Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 29, 2014

Venus is officially in Taurus. To me, this is a solidly smooth Venus placement. Tangible Earthly Pleasures take center Chocolate. How appropriate was it for a Venus in Taurus native to star in this movie--not to mention Depp (who has Mercury and Venus in Taurus) also starred as Willy Wonka (who ran a Chocolate Factory).
The original Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder had Mercury/Venus conjunct
in the 2nd house (Taurus ruled) in Cancer.
And, Mercury is officially in Cancer as of 5:12 AM. Time to get out the recipe book or start thinking about collecting and swapping kitchen tricks. Also, get ready for the nostalgia.
There is an intuitive "knowing" with Mercury in Cancer. Problem is, Mercury is in his shadow and will turn Rx when he reaches 3 degrees of Cancer. Plus, he is in a loose trine with Neptune in Pisces---more intuitive knowing. What this can do is cause sentiment/emotion to practically drip from someone's lips as they speak. Conversations become less light and chatty and more nurturing...softer, more compassionate and filled with empathy.
The placement must resonate with Prince Charles. Both of his wives had Mercury in Cancer. Charles has Mercury in Scorpio which would hit Cancer placements via trine. Besides, Cancer and Scorpio can become a bit fascinated with one another really quickly.
Diana had both Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Taurus. Her "presence" speaks well of both placements.
As for our Moon, she is still in Gemini having just passed from a sextile with Uranus in Aries at 6 AM. She is now Void until entering Cancer at 10:14 AM tomorrow.
This is one of those "incorporation days" where we consider all that has happened, assimilate it and then attempt to move forward. It is likely to be quiet. Mercury in Cancer is not particularly chatty. But, overall, the day feels like it has smooooth potential written all over it.