Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 25, 2014

I want to be a whiny patient today. Apparently, I have a cold. Who gets a cold in August? I do, I guess. But, yes, I want to lie on the couch and be doted on by a very meticulous and caring nurse today. Wouldn't hurt if they were nice to look at too.
Yep, that would be your shock therapist right there

I am really not THAT sick. Just sniffles, coughing...aggravation. Enough that I can hear the Universe saying, “It's not time to get up and get back out there yet.”

Bah. I hate being “grounded.”

On top of that, I feel terrible for being a whiny patient because there are plenty out there suffering from more than a cold. What I don't understand is, why did I need to be slowed down further? I was slowing down! Look Universe! I was nearly at a dead stop!

“Nope. Sorry Josi. You need to go slower.”

Whatever. Harumph. Stupid Mars/Saturn.

Today we wake up to a fresh Moon in Virgo (5:33 AM). Yesterday was a looooooong Void of Course moon day.

At 5:38 AM Venus trines Uranus while waxing into conjunction with BML. This is the aspect that no one is paying attention to. Most of us are focused upon Mars and Saturn. But, Venus is gaining some serious speed. In aspect to BML and Uranus? Oh yeah. She's pumped.
Did you know Neptune saved Venus and Mars' rear once? Yep. According to Homer. Here's the link to that story.
Here are a few facts about the history of Mars and Venus and more can be found at this link.
Mars, son of Jupiter and Juno, was unpopular with everyone. He liked to fight, although whether he won or lost mattered little. He just liked trouble, havoc and bloodshed. With his companion, Discordia, they carried a band of spirits with them, pain, panic, famine and oblivion.
Venus was born of the sea. Unlike Mars, she was not into creating havoc, but caused it if someone scorned her vanity. After she heard that the prince of Troy, Paris claimed that Venus’ half sister, Helen Queen of Sparta was the fairest of the land, Venus was so angered this caused the Trojan War. However, her otherwise merciful and soft nature was perfect for absorbing Mars’ vigor and maleness.

Mars and Venus have quite the interesting history. And, they are getting ready to make more.

I was talking about Lilith not too long ago and someone asked me, what's going to happen when Venus meets up with her. What I got from Venus was (as Lilith was ranting about bloodshed and being a “proper lady”), “I am a proper lady. Watch as I sit quietly and politely and scream without words. Then, watch as I topple nations and powerful men without lifting a finger.”

Venus will square Mars in Scorpio on the 27th WITH Lilith at a 1 degree orb. Mars and Saturn perfect today (3:30 PM EDT) at 17 degrees Scorpio. So everything is lined up to put tension on this square between the four now.

At 4:47 AM Mercury sextiles Mars and then Saturn at 8:30 AM. Tongues are ready to wag, but Saturn has his foot on them reminding them to steer toward reticence. Words have the TREMENDOUS ability to cut under this aspect. Yes, I know sextiles are “easy” but Mercury in Virgo mixed with Mars, Saturn and Scorpio energy can fillet a person. Careful with that knife and your sharp tongue. Also be mindful of your inner speech less you risk cutting yourself.

Our New Moon in Virgo perfects at 10:13 AM. The Sabian for the New Moon is Sabian for 3 Virgo: Two angels bringing protection. Bovee says the inspiration is, “Guardians; legions of divine forces which ever move to sustain the reach of mankind to its ultimate goal”

Legions of divine forces. I read that and thought, there is going to be a parade of Angels in the streets today and I am stuck at home with a cold! Of all the days...

And then, I thought...don't wait on me. Send the Angels. Send them now!

By 6:15 PM, the Moon finds Neptune via opposition. That's it for today, but there is a week full of planetary busy-ness to come.

Venus meets Saturn before she meets Mars. Money could become tight. Feelings of loneliness can increase. Continue to be diligent about your self-care and remember these clouds are passing. Just hold on.

Work with this new moon to simplify. Streamline. Organize. Categorize. Sterilize. Pay attention to your health and be mindful of the structures of your daily routines (do they need to be updated?). If you are physically capable, offer your time in service. Help if needed but avoid being a “fixer” and avoid becoming too focused on the fact that things are not “perfect”.

If you have been grounded (are sick), don't follow my lead and be a whiny patient. Be a mindful patient and take excellent care of your health and be thankful for the care providers that assist you. Water. Detox. Vitamins. Rest.

Peppermint tea sounds divine. Actually, if I thought sleeping in a bed of peppermint would help me breathe, I'd give it a try. LOL!

A medicated or spiritual bath fits nicely with this evening, if you can fit that in. But, other than that, move slowly and consciously. Watch for the “angels” and be nice to yourself. Dull the sharpness of your tongue and think TWICE maybe THREE times before you think about using it as a weapon. We are all in the same nut ward, no sense in fighting in the ranks.