Morning Star: Daily Astrology for July 18 2014

This morning we wake up to Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus (4:38 AM EDT). Uranus is positioned to turn retrograde on the 21st. Tonight, the Moon will form our Last Quarter Moon and a Cardinal t-square with Mars in Libra (And Vesta, Ceres, NN).
Cardinal Love by Kristin Elmquist

This Moon is going to light our current nodal axis up again as the Sun is still within orb of tensely aspecting both.

One of the functions of Libra is for Man to meet Woman in relationship. I'm not saying relationships (as in romantic) are only for opposite sex unions. Nope. As a matter of fact, I'm not talking about external relationships at all. What I'm saying is Libra is a masculine person's introduction to his feminine nature and what kind of relationship he fosters with that. It is a feminine persons introduction to her masculine nature and what kind of relationship she fosters with that.

In Aries, we discover the primal self. In Libra, we discover the other side of the coin both from within and from the outside. Know that part of our current North Node journey has to do with, first, self discovery then further rectifying the imbalance of masculine and feminine within our own selves. So, how are you relating to both your masculine and feminine natures? We do, in fact, need them both.

In Libra, we find a sense of androgyny with the ultimate harmonious effect occurring when the two energies are brought into proper balance. With our Sun in Cancer, we are nudged to nurture and care for each side of ourselves equally.

If that occurs within, a magical thing happens in the outer world. We become more accepting of both sides in other people. The more we understand, accept, nurture and support ourselves, the more we are able to extend this understanding, acceptance and support to others. The longer we suppress and ignore one side or the other, the longer we will project it onto the face of the other. This prevents us from being whole. "They" don't complete you. YOU complete you when you marry your polarities. But, until that is realized, we keep looking for our lost half on the face of our partners. And, we usually find it!

The Last Quarter Moon perfects at 10:09 PM. These typically bring tension and perhaps some conflict. The Sun's waxing square to Mars persists and perfects tomorrow morning at 2:32 AM. The Moon perfects in square to Mars tonight at 10:19 PM. This, to me, looks a lot like a priority check. We have Self (Aries) vs Home/Family (Cancer) vs all the various forms of relationships (Libra).

Moon opposite her ruler is ambiguous. How we feel and what we are doing are not matching up. Sun square Mars can foster competition in the outer world as well as inner conflict. It is the roiling on the inside that typically causes people to act out or lash out at others. So, how you treat and feel about your self (Moon in Aries) directly affects how we interact with others (Mars in Libra). Our personal experience of the principles of Cancer (how we nurture) affects both how we self-nurture (Moon in Aries) and how we interact with others (Mars in Libra).

It's hard for Mars in Libra to be intrinsically motivated. Sometimes, it is as if Mars in Libra has an external force driving it. It can manifest as a “wait and see” attitude. For example, “I'm not going to do anything until I see what they do next.” This CAN be a smart move but overall you should have a good idea about what it is you want to do next without anyone doing anything to prompt you. An intact internal guidance system needs to be in place to operate from. Aries brings that internal motivation and this is how the conflict begins. We discover “I need X but they want me to do Y.”

You may discover relationships that are no longer supportive. You may be called to negotiate or re-negotiate terms in a contractual agreement. You may discover a little bit about who you are and what you need and find a way to work with others to achieve that. It's all about how you decide to perceive and employ the energy...or not.

After the Moon's opposition to Mars, she reaches Void status until entering Taurus at 4:43 AM EDT tomorrow. Our Taurus Moon is busy but in a good way. There is a great deal of potential for a really nice weekend once we exit this Cardinal conflict.