin Coppock, the Moon (emotion) is thought to rule the Decan upon which this New Moon falls. And, interestingly, the key to the highest expressions of Libra comes not from the outward search of a partner but, first, from the inward search of self found from Aries to Virgo.

Who knew Libra season could be spiritual? But, the ruler of the primordial Spiritual Seas, Neptune is the higher vibration of Libra's ruler, Venus. Also makes sense that “love”, true love between two people is found not in the controlling needs of ego (Sun) but in the non-attached, blending, blurring and surrendering waters of Pisces. Libra whispers this to us, but sometimes is not heard over our ego-led search for partners. Many get caught in Narcissus' journey of ever finding their face projected upon someone else because they have yet to get to know that person...the self. Our SN in Aries tells us the gold in this polarity begins with self. Then, once we get to that self and walk through the rest of the zodiac to Libra, ideally we will be in a balanced sense of self, ready to share that miraculous happening with someone else.

But, how does one strike that balance to begin with (I mean, since we are BEGINNING Libra)?

One way is to begin with the Native American Medicine Wheel. I've studied modern medicine and several different religions. Today finding a holistic approach to anything is rare. The Medicine Wheel, in its simplicity, is brilliantly applicable to anything. It's balance pleases Libra. The following video is the first in a series of 3 (approximately 8 minutes each) videos discussing the Medicine Wheel. If you have 24 free minutes, they are absolutely worth the time.

Coming back full circle to the Sabian symbol for our current New Moon at 2 Libra: The light of the sixth race transmuted into the seventh. I'm led to wonder who is the 7th race or generation and what are they doing with the knowledge that has been passed down to them? Are they active at this New Moon? Yes, I believe they are.

Lunar aspects following the New Moon:

Moon sextile Mars 2:32 PM

Moon square Pluto 9:40 PM