Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 13, 2014

Today we wake up to a void Moon in Pisces. Then at 9:01 AM EDT, the Moon switches signs and gears as it slips from Pisces into Aries.

The Universe says, sleep and day dreaming time is OVER! Time to wake up! But, we still don't really feel that ambitious. There is some lingering emotionality from the Pisces Moon and our current Moon is waxing into trine with Venus (11:44 AM) and Jupiter (7:28 PM).

We aren't ready to be ambitious. Yet, these placements fall in fire. Work? This sounds like a big push to play to me. But, it isn't the carefree frolicking type of play...though that is possible here too.

Aries and Leo are both impish energies to me. I don't mean that to be insulting to those that wear those energies because I think its cute. But, Aries can sometimes resemble a pixie. Little sparkly jetting fireballs. While Leo, brings out the child in everyone. So, we've got a day of pixies, imps and the inner child.

The energy that built our now expired Full Moon, the energy of the Full Moon itself and the wash out of our recent passage of the Moon through Pisces...ALL of this was particularly heavy energy. I found myself wanting to wriggle out from underneath it several times. Heavy. Saturn. Serious. Stern...then, the crying began. I started crying when the Moon sextiled Neptune from Capricorn and I have yet to stop. I'm writing this as the Moon is still lingering in Pisces and the air still feels heavy (Pisces Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio) and weepy.

Nothing horrible has happened to me personally, but I was already weeping for the people who lived in the midst of war and the children. All of our children, who are going to be left with this mess when we (the current adult population) leave if we don't get our collective shit straight. I feel this stuff all the time. But, right now, Neptune is on my Moon while Jupiter in Leo stands at an inconjunct making all that I feel undeniable and's vast and acute all at the same time.
And, then, there was the news of Robin Williams. An icon from my childhood. Someone I've never met but feel as if he has been with me my entire life...well, because his presence WAS with me my entire life. Mork and Mindy debuted in 1978..I was born in 1972 on the same day as Pam Dawber (who played Mindy).

Mr. Williams and I share the same Pisces Moon. His Mars/Uranus in Cancer echoes my Mars/Uranus in Libra. His suicide precedes the anniversary of my own suicide attempt. It's been 9 years.

Each year, I write a letter to myself on the anniversary of my suicide. I have dubbed the day as my re-birthday. And, I was sitting on my couch writing this years letter when I heard the news.

At this point, I feel like I've cried for weeks...not days. As the tears flow, my anger follows it and I'm left with only exhaustion. I don't know about you, but Aries Moon or not, I just don't see a bunch of shooting out of the darkness here. I see a more slow emergence. As in, the Pixie walks out of the deep woods and right into a hammock for some “me” time. Or she emerges from the woods with a load of art supplies to give these drab and heavy feelings a bit of color and life. She pours them on a canvas and splatters the color around with her hands. She allows her inner child to come out from under the heaviness and create.

These are the kind of activities I'm looking at for today. I can't bring myself to encourage you to “Get up and go get em!” That's my typical Aries Moon suggestion. Today, I'm only suggesting you get out of bed and, in some way, treat yourself, indulge yourself...take time to nurture and repair what this heaviness has crushed. Heed Venus and Jupiter and drink of their benevolence. For tomorrow, we surely will ride!