Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 3, 2014

Moon entered Cancer at 2:13 AM this morning ending the LOOONG VOC Moon day we had yesterday.

Almost immediately after entering her home sign, she squares Venus who is newly in Aries. The sensitivity of a Cancer Moon doesn't deal well with the “in your face” manner that Venus in Aries has. We may need to stay home. But we WANT to be OUT THERE!


And, the Moon's conflict doesn't stop there. She does get a little dreamy nudge from Neptune via trine at 4:25 PM to soften things up a bit. But, by 11 tonight, she's squaring off with Mars Rx in Libra. Her gut is not allowing her to side with the plans of either of these two folks.

I can hear her calling to Mars and Venus as if they were her children and then subsequently standing them in the corner. “You JUST WAIT until your Dad comes home! Mars you will learn to quit procrastinating and stop being so passive aggressive. Venus, it's NOT all about what YOU want! No dessert for either of you!”

While the Moon is busy churning up conflict, the Sun meets Pluto via trine at 8:33 PM. We can pretty much endure whatever the mood of the day throws at us. Sun/Pluto is like a cockroach during the apocalypse...untouchable, un-killable, it LOOKS dead but then it suddenly regenerates and springs to life. Ego with a FORCE. And, being that Sun is trine Pluto in Capricorn, our little Venus and Mars children may “gulp” a bit thinking...”OH CRAP...DADDY'S HOME”

Moon doesn't hit opposition with Pluto, square with Uranus or conjunction with Jupiter until early tomorrow and then (to Jupiter) early on Monday. So, the meat of the day may likely be spent trying to rectify her differences with Mars and Venus.

I've a feeling Capricorn holds the answer to that mix. Stable the 3-legged table with some Saturnine sensibility. Drain out the emotional reaction juuuuuuust a bit and throw some logic into the equation. And, hey, since Mars is in Libra, lets try some compromise too. Why not?

Plus..a little charm goes a long way.
Wanna know what Venus on the Aries point looks like? Check out Shakira. This video shows what Venus emerging from Pisces and onto the Aries point could look like. And, Shakira should know. She has Venus at 0 degrees Aries.
PS: Venus/Mars together has a really hard time NOT dancing :)