Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 22 2014

Today is all about symbols. Secret messages. Codes. Clues. And, that sudden beautiful moment when all the pieces fall in their proper places.

I actually thought about composing the entirety of this blog from song lyrics and pictures. I have a Pisces Moon square Neptune and in trine to Mercury in Scorpio. I think in symbols, lyrics, pictures. If you do, too, you'll be right at home in this weather.
Last night, the Moon squared off with Neptune Rx (2:20 AM)
(Maynard James Keenan lead singer/songwriter for Tool has Mercury Rx in Taurus in precise trine with Pluto Rx in Virgo and opposite Neptune Rx in Scorpio---he knows this language of symbology very VERY well)

Then, Mercury officially met Pluto via opposition (2:47 AM)

Today, our Moon in Gemini creates a Yod formation with Uranus in Aries (sextile at 8:30 PM) and Saturn in Scorpio (inconjunct 8:47 PM). Ohhh look at that, would you? Mercury is in turmoil and he also rules our Moon! Then, our Moon becomes a pivotal point in what occurs as we move forward. Again...just like the Cardinal Cross this year, the collective focus goes to what these vicious masculine energies are doing but underneath it all---the secret to dealing with it lies in our emotional body (Moon.) *Blink* This is me. Not being surprised.

With all Mercury/Pluto's faults and potential nastiness, when asserted properly, it can give you a certain super power likened to X-ray vision. It can give you the ability to see right through the bullshit to the bones of a situation. With great power comes great responsibility and the Yod with the Moon/Uranus/Saturn puts that right in our faces. Can you handle the power? Because, part of that power lies in the truth. Can you handle the truth?

Jack Nicholson playing Pluto in Capricorn (rather well, btw)

We have 4 days until Mars moves into Scorpio. We will be called to employ what we have learned with Saturn in Scorpio thus far. Our ability to handle power is called to the fore again. Today, our intertwining with power is a passing and quick transit that lasts only a few days. Mars will be in Scorpio until September 14.
Dwayne Johnson as the Scorpion King-The Rock has Venus/Mars conjunct in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo

Venus' ability to handle power comes into play next. On the 24th she trines Neptune in Pisces (while the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury squares Uranus and trines Saturn—yes, it's a busy day). Venus meets Pluto via opposition on the 28th. Remember all the time she spent snuggled up to Pluto while doing her little industrial dance in Capricorn at the beginning of the year? Well, they aren't exactly on the same side anymore. The sign of Cancer is loaded for bear. Big Momma is striking back against the “powers that be” (Pluto in Capricorn) and she toting her entire pride (Jupiter in Leo) with her.

The sign of Cancer embraces Venus and says, “Here. Look at things from my point of view. Can you see how 'the shadow' is hurting us? Our Mother Earth? Our children?...OUR CHILDREN. To a compassionate mother, EVERY child is OUR child.”
Only a few days of Cancer season remain. Jupiter has moved on leaving us so much to learn, still, about our emotions and how to handle them and how important they are. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces smile and say, “It's ok. There will be plenty more opportunities to feel.”

Speaking of Neptune, Mercury and Venus each meet him via trine prior to their oppositions to Pluto. There is a trine to Chiron and Saturn mixed in there too. Each time I look at these aspects from our personal planets, it looks a lot like they have the potential to be reborn.

The trine to Neptune mimics the planet being in the womb. The trine to Chiron could equate to labor pains. Then, of course, you do realize that Pluto is not only death...but also rebirth. The trine to Saturn gives us an even and responsible set of hands to cradle our new “baby.” The square from Uranus in Aries gives the new baby (reformed planet) that initial spark of life.

Do you need to rebirth the way you think? Do you need to let old thought patterns die so new ones can be reborn? What about Venus? Do you need to change what you value and admire? Or how you value and admire it? How are things going on the relationship front? Do you need to rebirth your heart to change things there? Need to change up how you choose partners? These skies can give you a fresh start---even if the circumstances in which you are handed that fresh start may have not been asked for or wanted at the time. It is still opportunity. But, you are going to have to deal with the emotionality of it appropriately in order to be able to see that opportunity---tricky final quiz for Cancer season, Universe...tricky, tricky, tricky
Kinda perfect that something with "Scorpion" in the title is listed on the marquee in the background, huh?