Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 24 2014

This morning we wake up to double fingers of God. He is flipping us off twice. I'm just kidding. I had a friend that used to say (in regard to Yods or the Finger of God), “Nobody said which finger.” It's always stuck with me. More or less, because it is true.

Deliver yourself from evil

Yods are weird. Weird things happen when they are activated. The first Yod fixed in the sky today comes from Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. This one has been with us for awhile.

The first leg of the 2nd Yod has also been with us for awhile. It includes Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. Mercury locks into quincunx with Uranus at 10:01 AM.

Turn down your inner bravado a few notches
A Yod occurs when two planets are sextile and each body hits a third body by quincunx or inconjunct (2 ways of saying the same thing). The 3rd body is said to be at the Apex of the Yod while the two planets in sextile form the base. The base is the energy we are to use as tools to navigate the Yod. The Apex is a crucial planet because the theme of the Yod will include that planets energy but(at the time of the transit) the base planets don't naturally understand the Apex. With a quincunx or inconjunct planets can't metaphorically “see” one another in order to communicate.

The Apex of the first Yod is Uranus. Saturn has been quincunx Uranus for quite some time. Mars has recently joined Saturn on his leg of this Yod. Today, Mercury joins the party creating the base of the second leg. So, the “tools” here would be the sextile between Mercury in Virgo and Mars/Saturn in Scorpio.

Below, is a brief description of how Mercury inconjunct Uranus can play out in a natal chart. There is a link that will take you to descriptions of other inconjuncts between different planets. This one, rang a bell for me. I feel like I've been beating this drum for decades.

“The new and unusual things that occur to you may carry you far from the basic needs of your everyday life. Good ideas do not necessarily require you to act immediately to bring them about. Positive innovation will require you to alter yourself and your basic habits before you will see much change in the world or your environment.”

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio is a BEAST to work with. Literally. But, this is what we are being called to do in the name of our own independence and individual freedom. And, I'm talking about liberation on a soul level here more than on a physical level. But, that is possible too. It is also possible for your soul to be liberated while your body is imprisoned.

Mars and Saturn are busy digging up stuff and making you sit down to look at it. This is the excavation crew and they have been working overtime for at least a week. Well, at least since the Moon was in Taurus pre-linking the conjunction. I dreamed of blood on the day the Moon opposed this conjunction. Blood, as referred to as a life source, is a theme with Mars/Saturn in Scorpio.

As our excavation crew (Mars/Saturn) works to dig out the thorns from our dark underbelly, Mercury in Virgo separates and analyzes the wounds and thorns. She documents the original condition and fosters a care plan. As these three work together to purify and heal different areas of the physical and spiritual body, Uranus smiles because you are being freed from cumbersome illness.
The nurses (Virgo) have arrived to assist
 the Wounded Warrior (Mars/Saturn)
It's like finding a splinter embedded deeply in your flesh. Mars/Saturn becomes the poultice that is placed upon the splintered area to draw out the object and the infection. Mercury in Virgo is the directions on the back of the peroxide and antibiotic ointment you will put on the area afterward. Uranus says, “You are free from this illness.”

And, this aspect could literally work out as finding a splinter. The Universe is a smart alec like that.

The second Yod is a little bit different. It has been in place for awhile. Most recently, Venus passed through here creating an inconjunct to Neptune along with Jupiter in Leo. Now Jupiter in Leo remains at the Apex of the Yod while Pluto and Neptune in sextile create the base.

Pluto and Neptune have been in sextile for generations. I often wondered what its importance is. But, each time I ask, I get “they are generational planets.” Yeah? No kidding. So why did so many generations need it? Still no answer. Still not sure. But, I think its relevant that everyone living on Earth has this in their chart. Ok? EVERYONE.

Anyway, parts of the world as we know it are crumbling (Pluto in Capricorn) and you have not much choice but to feel the pain of that on a collective level. Did you even know you could feel the pain of the collective? Because MANY are only now seeing that, “Yes, I can.” Pluto and Neptune want to know what kind of changes this crumbling occurring with increased empathy has done to affect YOU directly. How do you feel about all of this? Will it change the way you think about yourself? Will it cause you to become more wise and compassionate? Or, will it make you feel grandiose to be physically disconnected from society. Or, will you develop a Jesus complex and become the messiah to save us all?

Yep. All is possible. But, really what it boils down to is that the current effects of Pluto/Neptune hit us in our egos and our great big Lion hearts. Its up to the individual to decide how to incorporate that and to decide whether they wear the positive expression of Jupiter (generosity, warmth, wisdom) or the overbearing assholish expression (smart alec, grandiose, egotistical). Don't take yourself too seriously...that will help. But, do treat yourself sincerely.


Together, these Yods sound a lot like they are saying, “Time to make a change.” And I don't think many of the people on Earth would disagree on THAT point. Where the disagreement comes is in deciding where that change needs to come and how. These Yods tell the global councils to go home.

Mars/Saturn will continue to bring certain activities to a halt. As those things come to a halt and as people keep smashing into walls, they'll either recognize it as a time to stop and reflect or keep running. If they keep running and don't sit down for a minute, Saturn and Mars will likely sit them down by making it physically impossible to move forward through illness or injury. Do you see? The Universe says YOU ARE GROUNDED. The longer you rebel the more it will pile upon you until you cannot rebel because these splinters need to come out now.

So, the global councils (and we as individuals) are sent home...grounded. Why? Because the Universe says you must go and heal yourself, be a centered and healthy person BEFORE you are going to be able to come up with the answers for the rest of the world. Each little individual person...go get the poison out! HEAL! Then, come back to the table with what you have learned from that.

Go home. You are all sick
Both of these Yods say that message. Today, they say that message together. The choice? Draw out the poison or allow the poison to rot your soul. Pretty much.
Mercury opposing Chiron at 9:55 AM puts an exclamation point at the end of where our focus needs to be. After a square to Saturn at 4:26 AM, our Leo Moon is Void until entering Virgo tomorrow at 5:33 AM. It's a perfect day for removing splinters and eradicating poison from your soul. Use the whole day! That's your job in this collective mess. Go home and fix and heal yourself. The Universe is begging you.