Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 18 2014

Today we wake to Moon in Pisces coming away from a dreamy conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. From today until late midday tomorrow, we have a stretch of time where it is possible to duck out of public view a bit and catch some serious rest and relaxation. There's a cloak of invisibility at the coat rack. Feel free to use it if you need it.


Emotional waters are churning. You may feel weepy. But, overall, many hearts will open up, feel good and potentially blossom in the next day and a half. Some people may even gather the first fruits or vegetables from their gardens.
Be thankful for any such harvests. Cherish that blossoming heart feeling and any period of rest and/or bliss that you may find right now. This is the calm before the storm. Take advantage of every blessed drop.

Truly, do take a break here if you can. The next “breathe point” in the sky doesn't occur until late on the 21st and even THEN, there is an undercurrent of tension that will likely prevent you from relaxing completely. You need to give yourself this. You deserve it.

As we are stretching ourselves awake this morning, Venus in Taurus perfects in a sweet sextile to Jupiter in Cancer (5:16 AM). It's a great morning to have something sweet and indulgent for breakfast. Getting to eat it amongst the luxury of a comfy bed located in your own home?--DOUBLE BONUS!

You will likely want to indulge yourself and others today. You may feel generous and blessed. May it be so for all of us!

Some may feed the heck out of their emotions and it is likely to feel REALLY good. Just don't make yourself sick. Pisces Moon's are really sensitive like that.

Conversely, though, you could also fall on the downside of a Pisces Moon and feel victimized or isolated and be reaching for some generosity from some one some where. Keep reaching out; you are very likely to be handed gold today.

At nearly noon, Moon meets Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. As I said, emotional undercurrents are churning. No one is really talking about it much, though. Today, we are focused on blurring the lines and finding some enjoyment in life right? No worries, though, we haven't forgotten.


The most beautiful thing you can have with a watery floaty moon is a good anchor in the form of a pleasant aspect from Saturn. That is exactly what the Universe gifts to us as the Moon trines Saturn around 8 PM. We are compassionate and emotive creatures with solid and healthy boundaries. Or, at least that potential is there. It's one of those tools that you have to choose to pick up and use in order for it to be effective. Know that even a little bit of grounding goes a very long way with a Moon like we have today.

Tomorrow, we will wake up a lot like we did today. But, as the day moves forward, not only do the tides increase in ferocity but volcanoes start going off and stuff too. I'm just saying. Enjoy. The. Hell. Out. Of. This. Day!

There is a wave of power incoming. You are going to want to be well rested and as close to the top of your game as you can be in order to harness, direct and respond to (instead of react to) this power. And, viola, here is your chance! Yeah, I'm pretty sure the wizards upstairs set that up on purpose.

Know that while you are sleeping the Lightning God is awakening