Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 9 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon still shining brilliantly in Pisces. After the perfection of the Full Moon, our fair Luna met Saturn via trine at 1:19 AM. Now, she is waxing into trine with Mars. This will perfect at 3:10 PM EDT. Then, the Moon reaches void status until entering Aries at 7:34 PM.

The bigger news, however, is Mercury in Libra waxing into square with Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect perfects at 6:37 PM while the Moon is still Void.

With the Void Moon, there may be opportunity to sense what this aspect (Mercury square Pluto) is like without high emotional intensity. However, I don't expect the lack of intensity to persist once the Moon moves into Aries and creates a Cardinal t-square with Uranus, Mercury and Pluto tomorrow evening.

Mercury and Pluto perfect in aspect at 11 degrees cardinal.

I can resonate with the Sabian for Mercury, because it is positioned on top of my Mars.

In my neck of the woods, in preparation for Nov. elections, the War on Coal is a hot topic. I'll rant about that another day. But, the fact does fit well with what we have occurring in the sky.

Many who oppose this dubbed "War on Coal" say that it is a direct attack on coal miner's livelihood. While those who support changes in this area say it is more of a ecological preservation attempt than something destructive. Either way, it is clearly a heated fight that echoes across this entire country and will continue to gain in local importance as we near November.

Mercury's symbol speaks of coming into the light after having been submerged in underground depths.

Down the rabbit hole we go!
Sometimes, my Mercury in Scorpio has trouble understanding Mercury in Libra. My husband has this placement and sometimes it is like he holds back some of his more deep and penetrating thoughts because they are unpleasant or ugly. My Mercury, however, has to spit these truths out sometimes in way that can be compared to a person who is "filled with the Spirit and speaking in tongues."
Speaking in tongues

That tendency is not typical of Mercury in Scorpio. However, mine is Jupiter influenced. I publish my dark thoughts. I shout them to the sky. Whereas, my husband's darkness tunnels deeply into his psyche buried and hidden from public view so no one is offended or hurt. Until, that is, he cannot hold it anymore AND THEN it ALL comes out uncensored and uncontrolled. It is less like speaking in tongues for him and more like a violent verbal explosion which by itself can reach into the soul of the person who has catalyzed his eruption and pull out demons the person didn't even know they had. His Mercury is also conjunct Pluto and trine Jupiter.

Both of us have a tendency toward paranoia and obsessive thoughts which are both hallmarks of Mercury/Pluto. However, my Mercury covers nothing up and holds nothing back whereas his stores information until the dam can hold no longer and it all comes rushing out.

My point with this prepared. First of all. There are some who have been holding back some very deep and penetrating thoughts and when the Moon hits Aries and lights this aspect up while Mercury is ALSO in aspect to Jupiter...well...we are liable to hear about it. Loudly. Harshly. Iron fist in a velvet glove? Um. No. More like a ridiculously angry speaker whose words cut through you like a sharp sword through butter.

On a less extreme level, you may find yourself fixated on a particular thought or even find yourself at a point of paranoia. You can turn that energy around with awareness. Control (Pluto) your thoughts (Mercury) instead of allowing them to control you.

The type of focus that comes with Mercury/Pluto, however, is incomparable. It is excellent energy for research and truly zeroing in on concepts that had been otherwise inaccessible.

Today, though, you can use Moon trine Mars to really put your heart into what you want to do. Emotion and motivation are working together and today you can really feel immersed in your desires.

Pay very close attention to what you hear today. Watch and gather clues about what Mercury/Pluto may have in store for you tomorrow when the light on the Moon come back on.

I would suggest you do not try to hold anything in. What you are thinking and what you want to say may not be appropriate to all audiences but you need to get it out in someway...writing, art, screaming in the closet. Whatever works.