Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 24 2014

With good friends and on a boat. That's the ideal way to spend this day.

This morning we wake up to Moon having just crossed over into Gemini (7:06 AM EDT). As soon as she enters the sign, she begins closing in on a square to Neptune Rx. This doesn't perfect until much later tonight (9:30 PM) but the feel of it does overlay the day.

The extremes can range from being really, really, drunk and disillusioned to being faced with the stark reality of veil dropping and completely sobering up. Most people fall in the middle. You may feel more sleepy than normal. You may feel like things are just kind of foggy or not as clear today. You may be a little weepy. You could watch a movie (Gemini) that makes you cry (Neptune).

Before any of that happens, though, Moon meets up with Venus at 9:27 AM. That is a really pleasant aspect to have going on I don't care what sign it falls in. Moon plus Venus is a wonderful opportunity for bliss and relaxation. It can also make you lazy. Some days, I'm all for giving in to that. I think there are some days when we should. Everyone needs to play hooky every now and then just for the heck of it.

Mars perfects in opposition to Uranus tomorrow. With this Neptune square waxing into Venus and perfecting with the Moon today, there may be a busy social but laid back atmosphere today. There will be some who are caught off guard or completely passed over by the lightning bolts of Mars/Uranus. There are some who will be throwing bolts and will take advantage of this relaxed and easy time period to prepare for that.

But, back on point...good friend (Venus/Moon conjunct in Gemini) on a boat (because that keeps Neptune happy), that would be an ideal way to spend this energy. Or, on a beach. Or by a pool. There are plenty of options.