Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 6 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Sagittarius moving away from a trine with Mercury in Leo (1:33 AM) and into a trine with the Sun in Leo (6:35 AM EDT). She is also waxing in trine to Uranus in Aries (10:52 AM). This is active energy that wants to get rolling on something. Busy. Zippy.

Before noon, however, the Moon squares off with Chiron (11:33 AM). Then, she turns her lights off for the rest of the day. Moon is Void until entering Capricorn tomorrow at 9:39 AM.

If you get the itch to move and start something today, do it before noon. After that, you may not be “feeling” it so much. Get the ball rolling early.

A square to Chiron is just a wonderfully oucherific aspect to be left with until tomorrow morning.
Mars is also continually building in trine to Neptune. This little spark of energy we have this morning is not likely to last long. Mars is becoming soggy. Drive is being dissipated into the water. Drag. Resistance. Slog.

This aspect is so weird to feel coming in. I mean, Mars in Scorpio can be a ravenous beast. But, now, the ravenous beast is softened and nearly teary eyed. The insurmountable drive is softened. The blood lust becomes colored with compassion and empathy. Or, the beast gets drunk and terrorizes the entire village. Either way, we are being prompted to slow down and FEEL the potential results of our actions. Yep. You can devour someone. But, you are going to feel horrible about it. You are going feel guilty. You are going to feel shame. Do something horrendous and you may get away with it on a legal level. But, you are going to have to live with that. You are going to hurt for the person that you have hurt. That's worse than getting caught, I think. Neptune presides over the most illusive and dank prison in Astrology...the 12th house, our subconscious. Ever tried to get out of there? Not an easy thing.

So why not, instead of heading toward the shadow of Mars in Scorpio, we do allow ourselves to soften a bit. What if, for once, we realize than an overly aggressive approach just doesn't cut it in the long run. What if, we take that over aggression and blood lust and turn into a drive for Universal acceptance, peace and love. What if, we stop only thinking about what we (as individuals) want and start thinking about what is best for all of us and then act accordingly. Wouldn't that be cool?

What if we realized we couldn't just cut people off like they were dead to us without resolving the issues behind what caused the disagreement to begin with. What if we laid down our armaments and instead raised our arms to embrace one another. What if...

A girl can dream, right? Yes. And you should too.

I plan to dance to Mars/Neptune. I plan to turn on the music and allow it to permeate my body. Move. Sway. Be lost. Dance the night away. Dance the darkness away. I'm going to stand on the deck of this boat and dance like there's no tomorrow.