Here's Looking at YOU September!

Here's what you can expect next month. the way...did I mention that as of today there are only 4 months left until Christmas? (Why, yes, I'm going to take off running to hide after I publish this)

Sept 1

Moon in Scorpio void at 1140 AM until entering Sag at 117 PM

Moon in Sag 117 PM

Sept 2

Mercury in Libra 138 AM

First Quarter Moon 712 AM (Sag/Virgo 955)

Sabian for 10 Sagittarius: A golden haired Goddess of opportunity (ok, that made me laugh because that is my MC)

Sabian for 10 Virgo: Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows

Sept 3

Sun trine Pluto 1207 pm 1105 Cap/Virgo

(HEADS UP for planets at mid-Taurus—GRAND EARTH TRINE!)

Moon in Cap 6:16 PM

Sept 4

Moon in Cap

Sept 5

Venus in Virgo 1 07 pm

Moon Void in Cap from 11 AM until entering Aqua at 8 pm

Sept 6

Moon in Aqua

Sept 7

Moon in Aqua Void at 120 PM until entering Pisces at 748 PM

Sun opposite Chiron 1043 PM

Sept 8

Moon in Pisces

Sun inconjunct Uranus 447 AM

Full Moon in Pisces 9:39 PM 16 19 Pisces/Virgo

Sabian for 17 Pisces: An Easter promenade

Sabian for 17 Virgo: A volcano in eruption

Sept 9

Moon Void at 310 until entering Aries at 7:34 PM

Mercury square Pluto 11 02 Libra/Cap

Sept 10

Venus Opposite Neptune 651 AM 5 52 Virgo/Pisces

Mercury sextile Jupiter 238 PM 12 09 Libra/Leo

Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus at 859 PM then, Moon is Void. However, a Yod builds between Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries and Saturn/Mars in Scorpio immediately AFTER the Moon is Void.

Lights on the Moon do not come back on until entering Taurus at 917 PM on the 11th

Sept 11

Moon in Taurus 917 PM

Sun sextile Saturn 1104 AM


Sept 12

Moon in Taurus

Mercury inconjunct Chiron 1026 PM

Sept 13

Mercury opposite Uranus 417 AM 15 28 Libra/Aries

Moon Void at 932 AM until entering Gemini at 227 AM on the 14th

Mars in Sagittarius 557 PM

Sept 14

Moon in Gemini 227 AM

Venus trine Pluto 10:32 AM 11 01 Virgo/Cap (again, Heads up with the Taurean planets!)

Sept 15

Moon in Gemini

Last Quarter Moon 10 05 PM 23 09 Gemini/Virgo

Moon is Void until entering Cancer tomorrow at 11:24 AM

Sabian for 24 Gemini: Children skating on ice

Sabian for 24 Virgo: Mary and her white lamb

Sept 16

Moon in Cancer 1124 AM

Sept 17

Moon in Cancer

Venus opposite Chiron 231 PM 15 56 Virgo/Pisces (Moon touches both of these planets after the opposition)

Venus inconjunct Uranus (as Moon Squares Uranus) 9:20 PM

Sept 18

Moon in Cancer Void at 238 PM until entering Leo at 11:10 PM

Sept 19

Moon in Leo-Yod with Pluto/Neptune (1032 AM/925 PM)

Sept 20

Moon in Leo

Sept 21

Moon in Leo Void after sextile with Mercury at midnight until entering Virgo at noon today

Venus Sextile Saturn 904 am

Mars square Neptune 1139 PM (waxing mutable t-square with Moon/Mars/Neptune)

Sept 22

Moon in Virgo

Pluto direct 156 PM

Sun in Libra 10 30 PM

Sept 23

Moon in Virgo Void after a conjunction with Venus at 816 am until entering Libra at midnight on the 24th

Jupiter inconjunct Chiron 603 PM

Sept 24

Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra 215 AM 01 08 Libra

Sabian for 2 Libra: The light of the 6th race trans-mutated to the 7th

Sept 25

Moon in Libra

Jupiter trine Uranus 219 PM 15 Leo/Aries

Sept 26

Moon in Libra is Void after a conjunction with Mercury at 840 AM until entering Scorpio at 1030 AM

Sept 27

Moon in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio 640 PM

Sept 28

Moon in Scorpio

Sun inconjunct Neptune 5 24 Libra/Pisces

Sept 29

Moon in Scorpio

Venus in Libra 453 PM